when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 26


“Wow” I look around at all the people in the room and I can’t believe i’m one of them. The room is full of black clad people who are anxiously waiting for the show to start. The whole area is buzzing with excitement including myself. 

I look over to Aaron to meet his eyes already on mine “this is so exciting!” I cheer 

He smirks at me with warm eyes full of adoration “just wait until it starts sunshine” 

He is too cute

His eyes move back to mine and he smiles like I’m a silly child. Sometimes I am. I’ll admit it. “As are you” he says and my eyes widen when I realize I just called him cute out loud. 

I run my tongue along my bottom lip and turn back to the stage and flashing lights. The crowd is starting to shout in anticipation. 

My eyes are paused and focused as I watch a shadow move closer to the stage. I’m sure I saw this before anyone else because i’m the first to break out into hysteric cheers as I watch Kevin emerge from the shadows backstage. 

No one has time to judge me before the whole area is filled with an uproar of cheers 

My heart is pounding watching the band fill the stage and take their respective spots. I think I’m in love. “I think I’m in love ″I mutter out to the crowd and I suppose Aarons ear as well because he looks my way briefly before murmuring that he is also in love.

I hang onto every word of thiers in hope of never forgetting this moment. When they begin the first song cheers and screams erupt all around. Mine included. I feel like a true fan girl. 

There’s jumping and singing and of course more screaming, and I’m so lost in the moment I don’t register. I may lose the ability to not only speak, hear but maybe even see. The flashing lights I’m sure are taking a toll on my vision but I couldn’t be bothered at the moment. 

My gave flits occasionally from the band to Aaron who is continuing to be as hyped up as I am. Each time I look over he looks over too. His eyes reflecting the colored lights like multicolor stars. 

By the time they begin their last song, I’ve had to put my hair up to keep it out of my face, my hands clutch onto the end of my sleeves and my eyes are as wide as that time I saw my first shooting star. 

When final farewells are done, and people start to leave, Aaron pulls me through the crowd and outside. 

He faces me and before he can get a single word out, my mouth starts spewing words faster than I can process them “that was so so amazing! I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Aaron, I will never forget this, I feel like I’m high. No, not high, but more like a runners high, concert high? Maybe. I just can’t believe that just happened, I am literally amazed. And, and, I’m just also super happy you were here too. I wouldn’t want it any other way” my emotions spew out in a way that I just couldn’t stop. 

Of course I had to look like an utter idiot in front of him didn’t you Rowan?

I am about to open my mouth to apologize for the embarrassing spiel but he cuts me off with a groan. Was I that annoying?

He looks me straight in the eyes and farther. “You are so beautiful” 

Then he meets my lips with his in a way that sets my body alight with fire of gold. My toes lift up higher and my hands which are now holding my sweater in a tight grip release my sleeves from its grip and swap it for Aarons shirt. I hold the black material and hold him close. Even when the kiss is broken I hold onto him just to remind myself we’re both here. Together. 

His eyes are closed in contentment and his head tilted down in my direction “be my girlfriend” 

His eyes open slightly to look into mine which are frozen in his as I try to sort out his words and my emotions quickly so I can process words to answer him. 

With my hands still holding onto his shirt I can feel his breathing get deeper in anticipation and for a moment I’m so lost in him I forget I’m trying to even form words, that is, until he speaks again


My mind finally is able to push to the surface my answer I’m sure I’ve been storing in there for a long time. “Yes” 

He stares blankly at me for a moment before a brilliant smile breaks out on his face. His eyes flick all over my face. His hands come to my waist and suddenly I’m in the air being twirled around under the bright night stars. 

I yelp happily as he spins me, I laugh as my hair whips all over the place. When he puts me down, he wastes no time in cupping my cheeks and kissing me like there’s no tomorrow.

“I should get you home” he reluctantly sighs and as much as I don’t want to, I know my entire family will have a fit if I’m not home soon. 

I nod with a disappointed face and he smirks “that sad to leave me?”

I nod again with the same face and he laughs “cmon”

He leads me to his car and we get in as he drives in the direction of my house. He will sneak glances at me from time to time thinking I don’t see. What he doesn’t know is that I’m doing the same to him. 

He’s a beauty.

My shoulders slump and a frown covers my face as I stare at my home. Sure there’s food, and my bed, and my tv..okay so home doesn’t sound so bad but there’s no Aaron.

I turn to him to see him already looking at me. He raises an eyebrow expectantly “go on, get in there before I get in trouble with your family”

“You get in trouble? I don’t think so. If anything I’d get in trouble. My moms going to be questioning me about you like a teenage girl. My dad? Well, he’ll be a big ol grumpy pants but he’ll get over it”

He hums “and your devil sister?”

I let out an amused scoff “devil sister?”

He nods and shrugs “yeah”

“She’s alot like my mom, she’ll be all about the gossip, because, well, she really is a teenage girl”

He laughs and then takes the back of my head gently and pulls me close. He looks at me with pure happiness and adoration. I quickly rush my hands up to his hair and pull him down to meet my lips. 

We both smile into the kiss and eventually pull away. “Goodnight” he whispers 

I back away “goodnight” and finally turn and rush into my house before I run back to him. 

Immediately, Natasha runs over “Rowan! How was the concert? Who was that guy? Are you dating? Tell me everything!”

I walk over to the kitchen to get a snack and Natasha follows after me, clearly adamant on getting answers. As I walk around the kitchen looking for food, I casually answer her questions. “The concert was amazing, I loved it, that guy is Aaron, yes he is my boyfriend” I grin at that

“That is so cute! I can’t wait until I get a boyfriend” she dreamily sighs and I head turns to her “no boyfriends” 

“Yes boyfriends!” 

I shake my head 



“Yes. goodnight!” and she turns away before I can argue again. “Goodnight” 

I come back out of the kitchen, carrots in hand. Not my favorite snack but a sufficient snack.

I make my way up to my room and text a quick goodnight to Aaron and I lay down thinking of today. I got my first boyfriend who took me to my first concert. Good day. 

I smile and soon enough, I fall asleep. 

The second I’m on school grounds I hear footsteps rushing my way and before I can do anything, I’m lifted into the air and spun around, just like yesterday. “Aaron! Put me down!” 

He smirks at me “no can do princess” and he then scoops under my legs and starts carrying me into school. 

“This is embarrassing” I mutter as eyes immediately look our way

“Oh shush” 

He brings me right to my locker and only then he sets me down. And I pat him on his head “thanks” 

He smiles at me and I swear its the best thing “ill go get my things and meet you in english” 

I nod and he then disappears down the hall 

I take out my things and place them comfortably in my arms. I make my way to english and grin when I see Aaron and his bag placed on the seat next to him. I walk over to him 

“Move it nerd” I demand with a glare

He grins at me “ask politely” 

“Please move” I smile sweetly and flutter my eyes 

He nods and takes his bag away 

I slide into the seat and put my things down. “Thanks nerd” 

He gasps “ouch! My feelings” 

I giggle and soon the teacher comes in. she wastes no time to start her lesson and I start to take notes

Somehow, I manage to not disturb the class as much today. A Lot had to do with Aaron and that whenever I would tap my fingers on the desk, he would place his hand on mine. Or the fact that he would place his hand on my thigh whenever I would tap my shoes. That certainly distracted me. So good for the class, not so good for me with notes I would not have.

At lunch I go to sit with the guys. I hear I chorus of greetings and I smile back “hey guys” 

“Hey Rowan, would you like to go with us to get pizza after school?” Owen asks 

All the guys nod their heads in agreement 

“Yeah, who can say no to pizza?”

“EXACTLY!” Hunter yells making Oliver and Alex jump in surprise 

He receives death glares from the two and he mutters “sorry” 

I’m the only one to reassure him. After expectant looks from me to everyone else they all mutter their own reassurance.

“Aww! I love you guys!” Hunter gushes

“That’s the smell I love” Owen sniffs the air of the pizza place 

We take a seat in a booth, with Owen, Alex and Hunter on one side, myself, Oliver and Archer on the other. For drinks everyone gets soda except me. “Rowan, where on earth is your soda? It’s delicious” Hunter then takes a huge sip of his fanta as if to prove a point and he burps rather loudly. 

Alex glares at him 

“What?” Hunter questions 

“That’s not appropriate. Especially in front of a lady” he gestures me 

“I was only proving a point that soda is the best and she should get it” he shrugs and nods his head confidently 

In order to stop the unneeded bickering, I redirect the conversation to something that is sure to turn some heads “i actually don’t like soda” 

Oliver looks at me with a disbelieving face “how? That’s not possible” 

“Well, it ruins your teeth, it makes me feel all hyped up on sugar and the bubbles hurt my mouth” 

“The bubbles are the best part” Archer speaks up 

I shake my head in denial “I don’t think so” 

He clicks his tongue and shrugs. 

Then the pizza finally comes and let me say it looks absolutely amazing. Immediately everyone is grabbing at slices and pulling them away. 

When they move on I let out an exasperated sigh and lean back in the seat. 

Oliver notices my empty plate “what’s wrong cutie? Where’s your pizza?” 

I look at the empty pizza tray “on your plate” 

They all pause and look to the tray. Guilty expressions show on their face and Archer places one of the three of the slices on his plate onto mine. “You can have one of mine” 

I smile gratefully “thanks” 

Alex reaches over and puts one of his on mine “mine too” 

I give my thanks to him as well and soon enough we all continue eating. 

“I am so full” Hunter leans back and pats his stomach 

“Ditto” Oliver says 

“We should probably get out of here, my mom will throw a fit if I’m gone for too long” Owen claims and starts to get up and we all file out after paying our fair share. 

We all walk farther into town before we head our separate ways. 

When I reach my house, I go into the living room and switch on the tv, putting on Arrow. Reminding me of Jackson and Aaron. I giggle to myself thinking of the time we all watched. I cant believe Aaron didn’t like it. Crazy guy. 

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