when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 7

bitter and sweet

I’m with Val, Shawn, and Taylor currently outside the school before school starts. 

They’re all talking about some boy or something, Val and Taylor gushing and gossiping like usual and Shawn trying to keep his pride from breaking when everyone stops. 

Everyone is staring at the person coming out of the car. It’s a boy. Well, a handsome boy. Brown hair, brown eyes. I’m a little stumped as to how he can make brown eyes look so cold, usually brown eyes hold the warm, inviting aura but his eyes hold a glare that makes everyone turn away 

Of course, me being me decided to keep looking. He’s certainly a pretty boy. Nice features, oh my, I sound like a judge from the great British baking show but this is the great British human evaluation show

Is staring rude? Some people may take it as a compliment but some people seem to hate it. I’m guessing the whole ‘back off or I’ll punch you’ look is hinting at the idea that he doesn’t like it. 

Before I can look away his eyes catch mine, I smile and wave. He doesn’t. I turn away. 

“Who is that?” I ask curiously 

“I have no clue” Val says with a dazed look in her eyes 

“So is he new or just unnoticed? Actually I’m gonna go with that he’s new because of the staring he just received” I say 

With an eye roll, Taylor says “Well obviously he’s new, I’ve never seen him and I know everyone”

“Wait- you know everybody?” I look at her 

“Yes I know everyone unless you’re a nobody, then I may have just seen them, not actually know them” 

“Maybe he’s a nobody, and that’s why you don’t know him” I want to look back at him but he didn’t seem to like it so I force myself to stay still. 

Taylor makes a noise of disbelief “yeah right, did you see the guy? Hot stuff over there would have attracted half the school population a long time ago if he weren’t new” 

I place a finger on my chin thoughtfully “Huh. But what if he had a really awful personality, he didn’t exactly scream ‘talk to me’ in fact, from my intel, he didn’t seem to want people to even look at him”

Val gives a short laugh “most don’t care for a bad personality if anything they like it more than the flirty ones, which we have a lot of” 

I scrunch up my face “I don’t think I like either” 

Taylor then brushes off her jeans and starts to walk away “yeah good luck in life hun, I’m gonna try mine” 

I wave which is not reciprocated 

I leave to go into school but just as I open the doors I’m met with a person’s white shirt in my face

“Oh, ah ha Sorry about that, I didn’t know you were there” I apologize looking up 

New kid

He stares blankly “who are you?”

“My name is rowan, nice to meet you” 

I stick out my hand and with a sigh he takes it. 

“What’s your name” I ask

“Aaron” was his short and simple reply

He then starts to walk away and I follow behind him. 

He sighs 

I fall into place beside him and we walk down the hall 

“What’s your first class? Mines English, I really do like that class, I love to read, I also like writing although I tend to move off track a lot and I just keep writing and writing and wri-“

he suddenly cuts me off “It’s English”

Normally cutting people off would be rude but I was nervous so I was rambling and who knows how long I would have gone on for possibly saying something embarrassing so I’m actually grateful. 

I smile Although I keep my gaze on the ground or really anywhere that’s not Aaron because His harsh eyes are just a little too much for me.

Luckily I have all I need already in my bag because I haven’t been able to stop by my locker being caught up with Aaron.

We make it to class and the heads snap up while the mouths snap open. I get it, Mr stone-cold popular new kid suddenly enters the class with me. 

I sit. He walks to the other side of the room and sits. 

No more words are exchanged. No glances. Nothing. 

Well, I guess he won’t be joining the small group I call friends.

When class ends I don’t go up to him seeing how he’s obviously trying to ignore me.

I’m at my locker putting things away when my name is called “rowan?”

I glance around only to lock eyes with Brayden 

“Oh wow. Hi Brayden. I was wondering when we were going to see each other” 

He chuckles “yeah, I’m a grade ahead of you so we have no classes together, it’s luck I saw you here” 

“Caught me just in time, I was planning to walk home, care to join me, Mr knight, in shining armor?” 

“Only if you’ll get cupcakes with me” he says a little unsurely. If only he knew cupcakes are my weakness and I would never turn one down 

“Of course, I love cupcakes!” He breaths out a “wonderful”

“Follow me!” I start walking away

I hear him move with me until we’re sided by side. “I don’t have my license yet so we’ll have to walk” I say to him 

He scoffs “yeah **** that, I have a car” 

I roll my eyes “you have such colorful language”

“Well using words like fudge and shoot really doesn’t help my pride” 

“Well I do and my pride is just fine” 

We continue to walk and chat until he starts to get impatient 

“Are we almost there?” He complains 

“Don’t you worry child, these cupcakes are worth it” I give a nod of my head for extra effect

“So are we almost there?” I place a finger across his lips “shhh” 

He’s quiet after that, well really only for a second before he starts asking questions 

“What’s your favorite color”


He smiles “Cool” 

“Favorite animal?”


“That’s weird” 

“At least I didn’t say dog,” both Val and Taylor said dog when I asked them that question 

“Hey!” I can feel a giant smile take over my face as ‘yours truly cupcake’ comes into view “look!”

I pick up my pace and rush towards the store “hurry up!”

I hear him laugh as his steps quicken. I rush into the store and immediately the smell sends me into a crazy sugar craving monster 

“Smell that? That’s the smell of my new victims!” I laugh evilly and rub my hands together gaining a few weird looks 

I swiftly walk over the girl at the counter and I throw some money on the surface “I DEMAND DELICIOUSNESS! CUPCAKE ME! Oh and something for the boy” 

Brayden stands next to me and says through a laugh “clearly you’ve lost your manners along with your sanity” 

I stick out my tongue and turn back to the girl and add a “please” 

“So, what is it you want?” The girl looks at me tiredly 

I put a finger on my chin “hmm yes ok we’ll have the chocolatiness of chocolate cupcakes!” I look back at Brayden then back to the girl “please” 

“Any particular kind?” Her hand raises under the sign of the selections where under the word chocolate lovers is a list of the kinds of chocolate cupcakes. And there’s a lot. My mouth waters as I read off the names 

Chocolate fudge

Chocolate chocolate chip

Deep chocolate 

Chocolate s’more

Chocolate raspberry 

Chocolate banana

Chocolate mocha 

I didn’t realize I was spacing out practically drooling over cupcakes until Brayden’s voice pulls me out of my daze. He puts a credit card down on the counter and leans over to the girl and starts whispering in her ear. She giggles and I roll my eyes. Stupid flirt 

“Cmon rowan, let’s sit” he leads me outside and sits me down 

“Wait! The cupcakes!” Mmm cupcakes 

I’m about to hop up and go inside and demand the cupcakes again but what Brayden says makes me stop “sit down sonny, I already bought them” 

“Sonny? Like the coco for coco puffs bird?” I tilt my head before straightening it out again and nodding in conformation “cause you got that right” wait “you already bought them?!” 

He nods his head slowly looking at me as if I were a cuckoo clock about to pop

I groan in response “that’s not fair! I can’t have you pay for everything” 

“Awe cmon, what kind of man would I be if I kept a girl from her true love?” 

I sigh “what kind did you get anyway?” Please be chocolate

“Remember the section of the menu the girl was waving at earlier?” 

“Of course! Who could forget that list of chocolatey goodness! Which one did you get?”

The door opens and out comes an older man comes out carrying two boxes walking towards our table 

My eyes widen as he approaches us and places the boxes in front of us. I cautiously open the box as if something will jump out and attack me but as I open it I can’t help but wait for the Angel Choir. 

Inside, there are twelve cupcakes, two of each kind from the chocolate selection. 

Brayden grins happily “all of them”


I’m currently biting into my fourth cupcake as we start to walk back to the school to get his car “**** girl, you sure you don’t have a second stomach just for cupcakes?” Brayden looks at me laughing as I know I have chocolate all over my face. 

“Only for the chocolate ones, the others are denied” “I could eat chocolate forever but hand me a vanilla cupcake and I’ll feel sick” 

I then start digging through my bag and pull out my wallet. I know each cupcake is at least a couple dollars and he got 12 cupcakes and if we assume each cupcake was 2.50 then the total would be… 

“hold up, you’re not paying a cent to me” he places his hand over mine pushing the money away. 

“Like heck I’m not!” I move my hands away and start counting bills ten, ten, five, one, two, three, four.. I start digging for coins to make up for the last dollar twenty-five, twenty-five, twenty-five, five, ten, ten. 

Before he can push it away, I grab his wrist, pry his fingers open, and before he can close them again I shove the money in his palm and run ahead a few steps. “Rowan no!” He groans “I refuse to accept this” 

“Good thing it wasn’t an offer” I grumble through another cupcake

He sighs loudly “you are a handful” 

I rolled my eyes “yeah, a handful who just gave you a handful of money, be grateful”

He huffed ” I’m not grateful, I didn’t want it!”

As I’m examining the ground I don’t even notice Brayden stopped until I accidentally hit his shoulder with mine. He doesn’t even flinch whereas I, on the other hand, gets knocked around and onto the ground like a silly sausage. “What was that!?”

I look up to see we’re in the school parking lot.

he offers me his hand and I get up and brush myself off “I enjoyed our time together, thanks for that” I smile happily “did you want my last cupcake, cupcake?” 

A horrified look crosses his face “do not start calling me that” 

“Awe but you’re just so sweet” I coo at him 

He is very sweet, he did pay for my cupcakes, you know, until I forced Money on him. And he was very nice the whole time. What a sweetie. 

“I’ll let you have the cupcake, it seems you may want it more than me” he winks and every cell in my body shivers 


“No problem, I’ll see you tomorrow rowan” 

We both turn in our own directions and walk away. 

Such a sweetie

“No!” He shouts 

Did I say that allowed?

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