What my mind says

By @Missdepression
What my mind says

Just my own non interesting poems

Chapter 2

Note #2

I loved you more than anyone else

Yet you wasted a chance and never came back

I missed you,what about you?did you even feel anything for me?

Yeah.you didn’t ask me if you will court me,you asked me if i we can be together.

I said yes.but i was wrong.you just said that because you missed having someone to love you

I hated myself for saying yes but I’m grateful that i became a part of your life.

You also became a part of my life,that made my life more miserable.

But however…you still let my heart beat—beat until it runs out of love

But now you broke my heart.now it was hard as a rock.

Knowing that actions are much proving than words.you just used words.

Your actions not showing,

my tears were falling.

The time was ticking,

And i was crying.

You froze my heart by your words. Me,myself,knew it from other people until i knew it from you.

I thought,”impossible.he loved me.” Well…it was loved. Loved is past and so are you.

You’re part of my past,

until when we last?

Will you show me that you love me?

Or I’ll show you how much I’ll hate you for all the sweet things you said more than actions?

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