Werewolves of the North Plain——Micronovel Series

By @Poko
Werewolves of the North Plain——Micronovel Series

This is a series of stories that happend among those werewolves! Just enjoy it! (I'm a Chinese so there must be many grammar mistake in this article,please forgive me.) Originally from Chinese writer:Rainwolf.All rights reserved.

Chapter 1


His wound is becoming worse and worse.

He is a werewolf.

He has been weaken and sleepy,high temperatured.When we put our hand on his forehead,it’s just like being burned by a heating stove——it’s just like that there is lava in his vessel ,not blood.

 “Keep waken,and the medicine will be ready right away.”Here comes Shierta with a cold towel,and she put it on the forehead of the werewolf,“You will be all right under my treat.”

 He doesn’t reply,just moaning and groaning on the bed uneasily.The wound on his waist is becoming putrid with a terrible smell.Although the wound has stoped bleeding, there isn’t any evidence showing that it’s going well.It seemed that the wound would burst with blood at any time as the werewolf breathe.There’s no way to twine this guy’ wound with bandages simply because he is so stubborn so Shierta can only apply medical ointment,and clean his wound by another towel time to time.

 An astringent smell spreads all over the infirmary.That’s Shierta’s strong soup,as dark as the color of a feather from a crow.She is sitting beside the bed,putting her hand under the head of the werewolf.“Sit and have a drink of it,please.”She expressed that in a soft voice.

 The werewolf breathes heavily,and his bloody eyes open——Shierta has seen many of that kind of sight,that is a sight which gives up all hope under the pressure of death,or is thrown away by everyone.All in all,stars never shines in the dark sky for all hope pulverized.

 “Don’t be afraid…”

 Even Shierta herself doesn’t know why she said that.Does the sense of fear really exist in the werewolf’s blood?Clearly,he is much more powerful than her.He must be brave and never run away facing his enemies——He is borned powerhouse.

 He sit up slowly with the help of Shierta,a benefactor who has spent the whole day taking care of him. He looks on her out of sorts,without a smile on his face(In fact,he can’t have a smile,or any other expression——too tired).

 “I’ll feed you this time,OK?Don’t be too shy!”She smiles,and she fills a spoon with the medical soup,carefully put it into the wolf mouth.

 “Err,it’s very bitter…”He is just like a child who hate to take medicine,refusing to drink it,and put his sight on his wound that suffers him a fierce pain.His mouth has a stitch under this pain.He drools slaver which reflects the flare,and hangs on his dark lipline.


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