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Werewolves of the North Plain——Micronovel Series

By @Poko


“Then I’ll add some honey in it for you,if you want?”Shierta take up the towel,and just cleans the embarrasing condition.But to her surprise,he pulls out his paw suddenly and grasps her hand.

 “What’s the matter…”

 He doesn’t spoke anyway,while his sight that was focused looks on other things again,and unfettered her hand sorrowfully.

 The soup with honey isn’t so bitter anyway.Shierta tasted a bit and back to the werewolf satisfied.The werewolf is looking at the Badge of Wolf of North Plain in his paw curiously.

 “Don’t put your paw on Elein’s Badge…”Shierta gets back that Badge,which means a lot to everyone of the North Plain.Each time she misses Elein,she puts it out from her jewel case carefully.She looks on this Wolf Head Badge ,just like it can all her thoughts to Elein.Sheita put it out when she was boiling the soup,but it’s too late to get it back.

 She sees Elein from this hurted guy.

 He is murmuring,looking at the angry face of Sheita suffering a setback.He pulled out his paw again,seems to touch Shierta’s shoulder,but he just put it in the air in hesitation.Finally,he pulled back his paw under the watching of Shierta.

 He neither tell to her that the soup is bitter,nor sweet.

 “You sleep here tonight,in case to take good care of you.”She put the bowl on the table beside the table,and make up a pillow and says,“Sleep and call me when nessasary.I will reading book there.”

 He answers with blurred sounds,but he doesn’t want to lay down any more.

 “It’s good for a people with fever like you to have a rest!Don’t worry,don’t be so down. You be as healthy as you can after a good sleep with medicine!Let alone you are one of the werewolves,it doesn’t matter.”

“It does matter…”This is the first time that he complains so long time.

“I thought you won’t take it serious!You din’t even say a word when I was cleaning your wound this morning.Now you are stepping to recovery,and you say,it does matter!”She smiles,and puts her hand on his hot ear(She knows his trick——he is searching for comfort.).

“It REALLY matters…”

“Fine,got it,got it.”says Shierda,“I’ll take care of you till you are totally good.I’m a bachelor of medicine,and you are my patient.So it’s my duty to take care of you.”



 ——————Second line————————

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