What is Love?

By @DHudg

What is Love?

By @DHudg

Just my attempt to ask the right questions and find the answers.

Chapter 1

What is love?

Is it the smile of the girl next to you,

Whose beauty is above

All of nature, and who is compassionate, too?

What is love?

Is it the warm embrace of her arms

Which make you free of worries and regrets

As you wish to protect her from all which harms?

What is love?

Is it the tears you share

As she breaks down in front of you

As you hold her and gently brush away her hair?

What is love?

Is it the taste of her kiss

That is so sweet as you look into her eyes full of

Sincerity and find yourself in bliss?

What is love?

Is it when in each other’s company you bask 

And being together feels as natural as a dove

Soaring through the air, and you never again ask

“What is love?”

Or is it when you break down with her in your arms,

Looking into those eyes, a fleeting breath signaling

The end of your reasons for ever again asking

“What is love?”

The struggle to move on and forget your sorrow,

Knowing deep down that you will never forget

Those Cerulean, pondering eyes that wondered

“What is love?”

The memories of your beloved companion

That never fail to break your character,

Whether alone or with family and friends.

What is love?

Love is cherishing these very moments

which are comforting like the setting sun,

knowing that they should never be taken for granted.

That is love.

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