when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 5

l8 night sk8

After a nice conversation with a pink-haired lady I’m finally sitting in the back of the bakery with a bundle of nerves as I wait for the manager. The wait is killing me. I swear they are just making me wait just for giggles. 

After another while, the door finally opens and in comes a nice looking man with a fun looking mustache. “Hi there, I’m ted, welcome to daily sugar I hear you’re interested in our opening for work, tell me, what makes you want to work here?” 

“Hi ted, my names rowan, lovely place. And that’s exactly the start of what made me interested in this lovely establishment. You see, it was first the pink color” i let out a little laugh “so it immediately got my attention, then the food, oh the food in your window was just calling my name! I’m quite the sugar gal. Love it, I’m also quite the baker so I think I would not only be handy in here but would be very happy.” I smile wide at my own explanation. 

With more questions such as “what traits do you hold that would enable you to work your best here?” Or “do you have any qualifications?” Which turned awkward pretty quick when I had to say no and that I’ve never worked or studied baking in any way besides in my own kitchen.

For the question “do I have any references” I answered with my mom who I bake with. I’m sure she would recommend me. Hopefully, she disregards that time I accidentally set the pasta on fire. 

It was an honest mistake. I placed the spaghetti on the side of the pot hoping it would just slide in as it softened. I walked away for literally ten seconds and the next thing I know the pasta is on fire. Oops. 

We moved on from that question pretty quick. 

When the questions were done, Ted offered his hand to which I take and tried to stay calm and professional. He didn’t say anything at first and he was making me nervous. I chewed on my lip as I begged in my head for him to make a decision quickly. Hopefully a good one. For me. 

Then he stood up and let me know he would be in touch. I gave him my ‘most convenient way to communicate with me’ which was my phone number and he dismissed me. 

I left feeling not much better than when I went in. I nibbled on my lip as I walked away head down eyes on the sidewalk. I was nervous. And I probably would be until he did something. Is this a sick game for you ted? 

Oh! How anxious can we make rowan? What a fun game! 

I huffed out a breath of air in frustration finally looking up. The sun was still up luckily and I still had probably an hour until I had to go home. 

I walked around a little. And when I got off the avenue I walked down a busy street until I made it to a cute park. It wasn’t really a park with equipment or anything. It was a cute place with grassy areas and a pond and trees and paths for walking. 

I started on one of those paths and just admired the area. I can’t believe Brayden didn’t even show me this, it’s beautiful. I sigh in contentment. 

As I walk I notice talking. A lot of talking like a group. And some other noise I don’t know of. Huh. I continue down the path until It splits into two sections. Right and left. 

I decide to follow the voices smart right? And take a left. It takes me a little further until it leads to another street, on the other side of the street is a skatepark. That must have been where the talking came from. Ohh and the other sound was the skateboards. Ok 

I walk over, making sure I don’t get hit by a car first, and sit on one of the benches. I watch everyone jump and fly. It looks cool and utterly terrifying. I zone In on one guy, he’s really flying. up, fly, drop, down. I think he’s good but I don’t know how skateboarding works. 

He’s about to fly again and I zone in on his face. Soft features, brown hair. Brayden? 

I stand and cup my hands over my mouth yelling “Brayden!” 

He looks over in my direction with a shocked look. I must have caught him off guard because On his way down he missed something and crashed. “Oh my god!” I run over and slide into the bowl where Brayden lays. 

I choose to not acknowledge how fun it was to slide into the bowl because of the boy laying on his back on the ground. And that would be rude. 

I crouch down next to him “Brayden, are- are you ok? Is anything hurting like a lotLike broken hurting? Say something! Oh gosh please don’t be dead! I don’t think I could handle the guilt” I place my fingers on his neck to check his pulse. 

He’s ok. Well in the living department. 

“Brayden?” I poke his cheek. I keep poking it hoping he’ll at least get angry and say something. Any emotion is better than no emotion.

Finally, he grabs my finger that was poking his cheek and he groans.

“Brayden?” He groans again and finally opens his eyes. 

“Rowan” I breath out a relieved sigh. He can talk. Good 

“It’s me bray, listen, are you in an immense amount of pain? Do you need an ambulance? Because I can call someone I have my ph-” 

He places a finger on my lips “shhh. Will you please help me up?” He removes his finger and instead holds up both hands 

“Brayden I don’t think you should be mov-“

Again with the finger. 

“Please” he repeats 

I slowly grasp his hands in mine and pull him up. He doesn’t let go of my hand, instead, he pulls me over to the side of the park onto a bench

He smiles a little smile “it’s nice to see you again rowan, despite the circumstances” 

I lightly slap his shoulder “awe thanks! I didn’t expect you to be here, so you’re quite the lovely surprise” 

He laughs lightly “what brings you here? Are you a secret skater?” 

I scoff “no way. That sport, as you’ve proven, is terrifying and a great way to get hurt. Anyway, I’m here because I was bored inside so I talked myself into going outside, I found this wonderful bakery I applied to work at although ted was a little intimidating but he said he’ll be in contact so I guess we’ll see and then I found this park and found you!” 

Then my eyes widen when I remember something “oh my gosh bray!” I grasp his shoulder “what is the time”

He simply looks at me “Brayden! What is the time!” 

Then he checks his watch ” almost 8 why?”

I jump up “I need to go! It’s almost gonna be dark out” I look behind me and just as I suspected the sun is quickly becoming lower, darkening the sky 

“What’s so wrong with the dark? Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the dark” Brayden laughs and I just look at him

“Mixing the dark and a very overactive imagination creates a bad case of paranoia and I just can’t deal with that kind of stress today” I stand up “I gotta dash but I’ll see you tomorrow, I never got to see you today at school but maybe tomorrow okay?” 

I walk away quickly and once I’m back on the path through the park a hear that sound again, the one from the skatepark. A skateboard. 

I glance behind me and it’s just as I guessed “yes Brayden? Are you being my trusty tour guide again?” 

He skates so we’re side by side “I think today I would take the title ‘Knight in shining armor’ don’t you think? I mean, who else will scare away the bad guys?” 

I make some weird noise in between a scoff and a laugh “Yeah, and you’ll fight them off with your skateboard and silly faces” I make a face just to demonstrate 

he flexes his arms “Oh please, have you seen these bad boys”

I scrunch up my face “I think the silly faces will be more effective” 

His mouth drops open in disbelief. “Lies all lies” 

I up my pace “come on slowpoke, you’ve got wheels for a reason!” 

His face suddenly lights up into one of mischief “do you wanna ride? I know you think it’s terrifying and a way to get hurt, whatever. Come on, it’ll be fun and will get you home quicker” 

I allow one slow blink before giving into a fit of laughter “yeah right! You think I could ride one of those? I don’t think so”

A slow smile crosses his face “would you like to ride together?” 

I hum “not possible” 

“It is too” he argues like a baby 

“I give you 3 minutes to show me how, and get us moving and on the road” 

He smiles “cmon over chica, so you’re gonna be behind me, and put one foot there and there” 

I follow his instructions but I guess I did something wrong “no-no, your foot should be in between mine” I do that. 

“Cool, great, let’s give it a go, hold on tight” I tighten my grip around his shoulders and he pushes off the ground

For a second we move and I’m a bit in shock of this working. Of course, I was correct in my original assumptions when the board slips from beneath us and we fly backward. We hit the ground hard and me being in the back had Brayden fall right on top of me successfully knocking all air out of my body and probably leaving a bruise. 

I can’t even let out an ‘ow’ with the lack of air so I just lay there in shock and pain trying to get out from underneath Brayden 

Brayden on the other hand groans and sits up. Then he realizes he’s on top of me and quickly rolls over, both of us recovering. 

When I can finally get air into my lungs I’m the first to speak “maybe you should invest in a car” I breath out 

He lets out a huff of air in response

When the shock subsides I finally sit up and attempt to stand. When I make it to my feet I really have to check to make sure I’m on the ground and steady. Then I walk to Brayden and offer him a hand. “I’m having a bit of deja vu” he smiles a bit and takes my hand and we stand there a minute before slowly continuing down the path. 

“Remind me to never do anything with you. Like ever again” I look at him pointedly 

“Awe come on, that wasn’t bad. When I first started boarding, I came home with bruises every day. One time I decided to go down a large hill, I got the shakes and fell off, got really messed up, in the head too, I was so shaken I didn’t touch a board for a week” 

“You know, I don’t think you should consider the path of motivational speaker, I really feel anything but motivated, well, maybe motivated to stay away from you” I smile and shake my head while he sticks out his tongue out at me. 

“Awe, is baby Brayden upset?” I coo “so cute”

He scowls at me as we make our way down the avenue. “You’re welcome to go to your house this time bray, I think I’ll be ok from here, I don’t want to hold you up, especially at this time of night. Some things might need more than baby Brayden’s silly face” 

“I’m not a baby, I’m a man” he pouts “and I’m happy to walk you to your house, what kind of knight in shining armor would I be if I didn’t ensure your safety?” 

I giggle as we continue on. We chat mindlessly and occasionally wince from our previous Injuries. All in all, I do make it home safely. 

“Thank you, my knight, I am forever in your debt” I pretend curtsy at him and he bows 

“Anything for you m’lady” 

“See you tomorrow Brayden!” We wave before I walk inside. 

Once inside, of course, I head to the fridge for a snack.

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