What the Heart Wants

By @AshleyMalecha1

What the Heart Wants

By @AshleyMalecha1

Poems from a 16 year girl

Chapter 1

Peacock Admiration

Young and so mysterious, hiding her beauty as she hangs her head and doesn’t show off one single color, who is she they wonder.

What are the point of showing off her vibrancy and all the talk of true color.

She feels nothing but lonely, vibrant isn’t what she feels either does her true colors fit her personality, she wanted to wear all black, but that’s not what she got.

Her mother always telling her to spread out her colors, so others can

vision what beauty she hides. Her father wishing she was like the rest, poking at her to be glorified and noble, how can she be glorified when she can’t feel any glory or a nobility where she’s high in society.

She blushes as a noble self-confident boy passes by his true colors bright blue and green, he smiles at her as he walks with pride, she smiles back and turns away. A bunch of girls go flocking towards him, each pushing each other side just to claim their fame with him. Another boy overly confident in his looks walks proudly towards her, she sees no good in him even if the colors he shows off is quite jaw dropping. The first boy runs towards the other, and starts a fight over her, oh dear what have I started she thinks.

When the second boy races off to get the other girls attention, she fanned her colors out, the blues, browns and greens bright and vibrant, awakening the eyes of others around her. She blushes again as the boy stares at her, he got more than he expected.

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