when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 9

pink Mickey Mouse macarons

Aaron’s POV-

I don’t think anyone expected that. 

Definitely not me, and based on her face, she didn’t either. 

When I called her name by the school I could tell she wanted to walk away, I wouldn’t be surprised if she started running. But she was nice enough to wait. Then I had to be a jerk and not do anything. 

I pushed her away and she kept coming back. Whether it be in person, or in my head, god knows she almost never left my head. Like some sort of movie on repeat. I thought she would literally drive me mad. 

So when I snapped at her earlier in English class, I felt bad, she didn’t try to talk again, she didn’t even look at me and I knew I hurt her. 

I tried to apologize, I really did. The paper balls were meant to have messages in them but, as I said, she wouldn’t look at me so how would she know? She didn’t. She must have thought that the ******* I am was just becoming bigger than before. 

When she came back from the bathroom, face pale, hair messy, sad eyes, she wore a **** smile. I don’t think many noticed how off her smile was. But I did. 

It looked tired, it didn’t go very far and sure as hell didn’t radiate warmth 

And even when I saw this, saw her, walking down the hall with her friends I couldn’t help but feel tense, I felt angry. Angry for not being able to be the one she’s talking to, being close with, all because Of my own idiotic attitude, I know it was far away but I really wasn’t trying to glare at her, I was looking at her idiot friends. And I’ll admit it, I felt jealous. I felt like such a **** up. 

Then she smiled. We passed in the hall and she ******* smiled. She tried, even after all my ******** she waved and smiled. *******, that smile. Even her little tired ones that I don’t ever deserve managed to make my nerves dance. 

She smiled just to say I don’t hate you and she totally should. I deserve nothing more than hate from her but here I am, standing in the same spot after my sputtered apology after I got a smile that would have knocked me over if she were to poke me, after she forgave me again. Probably five minutes after she walked away, looking over her shoulder every five seconds to smile at me again and again. 

I feel like I’m drowning in emotions. I’m confused, really ******* confused, are we friends now, just friendly? Do we talk? Wave? Smile? I’m not really a smiler, oh ******* what am I supposed to do? Walk up to her? Wait for her to talk to me? Shouldn’t there be a handbook or something? Friends 101 

I sigh and continue to run my hands through my hair as I walk home. I zig-zag the sidewalk just to get my mind to something other than stress. 

I’m happy, I’m happy we’re on better terms and she knows I’m not completely heartless. I’m happy I’ve come to better terms with this whole thing and maybe if we have a conversation it’ll be both of us talking and not just her talking while I’m a complete ****.

As I walk down the avenue I think back to the morning, rowan was talking about something on the avenue, some sort of bakery.. ted.. cupcakes..skating… Wilma? Oh my god. It’s times like these I wish I listened to her. 

I keep my head down as I walk until I pass by a little pink building.. daily sugar 

Little pink building, cutest bakery ever, oh right. This must be the bakery she was talking about. I debate for a minute. And after a bit of back and forth I finally decide to go in and get something. Something for Rowan. She offered me something but she’s already giving me possible friendship and I don’t know what to get her that can match her because My friendship definitely isn’t enough so I decide I’ll just get her a cupcake or something. 

It is cute in here. not my choice of hang out but still cute.

I look at all the foods until I see something. It’s absolutely awful. It’s pink, Mickey Mouse, macarons. Perfect. 

I ask for a couple of those. All for Rowan. Definitely. 

A pink-haired girl comes up to the counter. She wears a name tag reading Angeline. She gets them for me and wishes me a nice day as I leave. I don’t say it back. Then of course Rowan comes to mind and I turn back around “you too” and I leave

I start on the road back to my house. After a few minutes, I’m already halfway through one. I just need to make sure they taste good, for Rowan. 

Eventually, I get home. And about to open the door when it’s abruptly swung open leaving my brother Jackson in the doorway. 

Before he can get a word out, I push past him and into the kitchen. Do you freeze macarons? Are they supposed to be cold? Will they melt? I put them in the fridge. I hope that’s ok 

“Well hello, little brother” Jackson says as he leans against a wall. 

“I have a name idiot” I roll my eyes and start to walk away 

“Moms business trip is being extended” 

I groan “are you serious? How long?” 

He sighs “about a week and a half” 

Great. Wonderful. Fan-*******-tastic 

Moms never here anymore. We moved here for her work but the second we land and get off the plane it’s like she has no kids. I know I’m seventeen and can take care of myself, Jackson even more so with him being eighteen, but we’re still here! Cmon mom.. where are you? She’s at work and when she’s home, she’s doing work

My dad is the compliant one in the relationship between him and mom. Whatever mom says goes, even if it means moving to a completely different state. Woohoo

I try not to stomp up the rest of the stairs like a complete drama queen. 

Once I’m in my room I let out an angry breath. I can’t help but think of my new found friend, Rowan. 

I try and do homework but my eyes won’t focus and my brain won’t think. But I try for a few more minutes anyway. 

With no avail. I stand up. I just need to get out of this house. It’s ******* suffocating. 

I grab my sweatshirt off the table and I walk out the door in what I hoped was a civil manner. I don’t need Jackson coming after me and giving me **** about my ‘dramatic ways’

I angrily storm down the street. The sky seemed to get the message as clouds began to thicken with threats of rain. Maybe I should have taken a raincoat. Or an umbrella. Oh well. I guess I can wait out the rain if I get caught in it. 

As I’m walking, I cross through all different neighborhoods, all the houses look the same. Like someone copied and pasted rows of houses down every street, only adding to the worlds ‘simulation theory’ 

Somehow I manage to make a giant loop towards the back of the avenue, by the skatepark..

Did you know about the skate park? It’s pretty cool, although dangerous, Brayden fell yesterday, it was my fault and I still feel pretty bad but luckily he’s ok,

I remember Rowan’s words from English class, she mentioned a skatepark. I think this is the only one in town so I’m sure this is it. 

I sigh as I walk past all the ‘skater boys’ doing their ‘skater tricks’ and whatever the hell is happening. 

Wait, rewind. What did she say? 

Did you know about the skate park? It’s pretty cool, although dangerous, Brayden fell yesterday, it was my fault and I still feel pretty bad but luckily he’s ok,

Brayden. I can feel my jaw clench. Who the **** is Brayden? Idiot skater *******

I clench and unclench my hands in an attempt to calm down before I choose to push one of those skaters into the rink and shove their board down their throat. 

Rowan can be friends with whoever the hell she wants too. Myself included. Friends. Friends. Why does that feel so bitter? I don’t hate her, so what is my problem? I’m ******* jealous. Jealous that someone else is getting close to her, someone who wasn’t an immediate ******* to her. Someone who may have feelings for her, someone who she might have feelings for. 

******* that’s not even all

I’m scared. Ugh, what a ******* softie I’m becoming. I’m scared that she’ll get taken. Sweet Rowan in someone’s arms.

The thought makes me sick. 

What the **** is wrong with me?

I shake my head to try and rid the thoughts and cool down. I guess the sky got the message again because one drop of water soon becomes a downpour. 

I dash under that bakery I saw a while ago. Daily sugar. rowans bakery. Then one with the ******* Mickey Mouse macarons 

I’m seriously becoming something else. 

I sit on one of the chairs in the cafe area and get just a coffee while I wait out the rain. 

I then almost spit out my coffee when I hear her. My head whips around, and I watch as Rowan comes out angrily talking to a frightened blonde haired girl. 

When my stomach finishes it’s ‘gymnastics routine’ I want to laugh at the girl. Rowan wouldn’t be able to hurt a mouse let alone scare one so I have no idea how blondie got scared. 

When blondie scurries away Rowan stands by the counter with an angry expression on her face. Well, not really an angry expression, it looks more like a baby pout. Cute. 

No no, not ******* cute 

God, get it together Aaron 

“Hey Rowan!” when her eyes catch mine her face morphs from a pout to one that looks like she won the ******* lottery and I really have to question if she’s looking at me before I wave her over 

That’s not getting it together Aaron.

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