when they met

By @cecilyrise
when they met

There was him, and there was her. Both with seemingly average lives. Together, that was when it all changed. When they met.

Chapter 1

blue raspberry slushies

Some people’s stories would start out in the morning, waking up, maybe going to a party, putting up a pathetic amount of resistance before dressing up and going to ‘live it up’. 

Myself, however, my story starts at night. And no, there are no bad guys chasing me, nor am I being a copycat batman swishing my cape around swooping people to safety and headbutting bad guys. 

My city is a fairly safe one, and walking to a 7eleven late at night is not a very rare occurrence. 

I will admit my blue slushie obsession may be a little problematic and definitely messing with my sleep schedule but it’s not like I have a choice. No one makes something blue raspberry flavored and expects me to not eat it. 


I’ve memorized every inch of the path to my regular 7eleven. Every street sign, every store, every house, even that one McDonalds that has the faulty ‘c’ in the big neon sign so on more than one occasion it will say ‘mdonalds’ 

That’s what I’m doing right now, locking my target in my sight, stalking forward, and pouncing. 

The little store bell goes off and I relish in the cool, stale air that surrounds me making me shiver. 

I approach the counter and lean my elbows on the cool surface “Morning Evan” I say with a large grin.

“It nearly is rowan, why are you here?” he yawns out 

Scoffing, I reply “Evan, the store is open 24/7 and you expect me to not fulfill my late night early morning blue raspberry slushie cravings?” 

He sighs “I’m fully aware of your sugar cravings rowan. I just feel the need to ask why you’re here and not with some mystery boyfriend of yours like most teenagers sneaking out” 

This is when I laugh “well Evan, there are a few gaps in that, considering I, for one, have no boyfriend, and two, my love for blue slushies with forever come before boys in my heart, so, in that case, I have two large metal circles, a small metal circle, and a large green square” 

I open my palm and move them towards his face “for you good sir” his face remains blank “you even memorized the cost?” I nod happily “never leave my house without at least one sixty in cash”

Evan just sighs “just a minute” I grin watching him. I love watching the action of the beautiful godlike creation being made. Like Jesus rising. Quite incredible if I do say so myself, and I do.

Everything brightens on my face and I swear every atom in my body is vibrating with excitement when he hands me my cup of deliciousness. 

I take the straw into my mouth and I basically inhale the miracle from heaven while Evan watches on with what I’m taking his blank expression as envy. “Sorry Evan, I only had enough money for one, wouldn’t want to get mugged on the way home now would I?” 

his eyebrow raises. Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if I could do that? “Will you teach me?” I suddenly ask excitedly

“teach you what?” I mess with my face trying to get my one eyebrow to raise but to no avail. “

“Oh you know, the whole raise one eyebrow because I’m freaking superman thing” 

He lets out a short amused breath “you’re gonna have to learn on your own kiddo” 

I throw my hands up in the air and in a fake Italian accent I yell out “are you fe-reek-king kiiiiding me?” 

But I soon forget about that “Evan, for about a year, I’ve been coming here around this time every day. And every time, you are always working. Are you always on the night shift or do you just wanna see me?” I flutter my eyes and smile cheekily

His expression continues to be one void of emotions “go home rowan, there’s school tomorrow and you’re gonna be crazy tired if you continue to stay here” 

I scoff and raise my slushie shaking it a little for emphasis “a whole town of sugar people died to create this drink. They will forever live on in my bloodstream, no way will I be sleeping tonight” 

I glance around. “You have an extra chair? I could keep you company for the rest of the night” I wait a second. “Hey.. when do you sleep?” closing his eyes he sighs “I used to do it around this time before you started coming in using the doorbell as my alarm clock, I’m a light sleeper so it worked but then you started coming in at odd hours of the night demanding a drink which is pure sugar and ruined that for me. 

I feel sad now. I didn’t know I was hurting him and ruining his sleep. “S-sorry” 

“Don’t worry your pretty little sugar infested head about it, it’s just a good thing I changed all my classes to not have them in the morning so I can catch up on sleep when I get off work”

Despite his lame attempt at trying to make it seem like no big deal, I do see the circles under his eyes and his disheveled hair from running his hands through it many many times. His wrinkled clothes from I’m assuming getting off work, sleeping, and going to class and coming back I’m assuming all in the same clothes. 

That’s the moment I decided. “Alrighty Evan, eyebrow-raising is a thing of the past, now, you’re gonna teach me all about the store, pricing, paying, spotting the sketchy ones, stocking, discrete drug deals-” he blinks at that one and opens his mouth “-kidding. But everything else yeah, I’ll hold down the fort, just a few hours, you go home do your things and come back, I promise there will only minimal damage” 

His signature blank look as prominent as ever “no” 

I furrow my eyebrows “yes” 

“Wha- no! what do you mean yes?” 

“I mean it’s happening, you’re gonna teach me and leave or you’re gonna leave and ill guess, choices Evan, choices,” 

He lets out a grumpy grunt “you’re impossible you know that yeah?” I just nod happily while sipping on my slushie

He jerks his head towards the register silently telling me to follow and I happily comply. “You made it past kindergarten correct?” I give him a ‘are you kidding me’ look

“Just making sure. But the register is basically just knowing your math when someone comes in and giving correct change, these buttons open it, this button for a receipt- 

Evan was talking about the big chunk of metal for around twenty minutes and I definitely ended up tuning out after the first 5. 

Sipping on my slushie I simply look at him wide-eyed and nodding whenever he looks over at me. 

“Got it?” he asks looking intently at me and I nod rapidly “yep! You go girl!” he scowls at that

He starts wandering around the store and picking up his belongings and he pauses at the door “are you sure you got this? maybe this was a bad idea, I really shouldn’t even be doing this”

I just wave my hands like he was a little mouse “go, go, go, I’ll hold down the fort here. No problem whatsoever! Now go! Party, live!” I then twirl in my spot and do a little dance. He rolls his eyes before wearily walking away. 

I giggle a bit to myself before taking a seat on the wooden stool behind the counter. You would think with all the sitting employees have to do they would invest in a more comfortable sitting arrangement but I guess not. 

After a few minutes of pressing random keys on the register to see what they do, I get bored. I look to see what Evan has on the counter or should I say, behind the counter

Behind the counter sounds more mystical and mysterious, like something from a legend. 

Alas, all that’s behind here are multicolor sticky notes with random information on them, boring, trash, likely, paper & pencils, perfect

I then take the next half hour and draw a picture of the 7eleven. every isle, every light. Even that one cupcake wrapper on the ground near the door. If that door were to open, the wrapper would be long gone, released into the world to wreak havoc. 

That’s when the little bell rings and a pair of black vans step through the door. 

My eyes follow the wrapper that swiftly makes its way towards the door, but before it’s speedy escape, mystery man steps on it, making it crunch. He then picks it up, briefly catching my eyes, and makes long strides to the trash can on the other side of the room as I only slightly analyze him. 

Dark hair, black slayer tee shirt, black jeans, black shoes! This boy honestly belongs in an ink bottle. 

Is there an intro I should be saying? Hi, welcome to 7eleven? I hope everything is to your liking? Please enjoy this complimentary bottle of water? 

Of course, before I can sort through the mess that is my mind and pick an acceptable ‘hello’ the guy comes up to me with a package of gummy bears. Gummy bears? Mr dark and mysterious chooses The most colorful, cuddly, yummiest candy? Match made in heaven.

I look up and into his eyes, that’s an intense blue, and quickly look away. 

“One eighty por favor” I giggle softly at myself. Maybe I can convince him I speak Spanish. 

Of course, this lasts all of twenty seconds while he hands me the money and asks “you speak Spanish?” That’s when I have a mini panic in my head. “Um- y-yes i-i mean..um no. no yeah?no” i was never good at lying and either way, I don’t like to

“I see,” he says with an amused smile “what’s your name princess”

 I let out a short laugh “princess? Yeah no thanks, the whole running a kingdom thing? No amount of castles, magic potions or dragons will get me to become a princess, I am not going to college for business, so I will have no interest in running a kingdom” I hand him his change and place my chin on my hand “have a nice day”

with a sly smirk on his face, he takes a breath “well you, princess, are seemingly immune to my devilishly good looks and attempts at endearment” 

I raise both my eyebrows considering I can’t do the one just yet “no magic potion needed to do that” 

scoffing, he slides the gummy bears in my direction glancing around before looking straight into my eyes as if we’re doing some sort of drug deal “take the gummy bears, and let me take you home at the end of your shift” 

that’s when I laugh. “Uh oh. Someone’s in trouble” his face morphs into one of confusion “you see, this just happens to not be my shift, so it’s really never over” 

he shakes his head “wait, so whose shift is this?” I shrug “Evan” and then his face becomes Stoney

“Evan,” he says in a cold voice “your, friend?” 

I smile “I think you guys would get along, both angry, cold souls” then I giggle “actually, probably not. Evan is even more Mr stone cold. I don’t think he would like you”

“Feelings mutual” he grumbles “if this is his shift than why is he not here. Why are you here?” 

I flutter my eyes dramatically and look up as if I were about to cry “do you not want to see me? Was I not good enough? What did I ever do to deserve this?” I sniffle and am about to say something else when he cuts me off “no need to be so dramatic. I just was wondering how the idiot Evan got you to literally do his work!” 

I shrug and sigh with a sad look “I was messing up his sleep schedule coming here so late or should I say early and he was really tired so after my amazing awesome wonderful blue raspberry slushie I offered to take care of everything here while he got some rest” 

a smile graces my face, I’m happy I could help out in whatever way helps

“Wait, what’s your name?” I ask suddenly At this question he copies my pose putting his head on his hands as he leans on the counter “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours” 

I let out a half-laugh “Rowan” he seems to go into thought and I just wait patiently while he snaps out of the trance he was in. 

Who knew my name could be so powerful. 

He makes eye contact with me once more and says “Reece” 

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