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When Fire Met Fate

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

Zelena huffed. Was I dreaming? I don’t see him anywhere. She grabbed her belongings. “Now, where am I going to live?” she wondered.

Arthur ran fast. The red moon would be arriving any minute. He needed to get home ASAP. “Please let me get home before I regret what I did in the morning,” he pleaded.

Zelena couldn’t believe her options. A shelter or the streets? “Shelter it is,” she walked. She walked and it was in vain. Packed. “Oh, I can’t go home,” she sat on the steps. “Miss?” she heard. “I’m Katherine, and I see you’re down on your luck,” she sat. “I am,” Zelena admitted. What a conscience, I happen to have an empty room,” Katherine explained. “Why are you helping me?” Zelena asked. “Well, I was on this step a year ago,” Katherine spoke. “Where are you from?” Katherine asked. “NY,” Zelena said. “Are you coming?” Katherine asked. “Sure,” Zelena said. God, I probably just signed a contract for my death!

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