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Weather Under Being

By @Grallingbo

The aircraft flew through the sky with care and grace, cutting through tufts of the almost-pillowy clouds as it went by. The sun cast its rays upon the aircraft, peeking through the windows to warm the backs of the soldiers that sat in front of them. There were words being passed around among the men, carrying the same warm aura that the sunlight did; warm, welcoming. Pleasant. It was a feeling that the men were glad to have back into their tough lives.

Today was a great pick for a flight; the weather forecaster told of a slight breeze followed by a nearly-cloudless sky. No signs of rain or snow, just light pouring out through the cracks of the sky. The bright and happy weather had positively affected the moods of the soldiers as well. It was a good sign, for the team morale had been at its lowest after the unfortunate events of last week. Though the commander was able to bring them back from the blow, there was still an uncomfortable air of tension that haunted the team ever since.

It was different today, luckily.

Now the men are being brought back to the facility to proceed further duty there. It was an ideal outcome, the fact that the men’s attitude had changed on the day of the flight back. All thanks to the weather and a pre-flight pep talk from the commander–but primarily the weather.

In fact, the commander had been in deep thought about this throughout the entirety of the flight. While his men were talking and sharing some laughs, the commander had been in his own pool of thoughts, not bothering to bat an eye to any of his soldiers. It didn’t seem like any of them came to notice, though, for one of them spoke up about it.

“Hey, Commander Branch!” called out the voice of one of his men.

Commander Edmond Branch turned his head, eyes widening as he realized he was still in the aircraft with his men. “Ah, yes?” he responded, voice timid compared to his usual tone.

“You haven’t spoken since your trumpet call this morning.”

The man speaking to him was Major Bennett Coxcomb, the soldier who would take up Edmond’s position when he was unavailable. Bennett had a cocked eyebrow and a skeptical grin on his face; an intimidating duo to see worn by the Major. Bennett has had a tendency to frequently worry over Edmond’s well-being due to an event that happened long ago. He’d make that expression whenever he thought Edmond was feeling below par.

But there was still plenty for Bennett to find out, after all.

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