when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 13

the first day

after Megan’s arrival, I took her up to the room she would be staying in, I don’t know why I had to show her because I know she knows where it is but mom muttered in my ear that its the polite thing to do when we have guests. also, Megan likes to be with people all the time, she’s not a loner like myself. 

I guess I don’t exactly qualify as a loner anymore with all of Owens’s friends who seem to be my friends now too. they all actually invited me to hang out with them yesterday but I knew I would like to prolong them meeting Megan for as long as possible. 

it’s not in a mean ‘i don’t want her to meet my friends because they’re my friends’ way but more like an ‘i have no clue as to how they’ll react and she technically wasn’t invited and it may be awkward’ way. they already deal with my awkward self. 

I swing open the door and she walks inside dropping all her bags on the ground. “I see you haven’t redecorated”

“mhm, there’s not really a need for redecoration” I mutter looking around.

sure the rooms a little plain but it’s good to keep it neutral for when guests come. its a guest room after all, not a ‘for when Megan comes’ room. that would be silly, she rarely comes over for no reason. holidays, yes. but she usually shares the room. so yeah its gonna be plain.

she just hums in response.

“so” I start talking to avoid the uncomfortable silence that at least I’m experiencing “how long are you staying?” 

it was honestly an innocent question but I can’t really tell if her next words are a joke or not. they should be because I wasn’t trying to be rude. “trying to get rid of me already?” 

I think she knows that I’m not her biggest fan. but not everyone can be, I hope she knows that

“no, no, I was just wondering” I defend

again, she hums.

this conversation feels a bit one-sided. she didn’t even answer the question.

“what do you want to do today?” she has to answer that question. 

I’m also just too indecisive 

“do you have any friends yet?” ouch

nows the panic time. I didn’t think I would have to introduce them this quick. I thought I at least a few days to prep myself and them. 

“yeah I’ve made a few” 

she continues to put her things away which worries me a bit, I think if it were only a few days she was staying, she would keep her things in her bags. I just hope its no more than a week “finally!” she says with an eye roll “I thought you we’re going to be alone forever” double ouch

i have a feeling more conversation will only lead to my prides demise so I keep quiet. I continue to stand in the doorway watching her. apparently, she didn’t like that. “are you going to just stand there watching me?” 

well, I didn’t know what else to do. shes freaking unpredictable! I bet if I come in she’ll tell me to get out. sometimes I swear she’s more indecisive than me. 

“well, I’m just going to go..” I awkwardly jerk towards the stairs and take about one step when her head quickly snaps in my direction “don’t go! I literally just got here. come in and sit”

if I come in and sit as she said and she tells me to get out, I’m going to pitch a fit. 

I do as he says and I shuffle in and sit on the bed looking out the window. 

to my surprise, she starts asking questions “so who are your friends?” 

how strange. she usually isn’t all that interested in my life. her life was always more interesting   -her words- so a lot was about her. I guess things change huh.

“they’re friends from school, I met them through another friend who brought me to his table at lunch introducing me. then we started to hang out more and now we even text and make plans to hang out which is very different, in a good way, my other friends, whom you know, Val, Shawn, and Taylor, never did that with me so this is exciting.”

as Megan puts her last shirt in the dresser she stands and stretches. “that’s good, I’m happy for you” 

I pause in surprise. she certainly has changed in some ways. sure the slightly hurtful comments are still there, but this nice, caring side, I don’t see much of. I smile at her. I hope I get to see this side more.

“well, shall we go back downstairs? I still haven’t seen Natasha, where is she anyway?”

hiding from you

“I’m not sure, ill go check her room and ill meet you downstairs” she nods her head and bounces down the stairs.

I knock on Natasha’s door only to hear a little squeak and some shuffling 

“nat, its rowan” I speak quietly through the door

there’s more shuffling before the door cracks open and her head pops out, eyes scanning the area. I guess she didn’t find what she was looking for because she lets out a breath and opens the door for me. 

“Why are you hiding in here? you haven’t even had breakfast and that’s definitely a reason to worry, are you sick or just avoiding Megan?” I ask

with a grumpy noise, she says ” I’m sick of her” 

I let out an amused laugh “you’re going to starve in here. we all know you can’t last more than a few hours without food” 

she cries out a cry of frustration. “you’re right. I just don’t want to see her” 

“well, you can’t hide forever. if you don’t come out soon, she’s going to come in here and I know you don’t want her in your room. your space” I know how much Natasha values her ‘sacred space’ known as her room. last time Megan was here, she went into her room and touched all her things. Natasha was very upset. 

she saged her room for the next two days claiming it had ‘bad juju’ 

with that said, she sat up and got out of bed trudging over to the door with myself following behind. she turned one last time to look in her room longingly before I close her door. 

on our way to the stairs, I quickly closed my door as well. 

entering the living room, Megan was sat on the couch looking through her phone when she looked up and looked at me then shifted her eyes to look at Natasha. she got up and walked over to her. “hi little cousin!” she says while patting her head. 

Natasha stands there like an emotionless zombie “hello Megan” she deadpans 

From the moment Natasha met Megan she had never liked her. Natasha always was easily irritable and had short patience that Megan seemed to constantly test

with Megan around, Natasha’s whole presence is usually tense and unhappy so much to my dismay, I plan to try and keep Megan out of the house as much as possible. 

however, I did need Natasha to at least say hello so Megan doesn’t spend her time looking for her, asking about her, or getting in her business. it was honestly for the better. 

“What is with the glum faces? you guys are seriously no fun” Megan says looking between us with a pouty look on her face. 

Natasha simply crosses her arms while I suggest “do you, Megan, want to go into town?”

she stops pouting and smiles happily “yes! I was getting stressed being cooped up in this tiny house” 

our house is not that small. she’s fine.

she walks away from us and goes into the foyer to get a jacket. I quickly turn to Natasha and take her shoulders “listen, I’m going to try and keep her away from you because I know you dont like her, I know I’m the best no need to say it, but I need you to try and get along when mom and dad are around because I know mom is trying to create a ‘positive environment’ and dad will try too because he’s freaking obsessed with her. just try for them, ok? you dont even need to speak to her, just try and keep a low profile, that means no throwing food at her during meals”

I look at her seriously and she throws her hands up and in an exasperated tone she says “it was one time!” 

I roll my eyes “no throwing food

“Alright, try and get along and no throwing food got it” she confirms and I give her a small smile “thank you by the way, for doing this, who knows what would have happened if I were the one having to hang out with her all day” she says with a shutter 

“are we going or what?!” I hear Megan’s voice yell from the foyer

I sigh and Natasha gives me a pat on the shoulder “good luck” 

I join Megan and she throws a jacket at me and I stumble back only succeeding at having the jacket hit my face and hitting my shoulder on a coat hook on the rack. 

I harshly suck in air as I feel it jab into my shoulder “ow” I groan 

“come on!” she wines, either oblivious or ignoring my pain as she walks to the door and leaves.

wow thanks

I follow after her wincing at the pain in my shoulder. 

when I catch up to her she starts talking about all the things she wants to do

“well, shopping, duh. I am in dire need of a new bag. it needs to be pink of course, pink best complements my skin tone. I also need a new jacket, all mine are just not satisfactory, some are too itchy, to warm, to thin, too bright, don’t look good on me, are too ol- you get the point”

“wait” I stop her “do you not try on the clothes before buying them?”

she scoffs “no way, it’s like a surprise, and if I don’t like it, ill give it to charity”

I blink in surprise “wow Megan, that’s super nice”

she wiggles her finger at my shirt “I think that’s one of them” 

I look down at my blue shirt. I’m the charity? I wouldn’t exactly qualify myself as charity but when I grow out of my clothes I give them to an actual charity, so I guess the clothes get there at some point. 

“oh” was all I had to say

“maybe we’ll see some of your friends here, I would love to be introduced,” she says with a slight smile on her face. 

“Yeah, maybe”

when we get deeper downtown, Megan’s eyes scan each store and restaurant like a hawk. her eyes fall on a boutique across the street and she suddenly leaves my side to go running towards it. 

I sigh as I press the button to cross. I’m not about to run across the street as she did. that’s dangerous, not to say I’m not a risk-taker, just not someone who feels like putting myself and other in danger, I mean, what if a car swerved trying to not hit me and hit another car causing the car behind it to also crash and so on so forth. all in all. it would be really bad, and while it may not happen, I just don’t feel like being responsible for that kind of chaos.

apparently Megan does not share the same thought.

when the light on the other side says it’s ok to cross, I then walk across the street and go inside the store. automatically, I see Megan with her hands full of clothes. 

and so the day begins.

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