Whats Your Story?

By @tonjaluna
Whats Your Story?

Shining your light on little minds with rhetorical strategies added.

Chapter 1

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To many of us impacts in our life shape who we were, who we are today, and who we will be in our near futures. For me I get to leave an impact in a small heart and help shape a future for a bright mind. My 10 year old brother was living a life and experiencing situations no child should ever have to be put though, having a mom as a drug addict and a dad as an alcoholic, being locked in a shed for days at a time. Five long years after he was brought into this crazy world we decided the best choice for him to have opportunity in life was for us to take him over. My family and I have raised and taught him the values that he didn’t have knowledge of, we taught him what is was it is like to have a childhood and be a kid, not be influenced by the irresponsible “adults” around him. I love him with my whole heart and as he grows I can’t wait to show him what opportunities he does have in life. We all judge people based off of things we don’t even know about imagine how this child feels. “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” From this life experience I have learned to pay more attention to the people who are put in the shadows and give them equal opportunity to shine, although sometimes you might have to provide the light.

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