when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 28

Man to man talk

Aaron’s POV-

“Where are you taking me?” i whine for, i’m ashamed to say about the fifth time.

Rowan just giggles, “you’ll see”

I groan “are we almost there?”

“Yes, yes, yes” we turn a corner and i see a seven eleven, right on the corner of two streets. “Are we going to seven eleven?” i ask skeptically 

She grins happily “yup! You’re about to taste the best creation in all of the universe, and meet the grumpiest person, but don’t worry, he’s cool”

“At 9:30 at night?” where is she meeting these people?

She runs ahead and pulls me behind as she clasps her hand with mine. We enter and I still can’t believe we’re at a seven eleven so late. The things I do for this girl. 

“Evan!” she lets go of my grasp leaving me and runs up to the counter basically jumping over it and pulling him over the counter and into a hug.

“You’re cheery today. Well, more cheery than usual” he says “are you like, super excited for the regular or something?” 

She waves her finger in his face and tisk at him “no, no, no. well yes, but that’s not the point, it’s a special day because i didn’t come alone” she waves me over and with slow steps i stand next to her, keeping my eyes on Evan.

“I brought Aaron!” Evan looks at me with a bored expression and I narrow my eyes at him. 

He looks back over to Rowan. “You want the usual?” he says, completely ignoring my presence. 

Rowan leans a bit closer to him and turns to whisper in his ear. “The boyfriend evan, be nice” she pauses “ok, be not mean” 

He rolls his eyes “alright whatever” he turns and starts making one of those slushie things. The blue one. 

“Oh!” Rowan perks up “make that two!” evans eyes glace to me and he sighs and turns, making the second one. 

“Why are you eating those so late? You’re never going to get to sleep” i question her, playing evans game and ignore him

“You mean we” and she hands me the second one. “You are currently holding the best drink ever!”

She then proceeds to drink it with a content smile. I just look at it. 

“Go on, drink up” she encourages 

I pause for a second more then finally take a sip, letting the drink settle in my mouth. Sugar. Its all sugar. Sweet, sour, cold, sugar. 

I drink more 

“There you go!” she cheers. Man, she really likes this drink. I also don’t mind it, except my dentist is going to pitch a fit. 

“Aaron. We need to talk” my attention is moved to Evan calling me. 

“Alright whatever” I repeat his words from earlier. He seemed to notice because he glares at me while gesturing to me to go behind the counter. 

“I’ll just be here..” Rowan gives an awkward smile and starts to roam the aisles occasionally picking up a candy and smiling dreamily. 

I move to behind the counter and turn to find Evan right up close to me. He points a finger and me with narrowed eyes “if you hurt her, we’re going to have big issues. I care about her a lot, she’s been her ever since i started my training and i will not let anyone get away with hurting her” he pinches his fingers together “even the tiniest bit” 

“If you care about her, you better show it. If you don’t, do not string her along, she’s not a puppet. She’s powerful and deserves a lot” 

“I hate to say it, but i’m a little intimidated. However, i don’t think we have a problem, i just so happen to love her”

The words feel strange. The whole feeling is strange. “We’re in the same boat, i would never hurt her intentionally, she’s so much to me” 

Evan seems to calm down a bit but he stays neutral on the outside. Man this guy is good at hiding his feelings. “Good” he gives a single nod in her direction telling me to both go to her and get out of his workspace. 

As i’m walking away, he grabs my shoulder and i pause “you owe me one sixty” 

I pull out the money Rowan advised me to get and place it in his hand a little forcefully. I still don’t like the guy. I’m sure the feelings are mutual.

She’s by the chip aisle staring at a bag of chocolate covered chips. I smile at her and she turns, sensing my presence. “Look at this!” 

I make a face at the weird chips and drink the slushie which is oddly addicting. 

“Well, if your ‘man to man talk’ is over, we should probably go” i nod and guide her out before she gets distracted by more weird food. 

“Bye Evan! See you soon!” she calls as we leave the store. 

Outside, she hops in front of me so she’s facing me. I stop walking so i don’t run into her and i look at her curiously “what?”

She then, to my surprise, jumps into my arms as i quickly move to catch her and she kisses me for a second before pulling away “thanks for coming” 

I laugh “if this is the thanks i get, ill come any day” id go anywhere with her

I start walking with her in my arms and her head on my shoulder. “Chocolate covered chips, who would’ve thought?” 

I don’t know how she does it. In the morning, I’m extremely tired. So I do the logical thing and resort to coffee. Three cups of it actually. 

I sit at the table with three mugs in front of me and when Jackson walks in, he looks at me like I’m crazy. “Long night?”

I nod, taking another sip of coffee “you could say that” 

I don’t get to sleep in. even on a Saturday, it doesn’t matter, everyone in the house has to be up at nine. Hence, my tiredness. 

I didn’t get back home until ten forty five. The sugar kept me awake for another two hours and i was still thinking of Rowan and how i love her for thirty more minutes before i finally fell asleep

I’m still grateful I’m up at nine today because of the weekend and not seven on a weekday. 

Finishing my second cup of coffee, our mom comes into the kitchen and sleepily says “good morning” 

We both mumble our own ‘goodmorning’

My mom raises her eyebrows at my coffee “do we need to address a coffee addiction?”

I roll my eyes. I hardly even drink coffee. At least it’s coffee and not some energy drink. “Im not addicted” 

She goes to make whatever oatmeal jackson just made and I cringe. I don’t like oatmeal. 

Dad comes in next “mrn” he says grumpily and barely awake. Honestly, why do we have this stupid ‘wake up at a certain time super early’ rule? No one in the house is a morning person.

As dad moves around the table to get his cereal he also gives me a look when he notices my coffee. “Do we need to address a coffee addiction?” 

I let out an exasperated sigh “seriously? I’m not addicted!”

“Are you sure?” Jackson asks in a mocking manner. I glare at him and he shuts up, continuing to eat his oatmeal. 

With my last cup of coffee in my system, I go upstairs before my family can bother me anymore. 

Changing into casual clothes, I brush my teeth and hair and wash my face before going back downstairs and leaving outside. 

I’m not sure where i’m going but i could use some air. I’m feeling jittery after all the coffee. And slightly sick. 

I make my way around the neighborhood and through town, exploring the places I haven’t yet. I end up walking to a park. It’s just a playground in a park of grass, it’s not a bad spot, I go and sit on one of the benches under an oak tree.

There’s not many people here. A group of people being obnoxiously loud, a few kids on the playground and who I’m presuming are their parents. 

I close my eyes for a second. Just relishing the feeling of the wind and the sun poking through the tree. 

I’m disturbed though by the last person I want to see. ******* Reece. 

“What do you want?” I ask looking passively at him. 

He runs a hand through his hair and sighs “I think we should clear up the whole Rowan situation”

“There is no ‘Rowan situation’. She likes me, i like here” love her

He raises his hands defensively “I get it man, and- and I respect that. Just..treat her right you know?”

Why is everyone telling me this? Do I seem that bad?

“I will. I just so happen to love her” I say dismissively hoping he’ll leave. Clearly he didn’t get the message. 

He chokes and coughs for a minute “you l-love her?” 

I roll my eyes. As if I haven’t declared it myself. “Yes” 

He looks thoughtful before he answers me “and she- she loves you?” 

I don’t answer his question directly, instead I let him know “you play any moves on my girl, I won’t hesitate to punch your ******* face and break your nose” 

His eyes widen “alright alright chill dude”

“This conversation is over” I stand up and walk away, confident I got the message across

Now that I’ve talked to both Evan and Reece, I need to talk to Brayden. That random kid who hangs around Rowan a lot. Make it clear she’s my girl. 

I won’t be able to talk to him until Monday because I don’t stalk people to find out where they live. 

However, I do know where theos house is seeing as I’ve been there a few times. So I decide to go see if he’s home.

I’m not exactly worried about her group of friends. I used to hate them all not only because I hated everyone, but because they all talked to rowan. 

Now, I don’t feel them to be a threat. They seem nice, in a friendly way. But I’ll still be keeping an eye out. 

Theo happens to live in the rich neighborhood and me wearing jeans and a teeshirt, I feel a bit out of place but I really don’t give a **** about what these people think. 

I go up his clean white stairs only slightly wanting dirt to smudge them. 

I ring his bell and I hear the barking of his chihuahua, poppy, and the arguing of who’s going to open the door. 

I hear Theo stomping to the door and when it finally swings open he looks pleasantly surprised. “Hey”

“Can I come in?” I ask. This would be awkward if he was busy. 

“Yeah, yeah, come on in” he opens the door more and poppy is quick to jump on my legs and bark her annoying bark at me. 

“Poppy!” Theo scolds “be nice” 

She doesn’t listen and Theo sighs “I suppose I’m suppose to offer you food or something”

I shuffle my feet just wanting to do something “no, no, I’m good” 

He makes his way to the stairs and motions for me to follow “cmon now, let’s go to my room and do whatever” 

Theo actually has an awesome room, perks of being rich. 

He’s got a giant tv, ping pong, foosball, and a whole video game set up. Oh, books too. Lots of books. He’s a reader surprisingly. 

When he opens his door I still can’t get over all the stuff he has. 

“So, what do you wanna do?” He asks turning to me

“Maybe foosball. If I recall correctly, you demanded a rematch last time I was here claiming I cheated” 

“You’re on” he challenges 

“I still can’t believe how good you are at foosball” Theo says as he stuffs a handful of popcorn in his mouth. 

We’re watching a movie and Theo demanded we get popcorn. He’s basically eaten the whole thing. 

His eyes are trained to the tv but I’m not a big movie person. I pull out my phone and check the time. It’s getting a bit late and I know I walked a pretty far so I decide to get going. 

“Theo I’m going to head out” 

His eyes don’t move from the tv but he gives a nod and tells me goodnight. 

On my way out I tell the back of his head goodnight but I know he doesn’t hear me. 

Then I’m outside,under the stars heading home. Everything on my mind. Everything leads back to her. Rowan. Like the cycle of the world. The day will always become night, the stars will always shine. She’s my stars. Making the night shine. 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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