when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 25

Chocolate and Black sweaters

“You’re joking right? You have to be joking. Where are the cameras? I swear this is a prank” 

This can’t be happening. It’s all a dream. It has to be.

“Not a joke. What’s a joke is that I needed to find out your birthday by your parents and not you” 

I cringe. I know I haven’t told anyone about my birthday but to be honest, a while ago I didn’t even have many people to tell. “I guess I just forgot” 

Aaron lets out a breath. “That aside, this is my formal invitation for you to come with me to see ghost town, they’ll be playing downtown tonight and this invitation is for you”

I stare at him in shock. 

He shrugs, putting his hands in his pockets letting his hair fall over his eyes as he looks down. “Think ab-”

“Yes!” I say all but quietly “I would love love love to!”

He smirks amusedly down at me “someones excited”

I clutch my hands to my chest with a smile emanating the joy of a field of sunflowers “I’m so excited. I’m a big fan and I’ve never even been to a concert so this is a preferable first”

I can hardly contain my excitement. I hop up and wrap my limbs around him like a koala and squeeze him tight “thank you!” 

He shrugs “I’m willing to look past the whole ‘not telling me your birthday’ thing just this once” he points his finger at me in a scolding manner

I smile and nod at him. He takes my hand and starts pulling me in the direction of my house. I look down to our intertwined hands, trace my eyes over him until my eyes meet with his. 

“You’re beautiful” I speak softly and lowly. I try to convey how much I mean it, speaking with sincerity and love. love

These are the words I first said to Owen, now I say them to Aaron. However, saying them to Aaron means something completely different. He is beautiful outside, yes. He has wonderfully soft brown hair, enticing eyes that fill you with sunshine, when he decides to stop glaring at you that is. He’s incredibly tall. Like a tree tall, and it makes me feel safe, it makes me feel protected and it’s just, so..him. 

Aaron is also beautiful inside, he has a warm heart, unlike popular belief. He cares about people, me. He plays in the rain, he helps me when i’m hurt, he gives me experiences that I could gain with no one else. 

Suddenly, beautiful isn’t enough of a word to describe Aaron.

“Thanks love” he smiles at me. I know he doesn’t fully understand what I meant and my mood is only slightly dampened by my lack of communication but I’m not going to push it because I don’t need to seem like a total creep adamant on him knowing how great I think he is.

We stop in front of my house and we stand face to face “I’ll pick you up tonight alright?” 

My giddy smile is back and I feel like I’m almost bouncing with excitement “okay”

Suddenly his leg sweeps my legs out from below me like in karate kid but I’m fairly sure we’re not in karate kid and I won’t make an epic comeback. 

I shriek as he does this and I fall. He quickly places one arm to be wrapped around me and the other to wrap around me in the other direction so when I fall, he has a firm grip on my waist and I just end up leaning back in his arms as if we were dancing.

Before I can comprehend what’s happening, his lips are on mine

Its utter bliss as my stomach knots in happiness. I can’t help but break the kiss as a smile comes on my face “I’ll see you soon”

He sets me upright again and he gives a boyish smile with his hands tucked into his pockets. “See you soon”

I turn and open my door giving one last look back at him before closing the door. 

I relish in the moment leaning against the door 

I cannot believe this is happening. He is something I have been missing for so long, I just hope he doesn’t go missing again. 

I shake my head with a smile. 

What’s the time? I look over to the stove which holds the time 4:15

He told me we’re leaving at nine so I have time.

I make my way over to the kitchen for a snack. I search through the cabinets and the fridge but I didn’t find anything I want. 

I sigh dramatically “I suppose I can just starve” I exclaim to the empty house 

“You’re not going to starve” 

I guess this house isn’t as empty as I once thought “Natasha, I didn’t hear you come in”

“I was already here. Anyway, I was waiting for you because as you’ve seen, we need food” she gestures to the fridge

“Mom and dad won’t be back until later and mom left money for groceries and a note saying we need to go together. I swear she’s read too many stories about kids getting mugged” she shakes her head and fishes out the list of groceries we need.

I take it and read it. It’s regular food, eggs, milk, chicken, carrots. Stuff like that covers the list and I’m a bit disappointed in the lack of chocolate and sugar. I thrive off that stuff. 

Mom always says I eat too much chocolate and I’m lucky I haven’t turned into the Pillsbury doughboy by now. 

My counter argument is always, better chocolate than drugs, right?

I’m also just crazy stubborn when it comes to some things so I usually win that argument.

No one gets to come in between me and my chocolate. 

“Okay, so I was hoping we could leave now so we could get it over with, I’m also especially hungry” 

I nod, “yeah, I have a thing to go to later anyway” 

Natasha grabs the keys off the table and we leave. 

“Damn, it’s times like these I wish you had a car” Natasha complains and I roll my eyes 

“You’ll be okay, it’s only a few minutes walk anyway and watch the language young lady” I scold her and she side-eyes me

Natasha looks down and sighs “I can’t believe you’re going to be eighteen. An adult! An adult..” 


Natasha suddenly looks up alarmed “are you going to move out?” 

I smile softly “no nat, not soon. Hell, I hardly have enough money for a slushie”

She suddenly grins as if an idea came into her head “you should take me one day”

“Take you where?”

“Seven eleven, duh. You know, on one of your late nights” she says like it’s obvious and I wouldn’t get in crazy trouble with my parents for taking her out at night. 

Granted, it’s not clubbing or anything but still. My parents would not like knowing that either of us were leaving the house many nights of the week to get slushies.

“I dont think so” 

Natasha clutches her hands in fists tightly “I just want to do something with you. We hardly do anything anymore. You stopped coming to my soccer games, you stopped hanging out with me, we barely talk anymore!” her voice is raised and higher pitched at the end and she starts wiping at her teary eyes furiously. 

And I do realize we don’t do much anymore. I’m going to be eighteen and going to college soon. I’ve been so isolated and ignorant of the people who I’ve been with my whole life. We’re living in the same place but not together. And now I feel just awful.

“I’m so sorry love, really. I don’t mean to leave you behind. I love you so much. Tomorrow, we can make a bucket list of all the things we want to do together. I’ll even ask mom about the soccer games. I do really want you back Natasha. Sometimes my isolation tendencies come out and I just dont think. Please don’t be mad.

She looks up to me with a sad but hopeful smile “I just really want my sister back” 

She really does have a way with words that makes me want to cry. “And I’ll try, I will”

“Race you” she shrugs like she almost said nothing but in seconds, she’s racing on her feet down the street and I cannot resist the temptation as I take off after her 

I speed through people and past stores, I’m right behind her and suddenly im past her as I reach for the store’s wall to declare my victory

Before I can touch it, Natasha nudges her way in between myself and the wall and her whole body hits it like a pancake on the ceiling. 

I stop my feet before I squish her like flat Stanley and she groans “I win”

“But at what cost?”

“My functioning body” 

I laugh “cmon, we gotta go”

She reaches her hands out to me with a pouty look on her face “carry me”

“Brat” I stick out my tongue out at her but she just returns the gesture 

“I’m a queen

“Queen brat”

She just rolls her eyes but continues to hold her arms out. I turn around and gesture for her to hop on my back. Her eyes light up and she quickly jumps on me and holds her arms up like she’s on a roller coaster “All right!”

I giggle at her and I walk inside getting a few looks. I look away but I saw Natasha in a mirror scrunch up her nose at the onlookers 

“Okay, gameplan. You’re going to have to get everything because I’ll drop you if I move my arms. Take the list from my pocket and I’ll walk down each isle”

Natasha nods at my plan and reaches down to take the list 

We begin the journey up and down the isles, each of us with our own comments to make on the foods. 

“This is a lot of vegetables. I hate vegetables” Natasha states 

“Most definitely not enough chocolate” 

“Chocolate cheerios are the same as regular cheerios so I don’t see why mom would be upset if we swapped them yeah?”

I shake my head and we continue on 

“We most definitely could get more pasta. I love pasta”

“Ooo yeah, I love pasta” we add a few extra boxes 

We are on our way to check out when we pass by a rose stand. My mind flashes to the roses on my doorstep and then I think of Aaron.

I should get him a rose. Just one

“Will you take this to check out? I want to grab something” I ask

“Yeah yeah, go ahead” she waves me off and I swiftly walk over to the stand. 

I hardly have to think as I slide a single orange one from the bunch and admire it as I walk back to the cart where Natasha is piling things on the conveyor belt

I certainly have gotten a knack for roses, whoever this is has gotten roses on my brain. If only I knew who they were. 

When we finally get home it’s 5:45

Ok, so I have around three hours until Aaron will be here. I most definitely don’t need three hours to get ready but I can start.

Natasha and I put the groceries away. 6:05

I shower. 6:45

I then search through my array of black sweaters and I am shocked and happy I still have my ghost town sweater. It would have been awkward to wear an all time low or pierce the veil sweater to the concert. 

Why don’t I have any normal black sweaters? 

I’ll need to look into that


I slide it on and put on my black leggings. I take my hair from the towel it was in and fight with the knots until I feel I should take another shower. I most definitely do not.

I put on my converse and begrudgingly tie the laces which is my least favorite part


I look in the mirror analyzing my appearance. I decide on some eyeliner.


I take off the eyeliner 

The eyeliner smudged with my not so great makeup remover and I look slightly like a raccoon. Great

I put mascara on and leave it. No need to become a panda.


I stand in the middle of the room for a while not knowing what to do


I sit on my bed thinking of life for a while 


I lay in my bed and close my eyes even when saying it’s probably a bad idea. I end up falling asleep


I wake up. I panic and run to the mirror and brush my hair back out of its messy state. I go downstairs and ransack the newly stocked fridge.

Yum. chocolate.

I’m munching on chocolate when the doorbell rings. With my mind clouded with the wonders of chocolate, I open the door while still eating away at my piece of chocolate.

I pause my munching to look at the wonder that is Aaron. Black sweatshirt, black jeans, converse like mine. Nice. 

His hair is messy like he just woke up. Like me. Nice.

He’s looking at me with a dreamy look in his eyes like he can’t believe I’m here. 

I grin at him “hi Aaron” 

His eyes come to meet mine “hi”

“I’ll c be ready in a second” I hold up one finger to him and he nods silently with his mouth slightly open 

I rush upstairs and open Natasha’s door. She is on her phone and I smile at her “Hey Nat, I’m going to be out tonight but tomorrow im all yours ok?” 

She bites her lip “Okay. Where are you going?” 

I smile widely “a concert”

“Is that why you look twelve years old again?” 

I cross my arms and narrow my eyes at her “don’t be rude”

She salutes me with a cheeky smile “ay ay! I’ll see you later then, have fun”

I grin “thanks” I run back downstairs and quickly remember the rose I set on the table. I take it and rush to meet Aaron at the door. “I’m ready” I hold the rose out to him and he looks at it like it were the most precious thing he’s seen. He suddenly grips my hips and pulls me close, he captures my lips with his in a passionate kiss. 

When he pulls away he places his forehead on mine. He smiles and takes my hand in his “let’s go then” 

I hop lightly “yeah!” I yell barely able to contain myself. I’m so excited. So excited

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