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We Are The Snowflakes

By @MeaningfulMee

We Are The Snowflakes

We are the Snowflakes.

We are the snowflakes, 

We are the generation that are snowflakes,

But they forgot that snowflakes come from snowstorm. 

“Watch your langue!”

I’ll watch my langue when you watch the actions of the men on the corner. 

Thank you very much.

We are the star sign obsessed, kale diet lovers,

But at least we don’t have mother and baby homes.

We are called nieve when we don’t know how to use a paper map.

Yet my mam has to get me to tell her how to skype, 

Skypes dead mom.

We are the generation of privilege,

“We had to live through a war.”

Well at least we didn’t course one.

Yes, education is a gift but religion class is outdated. 

We have minds now didn’t you know. 

We are curious is there more than one religion or are you catholic or the devil.

We are told to be quiet when we are loud and to speak up when we are silent

We are told to put on some clothes, 

But statements like that keep the rapists out of jail.

We are told that sex is a sin.

But if we’re going by the sex education I have received,

Can someone please tell me if I have a ***** or a ve…

Oops forgot that the male piece can be a name, 

Well, ****.

But the female part is unspoken,

Just like what it does.

Someone take that girl to a hospital, 

No one told her ‘bout tss.

We are the self-diagnosed,

But maybe we won’t have to if our health care was free.

Free and careless.

Just like the stoners on the street.

Turn your nose up at them,

But please.

You are no better than them if you were given twelve years to live you’d be there too.

We grow up too fast. 

When we start to smoke joints at the back of night clubs.

But yet we grow up to slow, 

When we choke in exams. 

Girls being shouted at for getting under 70.

Maybe she’d have more time to study if she didn’t spend yesterday in A&E,

Nobody told her ‘bout the consequences of bulimia. 

Eating disorder culture is a thing. 

But eating disorders are an illness, 

Not another word for attention seeker.

Maybe if moms were less obsessed with the crisis of obesity.

Maybe then the hidden crisis of E.D would shrink.

Not go away, cos we are not depended on compliments.

Commitments, we are not all afraid of them,

We just want to find love before getting unhappily married cos someone got knocked up.

“The good old days”

You mean the days were love was illegal and abuse was expected.  

We might be the first generation to have a shorter life then are parents, 

But I wasn’t the one who left kids with taytos in the back of a pub. 

We are the snowflakes, 

One second we are facing overpopulation.

The next you want grandkids.   

“It is just a phase.”

Oh yeah, cos my mates asked what you thought of their pride flag.

No thought not.

Shut up.

“Girls are getting too violent”

I’m sorry aren’t you the dad that takes his son to the boxing ring.

Well, teach him not to touch and then the girls won’t have to know it.

Some of us have pepper spray in our bags, 

Others know exactly where to stamp our heels, 

But only do that if absolutely necessary.

Cos you are more likely to get locked up for self-defence,

Then what you are defending yourself from.

And no I am not asking for it,

When I wear shorts. 

I am going to a rugby match.

“The internet is the course of all evil.”

Oh sorry forgot that on Cloubuses Santa Maria there was a hotspot.

Oh, you thought Columbus was decent. 

Yeah, they left the genocides and rapes out of our history books. 

Don’t believe me look it up.

Oh, wait.

You don’t know how to use google. 

“Big boys don’t cry.”

Yeah, that’s what they say before they finish their seven Guinness,

And go home to beat up their wife. 

“Back in my way we ate what was put on our plate.”

Yeah sorry for not wanting to eat a living creature. 

“Give respect, get respect.”

Well, maybe, just maybe that applies to you too. 

“Me too.”

“Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon.”

Or maybe there is a sexual assault epidemic.

“What if she changes her mind later on.”

Firstly it’s he and the tests say otherwise. 

We always look for problems, not solutions.

But hears an idea,

Maybe the problems are easier to find and we have to get eight-hour sleep, after ten hours studying, one-hour exercising and ten hours every time we go to A&E. 

So I’m no mathematician but, maybe I don’t have the time.

Or maybe we’re not willing to bury our heads in the sand,

Unlike some people. 








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