when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 14

unexpected ride

The day in town went as followed,

we entered every store. anything she could get in her hands, she held. When I offered to get us some food from the cafe that Brayden and I went to, she waved me off saying “sure” while continuing to browse the clothes. 

I wasn’t going to complain about having a break from being asked to give my ‘expert opinion’ which she disregards every time

so crossing the street I walk around for a little before spotting, not the cafe, but the cursed pink-colored bakery with its evil overlord ted. but no matter how I feel about the bakery, they do have some good treats. so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not banned. 

going inside, I glance at all the treats with a watering mouth. I’m chanting my order in my head as I approach the counter. two chocolate cookies, two macaroons.

“can I help you?” the lady says looking at me as if I were nothing but air 

twinkling my fingers by my sides I quickly breath out my order in one breath “hi I would like two chocolate cookies and two chocolate macaroons” 

I pause and look her straight in the eyes “please” 

taking a breath she nods and I watch as she puts them all of them together 

When I pay and swiftly walk out the door, I actually do bump into someone. “oof! sorry!”I apologize.

he simply helps me up and walks away. 

I guess we weren’t meant to be. and here I thought that’s how you found your soulmate. 

on my way back to the store where I really hope Megan still is and hasn’t wandered off from. I pass by a library. 

I really dont have much time seeing as how Megan could be states away by now, but I do happen to just slow my walk a little as I pass by the window. 

I’ve always loved the library. I love to read, its one of my biggest hobbies actually. its where my imagination stems from. 

before I can get sucked further into the store and into the never-ending land of fiction, I pull my eyes away and back to in front of me. 

I wish Megan shared the same love for reading. or really anything. we definitely have many preferences that we do not share with each other.

I was almost to the shop we were last in but before I could get there my eyes were again caught by a missing cat poster. 

I always feel sad when I see those because cats are so cute and I love them a lot but when one goes missing, it probably won’t come back. 

I’m actually one of those people who adds the missing cat contacts to my phone just in case. I try and be hopeful. 

His name is Gus and he’s 5 years old, orange and white. Got it. 

My eyes are caught again by the poster next to the cat one. Good tactic. Luring in the cat lovers. 

It’s actually a flyer for the amusement park that’s opening. Now I was never one for roller coaster or games you can never win but I wouldn’t mind having some overpriced churros. 

I take the flyer and fold it putting it into my pocket. I don’t really want to go with Megan but I’m pretty sure if she wants to do this, it’ll be this or ‘boy scoping’

Walking back into the air-conditioned store, Megan is surprisingly still here talking with a guy behind the counter. Ok, maybe not so surprising. 

I don’t really want to interrupt their conversation so I just look around the store hoping none of those salespeople will ask me if I need any help. I always feel a little guilty dismissing them every time. 

I do actually find a sweater that I’m interested in and I do love my sweaters, it’s white which is a dangerous color knowing me, but it is really pretty. 

Of course, one look at the price tag and I put it back before someone sees me putting back probably one of the cheaper things in the store knowing All I can really afford is blue raspberry slushies. 

I ought to go back soon. It’s been a while and I’m craving sugar. 

I’ve been busy with the surprising turn of events in my life. The roses, my new friends, Megan. 

“Rowan! There you are!” Megan yells across the store gaining looks in both her and my direction. I cringe back which actually happens to be a bad idea because I brush a mannequin and I guess those guys are pretty light or un-even or something because It starts to topple. 

Panicking I lunge for it and end up tripping on the rack successfully knocking that over with a giant crash as clothes go everywhere all while the mannequin falls on a display of sunglasses knocking them all over. 

As the mannequin hits the ground. Of course, the head pops off. 

Wide eyes, I look up to see the horrified faces of everyone in the store.I give an awkward smile and cough a little. “Well, what a predicament we’re in huh” 

Like an angry bull, an older lady who is probably the manager and looks like she could use a massage angrily points at the door looking at me with clenched teeth and a glare. “out”

Stupidly I point at my own chest and look behind me just in case. With pursed lips, Megan swiftly walks up to me, grabs my hand, and pulls me out of the store. 

I yell a sorry just before crossing the threshold

“How did you manage that?” Megan breathes out exasperated 

I can only shrug with a hum because I really don’t know myself 

“Great, I doubt we’ll even be able to go back in! Ever! You have taken away one of my favorite stores!”I really hope she doesn’t start crying. I don’t think I could handle that now, or ever. 

I always feel uncomfortable when I feel obligated to comfort someone. I just dont know how. I would be that person in those movies where they awkwardly pat someone’s shoulder for comfort

Megan stopped her complaining about as quickly as she started. she started patting down her hair and dusting off the non-existent dust on her shirt.

wondering what was going on to make her act like she were about to go on ‘Americas next top model’ I spun around looking for Isaac Carew. 

he was not to be found. 

who I did see was not Isaac Carew but 7eleven guy, or more recently known as Reece. 

I blinked a few times just to make sure he was real. I even pinched myself a little but it actually really hurt and I yelped. I guess I’m on my way to becoming bruce banner, also known as big scary green man who’s angry at the world much like myself in my ‘dark phase’.

 Dont think too much into it. It was a scary time. Mainly for the people around me.

Reece must have seen my little pinching episode because with a little laugh he approaches us with the same amount of disbelief displayed on his face. 

he opens his arms, presenting himself “yes, it is I, Reece Williams, in the flesh, although I know I am definitely dream material” 

when I’m finished with my gawking, not at him, but just at the fact he’s really here. I slap his arm and he opens his mouth in shock “what was that?!? 

“We didn’t even exchange numbers before I left! you were busy playing alpha male with Evan, what if we had never seen each other again?”I scold him 

putting his hand to his forehead he leans back and closes his eyes “until death do us part”

“Are you saying you died?”I ask and he shakes his head 

“I’m saying, neither of us died so we will never be parted” 

I close my eyes and give a slight smile “you big cheese ball” 

he goes to say something but suddenly Megan cuts in. I totally forgot she was there. “um yeah, if you guys are done, I would like to introduce myself “

I swear I hear Reece breathe out heavily, almost a sigh. as if her presence is unwanted.

I almost laugh. “Reece this is meg-” 

would like to introduce myself” she hisses at me. 

she reminds me a bit of a snake. Not that she has scales or slithers, that would be utterly ridiculous and hilarious. 

she smiles and gently places a hand on his shoulder and from my angle, I see him tense up while I scrunch up my nose, uncomfortable. “I’m Megan” 

“hi Megan” he says politely 

“what’s your name?” she asks even though I already semi introduced him and he introduced himself as well. was she not listening? 

“Reece” is his short and simple reply. He did that with me too, I guess that’s kinda his thing.

Now, I’ve read books where the flirty girls are very overly exaggerated and ******, but in Megan’s case, she is very subtle. she’s done it a million times so it’s not like Reece should be flattered, but I won’t spoil it for them being a jerk. 

Reece looks three seconds from bolting down the street never to be seen again and I really can’t let that happen again because who knows what will happen. This time I might really never see him again and I don’t want that.

I rack my brain as much as I can for something to distract them from whatever is going on. think think think!

I fist my jacket in nervousness when I hear a crinkle.I reach into my pocket and pull out the amusement park flyer. 

“hey!”I yell in excitement “do you want go to an amusement park?”I mainly ask Megan because I dont want to pressure Reece although I do want him to go. 

“Only if Reece will go,” Megan says with a pout looking at him

He looks torn, looking at Megan uncomfortably then looking at me for my opinion. I don’t want to say yes and sound clingy or desperate but I don’t want to say no, which is, first of all, a lie, and don’t I want to dismiss him and make him think he’s not wanted. 

I settle on a shrug and his eyes widen with my lack of response. 

He looks back between us and unsurely says “yes?” in more of a question 

Megan shrieks, and because I’m standing next to her I have to cover my eardrums from her unnaturally high frequencies while Reece cringes 

“This is going to be so much fun! I’m excited, whos excited?” she says as if she’s on some sort of sugar rush

As we walk away, Megan’s hand brushes Reece’s and while it was a simple action, I could see the force behind it. 

Reece makes no move to take it like I’m sure she wanted. He actually puts his hands in his pockets and looks at me. 

We try and talk on the way but Megan, in an attempt to talk to him, interrupts every chance she gets, and eventually, it’s just her talking while Reece and I share ‘that’ look.

I couldn’t have felt a larger surge of relief when the roller coasters start coming into view and we get in line for the tickets

“I hate waiting in line!” Megan whines rolling her eyes 

I try and calm her childish behavior by smoothing out the situation “I’m sure the line will pass quickly” 

“I doubt it” she grumbles “This is why I shop, instant results”

“Well, “I start “what if there’s a line at the checkout?” 

“You continue to shop, or in your case, look,” she says in a ‘duh’ tone

Reece gives her a slightly offended look at her jab at me was if it was directed at him

I dont try to help anymore. I stay quiet which is probably the best for my pride’s sake

The line goes by as we stand in silence with Megan’s attempts at flirting with Reece which makes me feel uncomfortable along with Reece. Megan being oblivious to both.

When we get to the booth Megan lets out an annoyed “finally! could that have taken any longer?” 

I open my mouth to answer but Reece gives the smallest of a shake to his head looking at me. I get the hint and I take it, closing my mouth.

we get our tickets and we go inside. I look around in awe and giddiness. I haven’t been to an amusement park for a long time. parents will be parents. Natasha will be sick. mainly from stuffing her face with food and getting on the star blaster or something. silly.

“ooh! can we play the games?” Megan asks. she only looks at Reece, clearly only asking him.

I can’t help but ask “you come to an amusement park and the first thing you want to do is play the games? why not a roller coaster or something? plus, those games are nearly impossible to win” 

she gives me an annoyed look before looking at Reece. “I need to use the bathroom” he blurts out suddenly. 

Megan gives a stifled angry noise “you” she points at Reece “and you” points at me “are absolutely no fun. get out of my way” she stomps over to us pushing her way between us walking away. 

Unfortunately, this causes me to lose balance and fall backward. my heart leaps as I fall but not for long. Reece ends up catching me in both arms as if we’re ballroom dancing. As my heart calms down, Reece picks me up and spins me around making me laugh through my shrieks as he laughs along before placing me down carefully

“bizarro?” he asks with a wide smile 

“bizarro” I confirm

he takes my hand as we both run like children to the rollercoaster. 

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