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We all want it

By @Blackrose


It’s silent, yet there is happiness. What is happiness to all of us? Is it smiling when someone yells “Say cheese!” Or is it making twenty-six bones help you grin because everyone else it happy so why not you? Is it that we have a mass hysteria? That because everyone else’s is happy we are going to be overjoyed with such feeling that, really you don’t feel, but do desire? 

A mob mentality.

It’s hectic, yet there is happiness. I see happiness around me, I am a happy child, but when I look around. Is it a lie that people put on their faces? So that people don’t ask them that recurring question that has people irritated and chewing, gnawing at their inner gums to keep them from saying “What do you think?” For it was just a question to start a conversation or to know the truth.


 Nowadays it is just a word that is there but does not exist, It was soon to be carbon monoxide, you can never detect it anymore; a post truth politics. Nonsense. When inflicted with the sense of true happiness people can give an example but can never say “ Well in my experience’ or ‘I think..” So do we really know what true happiness is? has the world changed our smile?

It’s loud, yet there is happiness. Is being loud associated with happiness? Usually when we hear people laugh we can smile at this because it means people are happy. This is the best feeling in the world! Being able to express yourself with a scream!, a cry!, a roar of laughter, but what are we really laughing about? Do we understand the joke? Or is it because someone else laughed and we don’t want to look clueless we put on that business laugh and then slowly fade away and start a new topic.

Are we really happy? In this world are we really satisfied, if we really sat and thought about ourselves.. Nothing else. Just me, myself and I. This is the one time we can be selfish and not feel anyway. If you really thought about yourself. Are you truly happy or are you just following the first person to smile?

A smile; ‘Let a smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile’

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