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What started with a bet will end in death

By @rosana.valu

Before: Planning the weekend before Halloween

‘Wake up, sleepyhead!

‘Not yet, sexy voice, leave me ten more minutes, please with sugar on top.’

As usual I was not ready for the morning, and it doesn’t seem to matter to my boyfriend, because he thinks it’s a great idea to wake me up with tickles, 

given that only his sexy voice didn’t have the desired effect.

‘It’s not fair, Ha ha ha, stop being crazy’

‘Please, we’ll be late if you don’t get up now’

 I get up and look at Link, and say:’ You know what I think about morning people.’ His **** dimple makes an appearance.

‘I know’

Some people know that they look good and use this to their advantage. I shake my head and say: ‘Fine, you win.’ using my grumpy voice. 

You won’t believe his reply. He says: ‘Thanks baby!’

I wonder if he will thank me when I kill him in a fit of fatigue and allergy to mornings. He turns as he puts on his jeans and asks:

‘What is so funny? ‘a reasonable question considering the smile on my face.


One hour later …

The caffe is almost empty, only a few fanatics ventured early in the morning for a dose of caffeine. Unfortunately, I know everyone and they are usually my friends.

‘So’ says Becca. ‘Any ideas?’ 

Lily answers from the corner with her mouth full :’We usually rely on you to come up with ideas Bek.’ 

Milles can’t help but continue with :

‘And when we don’t like your ideas, we wait until Scarlet wakes up and comes up with a better one’

Becca shows him her middle finger and says: ‘You’re a pig, I’m not surprised you never have an idea’ 

Milles being Milles:

‘I have ideas but you always reject them because of ************.’ Everyone laughs, Milles is the clown of the group. Becca wants to be the boss, she dreams about it.

Lily is the party girl. I deal in creativity, what to do, what to listen to, what movie to watch.

I don’t decide what, I’m not a dictator, but they trust my tastes, I rarely fail when I choose what new movie to watch at the cinema.

Link is the good boy, the best friend, the one that listens to your problems, gives great advice, and is extremely attractive with a sexy angel voice.

Then there is James or Jem ,who is currently missing or late, Jem is the brain, the class leader, the genius, the only flaw is that he loves to be late.

 So we can’t know if something really happened or he is late just for the sake of being late.

I used to have a crush on Jem, before Link and I became a couple, there was something mysterious about Jem, and the fact that he was smarter than the rest that was attractive.

But Link won my heart in the end.

Although I’m curious to know where James is, I refrain from asking. Link saves me from that. ‘Where’s James? Does anyone know?’ he says.

Link and James are friends from kindergarten and before he officially became my boyfriend, they were inseparable ,I suspect Jem doesn’t like the fact that they’re not alone anymore, no girl has lasted more than a week as Jem’s girlfriend, and when a few months had passed since we were together and the matter was becoming serious their friendship began to cool .Sometimes I feel guilty, but I often blame Jem for being an idiot.

Nobody knows where James is, Lily is trying to call him but of course he doesn’t answer. We changed the subject and in five minutes Lily’s phone received a text message, probably from James. ‘Hey, Jem texted :”Sorry I am late, be there in 10’. ‘

‘Typical’ says Milles.

‘Write back and say we already left’

‘She’s alive’ Milles comment.

‘I haven’t finished my coffee yet, jokes are still not appreciated.’

 ‘I understand.’ says Milles laughing.

‘If you still came back to the land of the living, maybe you can help us with a brilliant idea for the weekend’ ladies and gentlemen, this is Becca upset and in captivity.

‘Don’t start B.’

After another hour of quarrels, bad jokes, another coffee and the appearance of the missing member, we decided mostly where we were going on the weekend.

If I knew that’s how my end began, I would have stayed home reading a book.

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