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Caused by a Car

By @ColorfulAlpaca

Tell me

“I’ll leave. Forever, stop bothering you. Because apparently you’ve changed, and you won’t let me live with that,” I say. Corbin looks down. “But first,” I continue opening his door. “What did you say? Tell me, be honest. What did you say?” I can see it in his eyes, the softening, the fear. The realization. “I said,” He replies, frowning. “I said get out. Get. Out.” The firmness in his voice is enough to startle me, but not enough. “No.”

“This is my house. Please get out.” I look away, my eyes filling with tears. “Fine. But answer me. What did you say!? Tell me… or I’m staying.” Corbin shakes his head. “I’d rather get hit by a ca-” he stops quickly, realizing the words coming out of his mouth. “Just tell me.” Corbin opens the door farther. “What if I don’t want you to know, Ava?”

“But you do,” I say. Corbin nods. I can see fear in his eyes, but I don’t know from what. “I do.”

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