What is Emergency Dentistry and is it Provided at Holdsworth House?

By @holdsworthhouse

What is Emergency Dentistry and is it Provided at Holdsworth House?

By @holdsworthhouse

Get a complete examination and x-ray done at our dentist clinic at Holdsworthhouse. We are a team of trained dentist with many years of experience under our kitty. We carry out basic treatments like dental cleaning to extensive ones like implant and fillings. We also carry out extraction, whitening, composite veneer, etc. We maintain proper hygiene standards at our clinic. To know more- https://holdsworthhousedental.com.au/

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For some people, their teeth can be an extremely sensitive thing to deal with. Toothache doesn’t come with a warning, and it doesn’t come in a single day. Severe toothache only comes from severe tooth-decay that has been going on for a really long time without the patient’s notice. Therefore, a severe toothache can come suddenly and can disrupt a persons’ life right then and there. Emergency dentistry exists to help patients deal with severe toothache and sudden discomfort in their teeth without any judgement. As the entire case is an emergency, the title fits perfectly. At Holdsworth House, several branches of emergency dentistry are offered to the patients, including pain management, Temporary and fast relief from the pain and discomfort, teeth removal, and even root canal. They provide gentle and invasive dental care for all of their patients without any kind of judgment.

Why should anyone go for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Tooth decay is a gradual process. Just as cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance someone’s outer appeal, cosmetic dentistry is done to change the appeal of one’s teeth from the outside. Regular drinking of sodas and aerated drinks as well as coffee can create a lot of yellow taint or plaque on one’s teeth. This can make our teeth look yellowish when we smile and isn’t very appealing either. Cosmetic dentistry deals with teeth whitening amongst various other procedures. It also deals with the reshaping of teeth without the use of braces, like the Invisalign process. Other than that, at Holdsworth House, as they have the best dentist Surry Hills, they also provide other services like Dental Bonding, Porcelain Veneers, and Dental Crowns.

What are Dental Crowns and Implants?

Dental crowns are a way to deal with decaying old fillings in one’s teeth. Sometimes, old teeth have large and fast deteriorating fillings, and dental crowns are a great way to solve that problem.

Teeth Implants on the other hand deals with creating fake teeth to a position in one’s mouth. Sometimes, people lose their real teeth, and dental implants can give them their natural-looking results. The best dentists make this possible.

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