when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 12

news and another

when I make it home, I’m greeted with my dad who swings the door open, I eye him suspiciously as he does the same to me.

“were you spying on me?” I ask

“Should I have been?” He eyes my clothes looking me up and down

I fold my hands “oh! These are my friend’s clothes, did I tell you I made new friends? They are so cool” I shuffle in my spot happily

“he walks close to me and kisses my forehead “I’m really happy for you sweetie”

” How are things with you? Is work stressing you out too much? Because I swear I will march right on down to the company and demand they chillax on you” I hold my fist up in intimidation squinting my eyes as my dad tried to hold in his laughs

“I’ll be alright, just settling in, promotions can be complicated when you have to change the kind of work you do. But I’m sure it will die down soon enough and I can be home more, I wish I didn’t have to work so much but things have to be adjusted as I switch” he sighs and looks at me

“Dad, there is no need to be sorry, this is a wonderful thing, and as long as you’re happy I’m happy” I smile at him as comes over to me open-armed

I wrap my around him and squeeze “I love you”

“I love you too” he lets go “guess who decided to come over for a visit tomorrow?”

My face grows confused.

“Megan, That girl was always so crazy I swear I could never keep up, but I just couldn’t say no, I mean she’s your cousin and who am I to keep family away”

I haven’t seen Megan for a long time. Don’t get me wrong she’s pretty cool, I just get really tired with her around. To say I’m nervous would be correct. Very correct. She’s unpredictable and uncontrollable 

I smile a little “well I’m glad she at least hasn’t forgotten about us”

“Also don’t forget to finish your homework, you know you won’t be getting time to yourself with Megan around”

Megan is 16. So a year younger than me. And a year older than Natasha as she’s 15 although I’m almost 18 so I guess maybe a bit younger.

She’s a very impatient person so relaxing and doing nothing is not an option with her around

Sometimes I wish I could just revert her back to the time when a coloring book would suffice as good entertainment.

Alas, it will probably be shopping, manicures, amusement parks, ‘boy scoping’, and movies. All things which will cost me money and my dignity.

I expect reimbursement

“I’ll get going with that” I give a salute and rush up to my room. I dump all my backpacks contents on my desk only adding to the mess of my room. I will totally get an earful about the mess from Megan.

Megan can be a bit of a ‘picker’

Rowan, why don’t you have a boyfriend? I swear I’ve had more than you and you have a year on me

Really? Potato chips? I need real food rowan. I’m not that uncivilized 

you still decorate your room like this? Don’t you think it’s a little.. undignified?

I’ll have you know my room is absolutely fine. 

as the outside world grows darker into the night, I continue to put the pencil to the page, doing my homework. 

before I know it, the moon is already on its way up and I’m being called downstairs for dinner.

I hear Natasha running down the hall and bounding down the stairs. I swear that girl loves food more than anything else.

I close my textbook and stack my papers in one pile. as I’m going downstairs, I hear a knock. 

for a second I’m worried I broke something. I look around for something of Natasha’s but I don’t see anything. which is a bit surprising considering she leaves everything everywhere.

 my worry is relieved for a second when I hear a knock again. 

oh no. I wanted romance and love. not scary and horror. 

my heart speeds up and I take one step towards the knock which, ironically, seems to be coming from the door. yes, I’m that person who dies first because of my curiosity. but hey, I have more of a chance than a cat right? curiosity killed the cat, not the rowan, I should be fine. says every murder victim ever.

I don’t hear any more knocks. maybe it was a tree or something. but nevertheless, I still go to grasp the door handle and I open it a tiny crack and peek outside with a nervous heart.

strangely there was no one there.

 that actually makes sense, my overly active imagination definitely may have hyped things up for me. 

I take one last look, only to find there was something there, not a murderer, not a creepy mysterious box with a severed hand inside, but another mysterious rose. 

a breath of air leaves my lips and my eyes widen. I go to pick it up with careful hand as if it were made of glass. my heart goes wild, this may not be a romantic gesture, or maybe it is, but its definitely not a horror story plot. unless they kill their victims after getting the roses or something, but I’m just going to ignore that. 

I jump at the sound of my fathers yelling “ROWAN ARE YOU COMING? THE FOODS GETTING COLD, GET IT NOW OR IM GOING TO EAT IT!”

I don’t doubt it. “coming!” I yell to him as I quickly take one last look outside before going back inside and quietly closing the door. I don’t need my family questioning why I was outside. these roses feel like my little secret.

I take the stairs two at a time and place the rose in the bottle with the other which is wilting a little. if this mysterious rose giver continues this regularly I will have a fresh rose every time the last one wilts. quite poetic if I say so.

with one last glance at the roses, I speed downstairs to the dining room. 

“are you kidding me?” I stare at the empty pots and pans that were supposed to have food in them. instead of in the pots, its all on my dad’s and Natasha’s plate. “give me some!” 

I sit in my chair and hold my plate out expectantly. with many grumbles of protest and some scolding from my mom, I gain some food. with an eye roll at their dramatics, I eat quickly and quietly. I would honestly just like to get back up to my room and think about today and worry about tomorrow. 

leave it to my mom to start a conversation that is likely to last, and keep me glued to my seat.

“how’s everyone feeling about Megan coming tomorrow? exciting right?” 

my dad simply grunts in response. while Natasha rolls her eyes. I guess Megan has quite the fan base huh.

Natasha is the first one to comment “I don’t like her”

“oh come on Natasha, she’s not that bad” mom says although I can see the struggle in both her words and smile. but mom was always one to be polite. I try to as well, but in Megan’s case, all I can really do is stay quiet and let the others do the talking. 

“yes she is mom, she tells me every time we see her that I’m too short, I should cut my hair, get a boyfriend, the list is never-ending” 

let’s say Megan’s criticism is extended to everyone at the table, even mom so I don’t know whats shes doing

“well, we’re going to be nice and welcoming when she gets here. I don’t want any of this negativity in the house, got it?”

we all nod our heads, some more begrudgingly but we all do anyway. although I don’t doubt that behind closed doors there will be some tense people

Megan just kind of does that. makes people tense. I’m kinda sorry for saying that but I do know that when she comes, each time she leaves, I can feel the air relax. 

good luck to everyone for tomorrow. I hope there are no roses tomorrow. if any come again, I know Megan will make it a big dramatic thing and I just want it to be a personal thing.

last time she wanted to come to school with me, claimed she wanted to ‘scope out the boys’. luckily she got bored pretty quickly because I didn’t talk to boys and didn’t have many friends that she could talk to. sure she made some of her own friends, but apparently I was no fun so she left me to go with her newfound friends which, honestly was ok with me. but this time I do have friends, and they’re all guys. and I don’t think I can avoid them the whole day. so if she wants to go to school we’re about to have an interesting time. 

with the atmosphere in the air, I’m glad when people start getting up. 

I quickly pick up my plate and rush to get to the sink first so I don’t have to wait for everyone to wash their dishes. and I place it into the dishwasher.

going back upstairs, I get my pajamas and head down the hall to the bathroom. it sure would be convenient to have my own bathroom in my room but no. 

of course, before I can even grasp the door handle I hear the shower turn on. how Natasha always gets to the shower before me, I don’t know.

with a sigh, I walk back to my room and sit at my desk. as much as I don’t want to, I pick up my pencil and continue my homework. 

twenty minutes later and the finally hear Natasha get out of the shower humming to herself. 

once again I gather my things and quickly rush to the shower before Natasha decides to come back to change her outfit again. 

she does that a lot. change her outfit. she wants it to be ‘just right’ for the occasion. even going to bed.

my own twenty minutes later and I get out the shower. when I’m changed into pajamas and done getting ready, I snuggle into bed letting out a content sigh until I remember tomorrow and how Megan’s coming. 

its nice of her, it really is, not many people would come to visit family who lives states away not on a holiday and I recognize that, so before closing my eyes I just try and remember that she’s doing something nice for us and I should do that too. 

as I close my eyes I catch a glimpse of the roses sitting on my desk and I fall asleep.


my eyes open to sunlight in them. I rub away the blurriness and try to not fall asleep again as I force myself up from my warm comfortable bed and place my feet on the freezing cold floor with an uncomfortable grimace.

on my way to the bathroom, Natasha runs up the stairs and past me with wide eyes and goes back into her room. 

well someone just couldn’t stay away. 

I get it, my bed is comfortable too, I guess some people just have more self-control than others. any less and I’m afraid I would never come out.

I take about two steps forward and I hear when I hear her. “ROWAN!” I now understand Natasha’s actions. 

what is she doing here? I mean, I knew she was coming but I didn’t think it would be this early! I’m not prepared.

I know if I don’t go down, she’ll come up. and I don’t need her barging into the bathroom like that one time. 

so to avoid that, I decide to just do it. 

I start walking down the stairs and that’s when I see her in the doorway. she turns around and locks eyes with me. she looks me up and down not so subtly, from my wild bed hair to my mismatched socks.

when shes done scrutinizing me, she smiles with all teeth, gives me jazz hands, and tilts her head as if posing for a photo. “rowan! my favorite cousin” 

I smile and give a small nod walking the rest of the way downstairs. keeping a bit of distance between us, that doesn’t last long when she pulls me close and hugs me in a bone-crushing hug. it knocks the air out of me but she doesn’t seem to notice my discomfort.

“hi Megan” 

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