When one door closes it opens another one

By @Lily2002

When one door closes it opens another one

By @Lily2002

Tom found her true love and they were happy together. Until she finds him dead on a drive way. A man apears, saying he can bring him back in exchange for her soul. Tom agreeds

Chapter 1

When one door closes it opens another one

She could not believe her eyes. She stared at the lifeless body that had once been her true love. “It’s all my fault,” she whispered. “If only i was here with you i could’v warned you and none of that would’v happended.” She continued, “I’m so sorry.” She kissed his cold forehead. Tears rolled down her cheeks and landed on Itai’s loose body. “I can help you” She heard a voice and turned arond, infront of her stood a pale man dressed in a black suit with reddish hair. “How?” She asked curiously. The man cleared his throat. “Allow me to introduce myself, Lord of the Underworld at your service,” he said condescendingly. “I can bring him back.” Tom stared at The strange man who claimed to be “Lord of the Underworld.” “how?” She asked again “I need only one thing” he explained “What?” Tom asked suspiciously, “Your soul,” he said, and smiled ominously. Tom jumped at her feet. “What do you mean?” She asked, “well, since bringing him back means i will lose a soul ineed one in exchange. Once your soul is mine you belong to me. You need to do whatever i say. You will be freed only when i say so. If you take your soul back without my prremision, he’ll die” he explained. Tom hesitated, the idea of ​​not being able to refuse any request of that odd man made her want to throw up, but she looked at her love one’s lifeless body and sighed “I agree” She said “Good,” said the man happily, tapping his fingers. Instantly, the color returned to Itai’s body. Tom felt something coming out of her and saw a small ball of light coming out of her belly and the man catching it. “Good girl Tom,” he said, and disappeared. Tom ran back to Itay “Are you okay? She yelled hysterically, “Tom? what happened? I feel like I’ve returned from the dead,” he said, and Tom smailed a smile of relief. “Something like that,” she replied. His face stared at her in confusion. But she just smiled and he smiled back.

In the days that followed, Tom and Itai spent every moment together, even more than before. Tom was so glad he came back that she had only left him for a few minutes to the bathroom. Yet the image of Itai’s lifeless body still haunted her in her dreams. In addition, Tom could not help noticing that itay seemed to be a bit distant. As if part of him had remained in the underworld, but Tom calmed herself down and thought it must be the trauma of the event. Tom did not tell itsy about what happened that night, she told him she found him there and that she gave him a CPR. She did not tell him what she had sacrificed for him. One day, a week after she sold her soul in exchange for his life, Itai sat her down on his bed. His expression was empty and sad. He sighs. “Tom, since I woke up on the road I feel like part of me died … I can not quite explain it but the part of me who died took my love for you too,” he tried to explain. Tom’s heart missed a beat. “I have to try to understand this …” He hesitated. “I can not keep pretending that everything is back to being the way it was …” He said, “Goodbye Tom,” he said, opening his door. Tom, tears rolling from her cheek on the floor, got out and started walking to her house.

When she got to her house she went straight to her room and slammed the door. Inside, she took a pillow and cried into it. She was so absset that she did not notice the pale man behind her. “Too bad, you were cute together,” said the man, and Tom turned around. “What do you want from me?” She asked in a trembling voice, “Only what you promised me,” he said, reaching out to show the ball of light that was her soul. “I have a little job I need you to do for me.” She wanted to tell him to go to hell but as long as he have her soul he controlles her. No matter what. She sighed “Okay, what do you want me to do?” She asked in a whisper, afraid from the answer. The Lord of the Underworld smiled. “You will see, take my hand,” he said, holding out his other hand, the one that did not hold Tom’s soul. Tom sighed again, held his hand and they disappeared from the room.

They landed in a gray place. It was the first thing Tom saw when she recovered from the journey. They stood in a circular room with dark gray walls. In the center was a desk with an old typewriter. In front of the table was a padded wheelchair that looked comfortable. Tom looked at the lord if the Underworld confused . “Your mission is simple,” he said, a smile spreading across his face. “Write me a story,” he said. But before Tom could ask him something, he disappeared. “a story?” She thought in confusion, “What the hell does he mean?” She sat down in the padded wheelchair and leaned toward the typewriter, abserving. Then slowly a begining of a story appeared in her mind. Without waiting too long, she started to type. While she was writing, she wrote twists and new characters, and a piece by piece she completed a story. Tom did not know that this side of creating worlds and stories was within her. The truth is, now that she’s thinking about it, most of her life she’s only thought about itay… She never stopped to think about herself. Suddenly she realized she did not know who she was. Tom stopped typing. She sighed, if only she could find it out with him. A tear rolled down her cheeks and she kept typing. At one point her stomach began to croak “um” she hesitated “lord of the Underworld? Can I have some food?” She asked the empty space, but nothing happened. A wave of horror spread through Tom’s heart. “Maybe it was the master’s real plan, maybe he really wanted to starve me in this empty room?” She thought fearfully, but then a plate of food appeared on the table. It had golden chickens, cooked rice, and steamed vegetables. The smell was great. She jumped on the food and finished it in minutes. She began to feel thirsty when she noticed that the empty plate was gone and instead was a bottle of cold water with a glass. She smiled, drank, and continued the story happily. A little over an hour later, Tom finished typing the last letter. Then she yaeled with satisfaction to the empty space “I’m done” and the man appeared in front of her, smiling. He held out his hand and Tom put the story in his hands. Their hands touched lightly and she could feel his cool skin. She blushed, though she did not quite understand why. And returned to sit in the wheelchair. The lord red the story in a time seemed to Tom like forever. Then he looked up until he found her eyes and smiled “good job Tom” he said, stisfaid “I’ll call you the next time I’ll need you, bye now” he snaped his fingers and she was in her room again. She didn’t move for a couple of seconds. And then, almost aoutomaticly she took a pan and a paper and started to write another story, with a feeling that she’s starting to know herself.

In the folowing days Tom tried new things. She still longed for Itay to be with her, so she could share with him that feeling of self discovery. But that is not possible anymore, Itay didn’t want her. Or at least the broken Itay that broke up with her. The real itay would never break her heart like that. She broke again and tears went down on her face. But for the first time in thirteen years she feels that she knows who she realy was. She was exited to try thing she never thought on them before, inspite of the empty space that itay left in her heart. For exampel she went to Cyber Camp but soon realized that she is not the type. She was still exited beacause she found out a new thing about herself. And slowly a picture of her real self became clear to her. Inspite all of that new discoverys Tom couldn’t stop thinking about the lord. And how they held hands and came to the room where she found herself for the first time. A part of her wandered if that’s what the lord wanted to happen. And another part of her wandered what will be the next task the lord will give her and was exited for it. She no longer feared from him, she didn’t know how she feeled about him…but she knew that it is not fear.

Tom cried every night in her room and fel asleep with tears streaming down to her bed. She longed more then anything that Itay will be there with her, that he’ll hug her in his thin, delicate arms. She would do anything to get back together with him. In one of the first nights she started crying her dad herd her and came to see what happened. “What happebed sweetheart?” He asked jently. She snifed, took a deep breath and talled him the same version she talled Itay, that she saved him with CPR and not by selling her soul. Her father listend and when she finished he huged her “oh sweeti, you must be heart broken. But you just need to get over him. It will get better, i promise” he said “just move on” he advised her, kissed her forehead and went back to his room. Tom tried. She tried to move on. But every time she thought she was over him, she would see him at school and her heart broke again.

No matter what she did, whether it was flirting with other children or whether it was writing stories, she could not stop thinking about Itay. How he was always there for her, whether to cheer her up when she called crying or to make her laugh without any effort, he was there. Her feelings were an unclear mixture. There were days when she was angry with Itay, there were days when she was angry with herself, there were days when she felt sorry for Itay and there were days she felt sorry for herself. But her feelings were complicated not only with Itay but with the lord itself. She did not stop wondering, who was he? How old is he? What did he want from her? Does she hate him? Or does she love him? So many questions, so many feelings. She also wrote many stories. It helped her deal with all this confusion. When she wrote she felt safe, when she wrote she knew what she what was feeling. It helped her a lot. One day, as she was writing in the new notebook her mother had bought for her, the lord appeared in her room. At first Tom did not notice, she was inside the story, but then she looked up and saw his reflection in her bedroom window. She jumped in alarm. “You have to stop startling me like that, I can have a heart attack,” she said and the lord smiled apologetically. “Sorry,” he said. I can not help it”. “Well, what do you need from me now?” She asked, half afraid of the answer, half excited. “I want to tell you a story this time, about my past,” he said, and Tom’s eyes widened in surprise, “Okay, sit down.” She was jestered with her hand to her bed and the lord sat down. The lord cleared his throat and began the story, “My family was huge, I had seven brothers and sisters and I was the youngest of them, I was a good boy, I did what I was told and never did trouble, trying to be noticed. It didn’t work, if even it made my parents to less notice me. All i realy wanted is that someone will see me. At school i barely tallked not in classes nor with peopel .I did not want to get a direct rejection from anyone, I longed to have power, that peopel will see me, to be appreciated. Every time I felt lonely I would like to imagine myself sitting on a throne in a fancy cassle located in a magical land. Where peopel will admire me. When I was about your age an old man appeared in my room and said that he had rooled the underworld for millions of years and that he had been looking for an heir for a long time, and he said that he had watched me grow up and decided that I was the most worthy of all. I imagined myself sitting on a throne in the underworld and my childhood’s dream seemed more real than ever. I agreed as soon as he had finished the explanation.The old man smiled, tapped his fingers, and I found myself at the throne room of the underworld . It took many years before I could figure out how to do this job properly. I enjoyed every moment, it was exactly what I dreamed of and more. But something was missing, there were times when I felt lonely. One night I realized that I wanted to find a partner, someone who would understand me and love me, someone who would make me a better person and someone who would rool with me. So I started watching girls and women trying to find the perfect mate for me. For a long time I could not find anyone who suited me. Then one day I ran into you. It started with following a beautiful woman who seemed perfect to me, but then I saw that she was married with children and I did not want to break up a family. I was prepering to live when I saw her child go to school. “He paused, looked at Tom, smiled, and continued,” It was you. The moment I saw you I could not look away. So happy and gentle and beautiful. I think you were about nine years old that day. I’ve been following you for four years, seeing you and Itay together. I saw you both growing up together. I saw that all of you was focesed on Itay. But I saw in you something you did not see. I have seen in you potential, the potential to be a person so much better than you were already unrealized because your life was concentrated only on Itay. I was already thinking that you might never realize your huge potential. Until one day I was run over. And I saw my chance. I wanted to tell you about your potential when I saw how broken you were. Instead, I offered you my help. I did not want you to accept it. I wanted you to refuse. But you agreed … so I decided to help you discover yourself. And from there you already know what happened” he said,” Tom was in shock. “I love you, Tom. I loved you from the first time I saw you. I understand that now” Tom did not know what to say, but it was not necessary, the lord leaned toward her and before Tom realized what was happening, he kissed her, his lips clung to hers passionately and without thinking she kissed him back. They were joined together by a mutual desire that Tom did not know was in her. Then they broke off and he disappeared.

Tom could not sleep. Her lips were still tingling from her kiss with the lord. It really did not help her mixture feelings, certainly not. She was more confused than ever. But still, she kept thinking about how he talked about how he had followed her, how he had bent over to kiss her, how he had kissed her gently as if she were the thing he cared about most and he was afraid she would break, yet passionately as though he had been waiting for this moment all his life. It also complicated even more her feelings towards Itay. She still loved him, in a sense, but she never felt with him what she felt with the Lord. Does that mean she loves the Lord? To tell the truth she is no longer sure how love feels, because what she thought was love with Itai did not come close to what she felt when the Lord kissed her. She did not understand many things now. But most of all, she did not understand why he disappeared right after the magical moment they shared. Maybe he was afraid of her reaction, or maybe he decided that in the end he did not love her … like Itay. She shook her head no, no! She could not afford to get hurt again! With this thought her eyes closed and she fell asleep. She woke up screaming until she realized that she was not in danger, she could not remember exactly what she dreamed of, but she vaguely remembered Itay and the lord saying thet dont love her and that no one ever will and they attacking her. Her parents ran to her room to chek what happened and then they went back to their room. Tom fell asleap again.

When she awoke she found the lord sitting on the floor beside her bed. On his lap was breakfast and a heart shaped chocolates box. “Good morning,” he said when he saw that she had woken up. She smiled at him, every doubt she had wiped away, he loves her. “Good morning.” She answered and sat down, “What do we have here?” she asked. The lord smiled and handed her the plate and the chocolate. Tom finished breakfast and put the chocolates on her desk. “Why did you disappear right after we kissed?” she asked. “I was afraid of your reaction,” he explained. “But I decided to come and ask you.” He said, “Ask what?” She asked suspiciously. The lord smiled and knelt. He took out a small velvet box. “Tom, will you make me the most lucky man in the world and marry me?” He asked as he opened the box, revealing a small diamond ring. Tom hesitated. “I just dont want to get hurt again,” she whispered. “As long as I live I’ll never do anything to hurt you,” the Lord promised. “Okay, yes,” she agreed. “I only have one question, what’s your name?” He laughed and for a moment the world was perfect.

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