when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 27

Jealous eyes and Glitter hearts

Aarons pov- 

“Hey Aaron!” I hear her on the sidewalk as I drive by. I slow down so I’m driving next to her. “Want a ride?” I ask Rowan as she walks along the sidewalk next to me.

“Hell yeah” I laugh at her eagerness and she hops into the passenger’s seat “away!” she shouts pointing forward.

I drive off glancing periodically at her. She is truly a gift. I can’t believe I got her, I’ve done nothing worth her, but alas, here we are. 

When we get to school, Rowan’s eyes widen significantly and she smiles at someone outside the door

When we come to a stop, she basically rushes out and I’m left with furrowed eyebrows and the question: who is she so excited to see?

I casually get out and move around to the other side, looking for my girl. Upon seeing her, my eyes narrow at the guy she’s talking to. Who the hell is he?

I walk over to her and place my arm around her shoulders and pull her close. 

“Who are you?” myself and mystery guy both ask each other at the same time. We both hold tense postures and to interrupt the tense atmosphere, Rowan speaks up “Aaron, this is my friend Reece. Reece, this is Aaron, my boyfriend” 

Reece’s jaw is clenched at this and he glares at me “boyfriend huh?” 

I raise an eyebrow with a smirk in his direction “yeah, you got a problem?”

Rowan turns to me and catching my expression he smacks my arm “Aaron! Play nice” she scolds

She then turns to Reece “I haven’t seen you here at all! What are you doing here? Do you even go to this school?” She laughs at her joke and I smile at her. She truly is something remarkable.

“I actually don’t go to this school, I’m at the private school just out of town, we’re on spring break for the next few days. I thought I’d pop in and say hello to a few people. Including you” he smiles at her and her eyes widen. I expected her to scold him for being a fucking flirt with my girl but instead, she asks the date.

I suppose I can always count on her to be in her own world. Even if she didn’t tell him off, I’m glad she didn’t notice him. Serves him right. Idiot.

He tilts his head curiously “march twenty-fifth”

She gasps and then bites her lip thoughtfully. She finally turns to me. “Do you have plans for April first?” 

“April fools? No, I don’t do the whole pranking thing” I shrug

She nods at me and the idiot says “I’m free, want to do some pranking?” he grins hopefully. I’m so tempted to pull her away from him or punch him in the face, but I stand here to ‘play nice’ 

“Sorry Reece, I have plans that day. But lets totally hang out soon okay?” She declines politely which I’m happy about but then she suggests plans I just want to groan. Who is this guy?

The bell rings and I couldn’t be more grateful “it was wonderful to see you Reece, I’ll text you!” she shouts the last part as I take her hand and start dragging her away impatiently. 

With one last glare in his direction, I pull her inside and hold her hand as we walk to her locker. “What’s on the first of April?” I ask

She sighs and looks up before settling her eyes on me once again. “My birthday” 

My breath catches and my eyes widen “your..birthday” 

She nods like its no big deal “yeah, that’s why I asked about plans, I thought maybe we could hang out or something” 

“Do you not want it to be a big thing or something?” I ask with a curious tilt to my head.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t really know what to do. I haven’t had friends who wanted to celebrate, I’ve only ever celebrated with my family” 

She’s never celebrated with friends? She wants to hang out with me? On her birthday? 

“Do you want a party? Or just me?”

She smiles with that look that says she already has an idea. “Both. two partys. It’s on a Thursday so I can celebrate with my family when I go home after school, invite my friends in the evening, and maybe a sleepover with you if that’s cool?” 

I blink at her and her plan, its intricate and kinda genius “I’ll make it happen”

She waves her hands in front of me “no no no, I’ve got it, you just sit back and wait for me to be at your doorstep, that’s kinda romantic if you think about it..” 

I shake my head, she shouldn’t be planning her own party, she should be the one relaxing

“No Rowan, I’m going to help” I say stubbornly 

She smiles kindly and starts fishing in her bag for something. She comes out with a small flat letter like box. I hope that’s not what I think it is. 

“If you are so adamant on helping..″ She shoves the box in my hands and I cautiously look in it. Of course that’s what’s in it. 

“You can hand out the invites. I made them a little while ago, just in case something like this happened” 

“Why do I have to do it?” I question 

She laughs like it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever said. “Because it’s going to be a surprise” 

“But you made the invitations..” I trail off

She narrows her eyes and shushes with a slight push in the opposite direction of her “just go, you’re gonna be late to english and all the seats will be taken. Plus, this is like a scavenger hunt, it’ll be fun!”

Fun.. yeah I don’t think so. 

I reluctantly turn and trudge to my locker. It’s gonna be a long day.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to find these people. I hardly know what they look like. I’m sitting in the cafeteria with several pink envelopes with peoples’ names embossed on them. I glare at Reece’s and I almost want to throw it away. I don’t unfortunately

Who the hell is ‘alexander’? and then there’s also an ‘Alex’ I don’t know these people. Clearly she and I have different definitions of ‘fun’

“What are you looking at?” my first friend I made here, Theo sits with his food, the tray clattering on the table making whatever is on his tray spill. 

I quickly move all the envelopes away from him “watch it” 

With one look at my envelopes he laughs “all right, no need to send your barbie army after me, or will you blow glitter in my eyes?” 

I scowl at him “shut up. They’re not mine” 

He raises an eyebrow with an incredibly annoying amused face “whose are they?”

“Rowan, it’s her birthday in like five days and these are her invites” 

As he puts the food in his mouth he asks “why isn’t she handing them out? Do you even know these people?” 

I sigh “no I don’t. But I know Rowan and im doing this for her” 

“That is so cute!” he squeals and I punch his arm

“Can you shut up and help me find these people?”

He rubs the spot I hit with a pout on his face “that hurt”

I roll my eyes and hold one of the envelopes up “who is Owen?”

“This is easy. Gimme those, he shuffles the envelopes into a neat stack and stands. My eyes widen when I realize his plan. “Theo no!” I try and grab at his arm but he moves from my grasp. I get up and follow in hopes of catching him but the damage has started.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!”he shouts through the cafeteria. I stand next to him, ****** at him, and look at everyone harshly. I don’t like people. So with everyone looking at him, us, I turn my glare to everyone.


He turns to me “you’re going to give the envelops to those people” 

I scowl ***** no” 

He looks at me expectantly “for Rowan” 

I let out a harsh breath and make the motion for him to continue

He glances at the card in his hand “AMY” 

A girl with brown hair sits at a table at the end, turned in to face a girl in all black and rainbow streaks in her brown hair. I walk over and lazily hold the envelope to her. She takes it and gives me a questioning thanks.

I end up having to go back and forth several times to the table Rowan sits at with a happy smile on her face. I hate doing this but I like her. So going back and forth and throwing each person’s letter on the table I relish in her smile. Hunter, Owen, Oliver, Alexander, Archer. Why couldn’t she do this? She literally sits with them! 

Ah yes, the surprise. 

The girl in black, ‘Alex’ gets one, some random boy sitting with a random group of friends gets one. Brayden.

“THANK YOU EVERYONE! YOU MAY RESUME!” Theo finally sits down and hands me the remaining letters. Remaining letters?

“These are random people, don’t know them” then says as he shoves his food in his mouth. 

I look at each one. Evan, don’t know him. Jackson, wait, Jackson? My brother? Seriously? 

I stare at the last one. With my name. Aaron and a small glitter heart next to it. A heart. For love? For friends? For a drawing? I can’t look away as my mind flits through all sorts of thoughts. And like a math problem being solved, it clicks. I love Rowan, I love her. 

The rest of the day I spent avoiding Rowan. Pretty ironic considering I love her but it freaked me out! I panicked, and I’m confused. So here I am, laying on my bed trying to wrap my mind around the girl I love. 

She’s so crazy and beautiful and utterly brilliant. No amount of stars can match her glow against the night. 

My move my eyes do my door that was just slammed open. “Little brother!” 

I roll my eyes “Jackson” 

“What happened to you?” he asks probably referring to the fact that I’m just laying in bed staring at the ceiling. 

I want so badly to ignore him, maybe curse at him to mind his own business but I’m weak, vulnerable, and even though my pride screams no, I need help. “Its Rowan” 

He thinks for a moment before it clicks “ohh, Rowan, the girl that shares your disgusting love for cotton candy ice cream”

“I don’t love it” 

He snorts in amusement like he doesn’t believe me. “Sure” 

“I love Rowan” 

He pauses with his mouth hanging open and eyes wide “you love her?”

I sigh and close my eyes. This whole ‘love’ thing is tiring “i believe so”

He shuffles from one foot to another “it’s not much different from liking someone, it just shows more and means more. It’s really just a connection strengthening. She’s a nice girl, and somehow you got her. Just don’t revert to the old Aaron. She’s changed you and it’s most definitely for the better. Don’t let her go. You’re a good guy Aaron, she sees it too. I know she does. Don’t worry so much, she’ll let you know one day. Until then, just let the love show”

Who knew my brother could be so deep?

I turn my head away from him “thanks” I mutter.

“Oh?” he places his hand to his ear with a smug look “what was that?” 

“Get the hell out of my room” I say louder 

“Okay, ****, what a thanks I get, lucky me!” he says sarcastically. He leaves the room and I mutter once again “thanks” 

In an hour, I’m still up here in the middle of thinking, panicking, and sleeping. 

I hear a knock on my door and I sigh ***** off Jackson” 

Then I hear a giggle. That’s not Jackson 

“Can I come in?” 

I panic, jumping off the bed, fighting with the blankets, frantically looking around my room, running around picking up clothes, throwing away trash, wiping the dust. I clear my throat “come on in” I lean on my bookshelf with my arms crossed. I suddenly realize how ridiculous I look and retreat to the bed just as the door opens. 

“Hey Rowan, what’s up?” my heart is beating erratically and my palms are sweaty. Seriously, get it together Aaron!

She skips over to me and takes my hands pulling me up from the bed “Jackson let me in. I was hoping to take you somewhere” 

I nod my head still a little shocked that she’s here. I love her.

“Yeah, where are we going?” I question

She gives me a sly look “you’ll see. I’ll wait downstairs” 

Just before she leaves, she pops her head out from behind the door “you definitely want to bring money. At least a dollar sixty” then she’s gone. 

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