when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 18


“Megan!” I hear from across the hall as I’m opening my locker. 

Megan is staring at her new nails before she jerks her head up and she automatically throws her hands up dramatically literally screaming. 

Through her screams I manage to hear her call out “Emilie!” 

I guess her friends do remember her. 

Emelie comes running up to us and both her and Megan hug and jump. 

If I were to do that, I would probably end up tripping on the other person’s leg and make us both go down. 

My untied shoelaces would probably prevent me from making even two steps 

I watch as the two pull apart and start examining each other

“Megan, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in forever!”

Megan giggles “I’ve been in Connecticut silly! I just came for a visit to see my favorite cousin” she briefly glances at me making a hand motion in my direction 

The bell finally goes off and I wait politely for their conversation to end so Megan and I can go to class 

Both of them then both link arms and start walking away still talking animatedly leaving me by myself which I dont really mind but a little warning in advance would have been nice so I could have done something other than listen to a new season of gossip girls.

Wandering into english I almost forget about those eyes. those cold, cold, brown eyes until they catch mine. The most surprising part is when he nudges his head towards the seat next to him.

Was that an invitation? an invitation to sit next to him? no way. Maybe I just assumed things. I’m gonna do it anyway. proceed with caution!

I slowly make my way towards the seat and I glance at him while hovering my bag on the desk. 

He nods his head slowly 

I sigh, finally letting all the air out of my lungs and with a loud thunk, I drop my bag on the desk.

“Could you be any louder?” Aaron says with an almost smile 

I shrug “sure”

I pull out my chair and sit, turning to smile at Aaron “how’s it going?” 

He leans back in his chair and lets out a long breath “all good” 

I sat contently in my chair knowing we were talking again, it felt nice to not have someone hate you so blatantly in your face. The unpleasant shivers that would shoot down my spine are now filling me with warmth. It’s a lovely feeling to have a mutual friendship with someone who makes you happy. Granted, a lot of things, and people make me happy but with Aaron, it feels a bit different. More rewarding. 

“I hear there’s a girl here. That girl Emelie or something clings to her like a bat, she claims to be visiting her cousin. I didn’t know nor did I care who she was or who her cousin was, but now, now that I’m looking at you, I see the tiny resemblance. It’s not much, but enough to know of the relation” he studies my face like he’s looking for something and I can’t help but do the same to him. 

Getting the time to stare into his eyes with my own leaves me with the feeling of falling. My stomach is dropping and my hair stands on my arms, on the ride of a lifetime, awaiting the drop.

He has beautiful features. He really does. His cheekbones are prominent, the bridge of his nose straight as he looks down it at me. His eyelashes are thick, hovering over his beautiful cold eyes, the second my eyes reach his lips I cough violently when a strange warmth covers my body. The air seemingly becomes thick and surrounds me in a blanket. I look away and close my eyes, facing forward. My heart is erratic, and not exactly from fear like it is most times when i’m at home.

My eyes open and I force myself to not look at Aaron for the rest of class. 


Ok, I have to think carefully about this. The cafeteria doors become closer and closer and I panic a little. Think Rowan, maybe Megan will want to sit with Emelie which leaves me to sit with the guys. But if Megan sees that, she may come over and want to ‘introduce herself’ 

Seconds away from reaching the door I decide against it and quickly turn. 

I’m gonna go to the library. Reading is always a good idea. Megan will be ok with Emelie, she’s like her best friend. Or in Megan’s language, ‘besties’

“Oh Rowan!” I pause and wait because I know she’ll be coming after me. Much like she did with Reece that one day. 

Oh yeah, that reminds me I need to meet him tomorrow for those milkshakes.

I called him yesterday to confirm our changes. It was supposed to be yesterday but he said he couldn’t go that day because he had dinner plans which he complained about for a solid ten minutes before we decided we would change the day to Wednesday, tomorrow.

When Megan reaches me she grabs my arm and twirls me around “where are you going? Its lunchtime, which happens in the cafeteria”

“Oh- um.. I was just gonna- gonna go to the.. Library” 

She laughs loudly “no one even goes to the library, you’ll have no one to talk to but the books and you’re not that crazy”

Actually a bunch of people go to the library and I wasn’t actually going to talk to anyone and I was planning on reading a book but I guess she doesn’t have to know that

“C’mon” she then starts dragging me towards the cafeteria and my mind starts going wild.

I look down when we enter as heads look up at the unfamiliar face of Megan 

“Megan! Come here!” I hear a group of girls yell out to Megan and she excitedly pulls me with her

I’m not even sure if she remembers that her hand is latched onto my arm. When she approaches the table, a girl, I’m pretty sure her name is Kendall, immediately pats the seat next to her and Megan sits as im thrusted forward and hit my shins on the seat next to her. 

“Ow” I mutter at my sore legs 

I sit with my chin resting on my hands and watch everyone as they eat their lunch. 

Remembering I still need lunch, I take my bag and take out the random snacks I packed. I don’t really have time to make a proper lunch in the mornings considering how tired I get so I just raid the kitchen for whatever is there. 

Today is going to be popcorn, celery sticks, and crackers.

Munching on my food, I take time to watch everyone. I like to think it’s not in a creepy way but more in an observational way. Just taking in my surroundings.

I recognize Mia, she’s sweet, one time she helped me on homework so I count her as nice. 

There’s Gracie, red hair, a bit like Megan, slightly rude, can be nice to the people she wants to be nice to. 

Of course Megan and Emelie who are like besties ever since the last time Megan came to visit

And Kendall. I dont even know how to describe her. She’s everything i guess. Wild and calm, sweet and fiery. Hot and cold.

There’s only two people I don’t recognize, a brown haired girl wearing large square glasses, and a girl with colorful streaks in her brown hair, she has dark eye makeup, and wearing clothes like Reece would wear. Black and black. 

I catch the eyes of the glasses wearing girl and I just wait as I guess she attempts to read me. I hope I’m giving off a good vibe. I would like to avoid gaining enemies as much as possible.

When she’s done, she speaks “Hey” 

I pause mid-bite and clear my throat putting the food that’s in my hand back in its bag “hi” 

“What are you doing here?” she asks and a cloud of confusion covers my mind. Does she not want me here? It’s not exactly my fault Megan dragged me here. I don’t even want to be here. 

Then again, there’s the curious tone in her voice that makes me think otherwise, she may actually just be curious. Keep an open mind Rowan, open mind.

“Megan’s my cousin. I guess she just wanted some bonding time” I laugh awkwardly knowing full well Megan hasn’t said a word to me since we sat down. 

I hear a sarcastic chuckle and I shift my eyes to the culprit, it’s rainbow girl. The girl in black with the colors in her hair. Her eyes are downcast at her sandwich but I know she knows the same thing. 

I turn my attention back to- “what’s your name?” I ask not able to form proper thoughts without knowing her name. 


I smile warmly at her hoping to make a friend. A girl friend. 

“I’m Rowan” 

Rainbow girl then speaks up “like the tree?” 

My parents split Natasha and I’s name where my dad got to name me and my mom named Natasha. 

My dad named me after rowan whitethorn in my mom’s favorite book series when she was younger ‘The throne of glass’ 

My mom named Natasha after HD 85390. That’s a star, how she knows that, I really don’t know. 

“Yeah” the tree works too. They have red berries that form in clusters. It could be like that time I went apple picking and a student ate a poisonous berry thinking it was an ‘undeveloped’ apple. 

They went to the hospital and the rest of us went home. We didn’t even get any apples, but I guess rather that than getting poisoned. 

“Nice, I’m Alex” she gives me a head nod and I awkwardly give one back

“I’m surprised Megan’s your cousin, I mean, you guys are kinda opposites” I turn back to Amy as she glances at Megan and back to me 

“It’s a bit of a shocker every time she comes” I remember all the times she would come here and she would be neverending changing. I guess she always liked to keep up with the trends but I thought it just made her look incredibly indecisive regarding her personality. I would never say that though, no matter how rude she is to me, I will try to remain nice. Natashas given up on that 

The bell rings announcing the end of lunch and I start to pack up. 

“Anyway,” Alex says as she too, packs her things “Amy and I are going to go to a movie later, we don’t know which one yet but you can come if you want. I’m sensing you don’t have plans”

I nod in confirmation a little unsure how to take that but I just give a thumbs up at her offer. I really don’t have plans so there’s no point in not going with possible friends.

Noticing Megan and her friends have yet to pack up, I gently place my hand on Megan’s shoulder hoping she’ll turn 

She doesn’t. So I give it a little shake and she continues to ignore it. Or me. 

“Leave her, they’re never on time anyway, plus, it’s not like she has classes” Alex says on her way out 

I guess she’s right. Doesn’t mean it is right but I let it go anyway. I turn and follow Alex and Amy out and start my walk to class. 

Alex splits off down another hallway without a second glance at us but I’m just assuming that’s her attitude. Not really giving a.. Yeah 

“So we’ll see you at the movies?” Amy asks pausing outside of her class 

“Yeah, totally”

“Alright” and with that she disappears into the room

I guess I’m going to the movies. I hope it works out between us. And that the movie is good. I take Alex as a horror kinda girl and my favoriting a good comedy movie

Although I love a good romance, I’m cool with anything. I also just really need some friends

I also would like some movie theater popcorn. That would be nice.

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