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Caused by a Car

By @ColorfulAlpaca

"I can't... I just can't."

I’ve been awake for a week now, and I’m still in the hospital. My family visits me. Especially Jake.

There was a knock on the door and the nurse entered the room. “Hey Ava,” she said. “Is my brother coming today?” She smiled sympathetically at me. “I’m afraid not. Your brother started school yesterday.” I sat up. “But-” She sighed. “They didn’t mention they would come today, I’m sorry.” I looked away. “But they HAVE to come!” I said lookingupat her from my position on the bed. The nurse sighed again. “I’m sorry, Ava, but they’re busy today.” She said as she shut the door.

A few hours later, the door opened slowly, and a boy appeared in the doorway. “Ava?” I sat up a little. “Hi. Who are yo-” The boy’s smile disappeared. “You remember me? Right? Please, please say you remember me Ava. We’ve been best friends for fifteen years! Not including the last four.” I felt my face heat up. “Corbin.” I said. He nodded and sat down on the chair by my bed. “You’re okay, right? Do you know when you’re coming home?” He asked. I nodded. “I’m okay… But I have no idea when I’m coming home.” Corbin looked down. “Do you remember anything? About our friendship?” He asked lifting his head. I hesitated. “No,” I admitted finally. Corbin looked away, trying to hide the salty water droplets falling down his face. “It’s okay!” I said lifting myself off the bed and walking around the chair. “Corbin, we’re still best friends!” He looked up at me. “With history,” He said. “But you don’t remember anything from the past fifteen years!” He stood up. “How can I be best friends with someone who doesn’t remember our friendship?” I stared at him. Neither of us said anything. “Corbin,” I began, breaking the silence. “I do! I remember we had a friendship before… and we can have a friendship again.” He shook his head. “It’ll hurt too much.” He said turning his head. “What will?” I asked stepping sideways so he was facing me again. “Knowing there’s so much you’ll never remember. There is nothing I ever want to forget about our friendship. But you forgot it all. In one sitting.” I felt a feeling I didn’t recognize. One I knew I never had had around him in the past. Anger. “I didn’t MEAN to! Corbin, it wasn’t my fault I went into a coma!” He sighed shakily. “I know.” He whispered eventually. He wiped the tears off his face and started walking towards the door. “I’ll see you later.” He said, sniffing. “Stay, Corbin. Please.” He turned around. “How? How can I stay in a tiny hospital room with someone who barely remembers me?” I opened my mouth to respond, but he beat me to it. “I can’t, Ava. I really can’t.” I sat up and tried to grab his arm. “Corbin! Of course I wish I remember things about our friendship, but…” I paused. “But what I do remember is that you are my favorite person, and that you are my best friend. And that-” He grabbed my hand, his eyes glossy. “Stop. Ava, I know you remember our friendship, but you don’t remember..” he sighed. “You,” I finished. He nodded. “But.. I could,” Corbin shook his head. “No.”

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