What is it with you humans?

By @Al1996
What is it with you humans?

Leo is a demon and he works for an organization that uses demons and other creatures to deal with those who don't follow the rules.

Chapter 1

It takes a monster to kill a monster.

Leo sat on the edge of the roof staring out into the desert of Reno, Nevada. He was half drunk and bruised on his arms and legs. He was used to being hit. It was part of the job. He’d heal in a moment but for now he’d just stare at the sand and the dried up plants. He didn’t speak or make any noise. He was thinking about what what his boss had said that morning during the staff meeting “It takes a monster to kill a monster” this had struck a cord with Leo since well he was a monster. More specifically he was one of the seven deadly sins but he didn’t let that define who he was. He didn’t like being called a monster much less wrath. Yes boys and girls Leo is the sin of Wrath.

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