when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 20

Love like the movies

Aarons pov

I knew whose house I was coming to. I knew Rowan would be here and yet, I never seem to be prepared any time I see her.

My parents, Jackson, and her parents were conversing, and as much as I wanted to contribute and engage seeming like a better guest, I was just too anxious to see her. Why? I don’t know.

When she came into the kitchen, she didn’t see me but I’ll be ****** if I didn’t see her. 

Her hair is partly dried making it fluffier and straighter than usual, her clothes are casual but still appropriate for the occasion and don’t even get me started on her socks. 

I absolutely loved that she was wearing socks right now, it was so..her

They were even mismatched. One with pink polka dots and one with rainbows on it.

They were cute. She was cute.

When she finally realizes everyone looking at her, she stops ogling the food and turns to look at everyone. She glances at my parents, then Jackson. Her face is curious while I can almost see the gears working in her mind

When she finally looks at me everything clicks into place for her “Aaron?” 

I give a slight smile and she blinks out of her shock and pulls out a chair, quickly sitting in a flustered state and I choke back a laugh making a startling choking sound resonate from my throat. 

Everyone stops talking and turns to look at me. Now I feel slightly flustered, I take a drink of the water in front of me and cough lowly. “Sorry”

Everyone’s chatter continues and I look over to see Rowan biting back a smile and I just can’t help but look down with a smile of my own.

“So Rowan, how’s school?” my mom asks while taking a scoop of potatoes 

Rowan looks taken aback by this question like she thought no one would talk to her.

It’s going to be hard to evade conversation when there’s six other people at the table

She pauses, clearly intimidated by everyone looking at her “well I like to think things are good”

My dad turns to me and winks. My eyes widen and I pause all movement. He then turns to Rowan “Aaron here talks about you. You have some classes together right?” 

I glare at my dad but he just has a sly smile on his face 

I do not talk about her. Mom will ask random questions and maybe sometimes I let her name drop but that doesn’t count when your mom is prying. 

Rowan’s mouth parts slightly before she takes her lower lip in between her teeth 

Such a simple action and yet my body feels like it’s vibrating, every atom moving like I’m on a sugar rush. 

I shake my head and brush my hands over my jeans in hopes of clearing my now clouded mind.

Luckily the door slams open drawing everyone’s attention and giving me something else to focus on. Or I guess someone else.

The girl from school, Rowan’s cousin, comes in with a younger girl in tow. 

The girl who I’m presuming is Rowan’s sister, points angrily at Megan “she is the absolute worst!” 

“I cannot do it I can-not” she states shaking her head

“Your little sister is a nuisance. She’s so rude I refuse to converse with immature little girls” Megan looks at her insanely bright pink nails which honestly kinda give me a headache 

Rowan’s sister scoffs and narrows her eyes at Megan “immature? You’re sixteen and all you care about is yourself and boys, you are so self-centered and have no regard for anyone!” 

Jackson sits with wide eyes looking between the two.

My mom and dad look very confused 

Rowan’s cheeks are pink with a blush and she looks down as if she’s too scared to see the scene in front of us.

Her mom is stiff with distress 

Her dad is actually seemingly unbothered as he continues to eat 

I’m actually quite amused. This is certainly not what I was expecting when I was told we were coming to dinner with some people from my mom’s work. 

I didn’t think this casual dinner would turn into an episode of keeping up with the Kardashians but I will say it is quite amusing 

“Rowan, will you please take Natasha into the living room and watch a movie or something?” her mom finally speaks 

Rowan goes to stand “Mom, I don’t need a babysitter. I’m fine” Natasha rolls her eyes 

Rowan moves over to where Natasha is and leans down to whisper in her ear. Natasha perks up and takes Rowan’s hand dragging her to the living room probably to take her mom’s suggestion and watch a movie.

Megan sits down in the seat next to me and my chest deflates at the loss of Rowan

Megan is definitely not Rowan. 

“Hi, I’m Megan” she turns to me and crosses her legs in an attempt to portray elegance

“I’m aware” I dont really want to talk to her but when my mom turns to give me a pointed look I sigh “I’m Aaron” 

“Nice to meet you, you just moved here right?” 

I can hear Rowan and Natasha laughing in the other room, then something crashes. 

Everyone’s heads turn and I use this as my opportunity “I’ll check it out”

I stand and start to maneuver my way around the table when Megan stands “I’ll come too!” 

Then Jackson stands “ditto” 

What is this? The ******* hunger games?

I just turn and quickly walk to the living room where I’m met with Natasha standing next to a lamp that’s fallen over, she’s standing in front of Rowan who’s crouching next to the lampshade.

“Oh hi Aaron, what’s up?”

I continue to assess the situation. My eyes flicker from Rowan’s figure, to Natasha, to the lamp and back again.

“Move” I demand

She places her hands on her hips “no.”

Don’t be mean don’t be mean don’t be mean this is Rowan’s sister, you have to be nice. Polite. Decently neutral.

“Oh come on Natasha dont be a little brat”

I didn’t say that.

I turn and, surprise surprise, Megan stands right behind me and Jackson appears on the other side 

“You,” Natasha points at Megan, “shut up. As for the rest of you, I’m not afraid of you so try me”

“Ouch!” I hear Rowan yelp and I’ve had enough of Natasha. I walk over a simply duck around her “hey you can’t be back here!” 

I ignore her. Looking at Rowan, she’s currently trying to pick up a broken lightbulb that’s shattered on the ground. Her hands have little cuts on them and one is even dripping blood. ************

She looks up at me and gives me one of her megawatt smiles “oh hey Aaron” 

Although in this moment I cannot afford to be starstruck “put that down” 

“Oh, it’s ok, I’m almost done anyway” and she goes to continue 

I quickly crouch down and hold the wrist that’s currently picking up more of the glass

“C’mon” I stand up, pulling her from her crouching position. I pull her away and upstairs to where I hope a bathroom is. We should probably clean those cuts.

“Where’s your bathroom?” I ask and she points to the door to the left. Walking in i tell her to sit on the counter while I get some bandaids from the drawer 

Turning around I see her about an inch off the ground as her arms prop herself up on the counter and her right leg is raised on the counter as she tries to pull herself up

“Woah Woah Woah” I rush over to her and help her out by placing my hands on her waist and lifting her. The second my hands touch her she shrieks and wiggles in my hold 

My ears, once again, suffer the pain. The second I put her squirming figure on the counter I demand to know why she insists on putting my ears in a morgue “I hope you’re ready to deliver my ears eulogy” 

She attempts to take deep breaths as she holds her stomach “sorry, sorry, I’m just very ticklish” 

I take her hands in mine and I bring them close to my face as I inspect them. There are a few cuts, nothing major, just this one which has broken the skin enough to draw a bit of blood.

I turn on the water and put her hands under the stream “it’s cold” she mutters 

I roll my eyes “it’s fine” 

“No, no it’s not fine. Anyone can tell you to wash your hands with warm water and soap” 

She moves her hands from my grip “you need to go back to medical school” taking over the handwashing 

“I’ve never been, nor am I going to medical school” 

She then proceeds to add soap and gently wash her hands and clean out the cuts “which is why you don’t get the pleasantries of washing my marvelous hands” she takes her wet hands and flings them in my direction successfully flicking water all over me 

“See what these bad boys can do?” she grins as she shoots finger guns at me 

“Mhm” I take her hands once again and I take a bandaid out of the box and place it on the largest cut

She smiles widely at me “all better” she then cringes “except for the glass that’s still downstairs”

“I’ll take care of it” I take her hand and gently guide her to hop off the counter.

We then go back downstairs and her sister comes running up to us “Ro! I had to tell mom and dad. They came in to check in on us as when they saw the broken glass, I had to tell them the truth”

Natasha then looks at me weirdly before looking back to Rowan “are you sure you don’t have some sort of secret boyfriend or something?” 

Rowan’s face turns pink around her nose “n-no Natasha I don’t” 

She doesn’t have a boyfriend? 

“Well anyway, myself,” she points to me “your brother, and the spawn of satan decided we’re going to watch a movie”

Rowan follows sitting on the couch. Before I can take even one step towards the seat next to her, Jackson jumps from the floor and lands right next to her, almost on her 

My body tenses at the close proximity between them as Jackson’s smirk is begging me to punch it.

“To slow bro, gotta be quick on your feet or someone else might ****** her up” Jackson pats Rowan’s head. An angry sound comes from the back of my throat and with a glare at Jackson’s smug face. I sit on the other side of the ‘L’ shaped couch which, in a happy coincidence, gives me a perfect view of Rowan. 

Everyone besides Megan says it’s ok for Rowan to pick the movie when she asks.

We let her pick anyway.

She picked a movie I’ve never heard of. I can tell It’s some cheesy romance thing from the cover and I have a feeling I’m most definitely going to be bored throughout the whole thing.

As the movie starts, I don’t actually watch the movie as much as I watch her

Maybe or maybe it’s not creepy but I don’t care, her eyes light up as it plays and she clutches her hands together like she’s trying to contain her excitement. 

She must watch this a lot because every now and then ill catch her mouthing along to the words. Each scene that comes on she bounces a little in her seat. 

She really likes these movies.

Movies can be misleading, things will get staged, lines will be read, the love in these movies are made so you only feel it when watching it. The kind of love writers write about, it’s not real. But I can tell how much Rowan loves this, loves to make believe it’s her in those movies. And while I watch her, it hits me that I want her to believe it’s her, I want this to be her reality. 

Maybe I can do that. I’m sure as hell not perfect, barely good. But if there’s one thing I can do to make her smile,

ill ******* do it. 

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