What Came First?

By @danielliemandi

What Came First?

By @danielliemandi

What happens when you die?

Chapter 1

I don’t remember dying. As a child, I would try to remember the exact moment I fell asleep, but never succeeded. Dying was like that. It was like falling asleep, but I don’t remember exactly the moment it happened.

I wasn’t terribly perturbed by the matter. After all, I was dead. What else could anyone do to me?

I opened my eyes to see…nothing really. I seemed to be at the edge of the universe, stars above and behind me, but nothing in front of me. All that lay before me was an ocean of blankness.

I heard someone walk up next to me. I turned my head to see an elderly black woman in a purple robe, shuffling with the help of a cane. I turned back to look at the ocean in front of me. We stood in silence for several minutes, or maybe they were hours? Time felt different.

“You don’t ask a lot of questions, dearie.” She finally offered. Her voice gravelley and deep, but beautiful all the same.

“I suppose I just don’t have many questions.” I replied.

She chuckled and sat down. On what, I don’t know, but she was sitting. I joined her.

“What came first, the chicken, or the egg?” She asked. The question took me by surprise.

“Uhm, I suppose the egg. That’s what I’ve always thought.” I answered.

She laughed a hearty laugh this time. It made me nostalgic for something I didn’t realize I was missing.

“So many choose the chicken, but you’re right. It was the egg. I created the egg first.”

“Does that mean you’re God?” I asked.

“Well, in a way. Yes.” She replied. “Ah…the egg.”

“What does the egg have to do with this?”

“You see, it all started with an egg. All of creation was hatched through an egg. And then came the chicken. Do you want to guess who the chicken is?”

“Mankind.” I answered.

“You’re a smart one, dearie.” She laughed again.

“Where do I go from here?” I asked her. She seemed to know the answer to that question.

“Out there.” She motioned to the ocean that lay before us. “See, you do have some questions.”

I grinned. I liked her. I stood up to walk away from the shore and into the blankness to find my next adventure.

“Wait! I have something to give you.” The old lady replied.

I turned around and helped her stand up. From her robe she pulled out a plain white egg, and handed it to me.

“Go.” She said. “Give it time to hatch, nurture it. Take care of your chicken. I hope to see you again soon.” And away she shuffled.

I looked down at all of creation that I held in my hand. And off on my new adventure I went.

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