Way to go James

By @ElaineIsReadyToWrite

Way to go James

By @ElaineIsReadyToWrite

Way to go, James, is about the twin of a cancer patient and is in high school. James is also the football quater back, and the two boys used to grow up playing football together. The book detacted to any, and all deceased or living cancer patients, and their familys, and friends. This work is a piece of fiction. Any names, places, people, or events are not tied to real life

Chapter 1

Keep Strong Matt

My life is like a rainbow before a hurricane, almost impossible. My names is James Cooper. I am seventeen years old. My mom is named Casey Cooper, and my dad’s name is Ross Cooper. I also have a younger twin, by three minutes, named Matt. Matt used to play supports with me, and was a wild child. But Matt’s life came to a sudden halt when we found out he had serve lung cancer. He says when he found out he wanted to be a butterfly, and just fly away. But he couldn’t, we had to face this. It was in both his lungs so we couldn’t replace his lungs. He was diagnosed about three months ago, and is getting sicker. Mom never left my brothers side once she found out.

One of my favorite memories as a child with Matt was when we used to play together in the backyard. I went into high school football a few months before Matt fell ill. I played my best for him every practice, and game knowing that this was Matt’s dream too.

The doctors say we are lucky Matt got a check up when he did as if he didn’t get help he would of died. It annoys me to no end how they always say they are trying there best, and how they know what’s best for MY brother. They also stopped my mother’s life. She quit her job, and hobbies just to sit in some plain white hospital room. She even stopped going to my games. But don’t get me wrong, I love Matt. I just wish my parents would pay attention to me. I am jealous. It’s not my parent’s or Matt’s fault though.

I have learned to become more independent so I suppose that it is not all bad news. It’s just a lot of responsibility. Housework, Homework, football, my social life, myself, my job, my grades. My grades were never my parent’s center of attention since Matt got cancer unlike other parents but I tried to keep good ones anyways.

“He has a 7% chance of living through the chemo.”

The doctor said that about two weeks ago, and my dad has started to plan the funeral. Matt isn’t worried though but is trying to be reflective, and help my mom through her sadness. she hasn’t been much help planning as she cries every time she tries. Matt, and I used to be identical twins before he started chemo, and I’m a bit more muscular because I still play football.

I came home from school, and did my homework before waiting for dad to come home, and drive to the hospital to see Matt since I had the day off. I’ve been visiting Matt as often as I could because I knew if I didn’t he could be gone in days. My brother’s room is 327 on the third floor across from 328 which had a pink door, and some flowers by the window stile.

A seven year old was taking Chemo with her dad in the room. Her dad looked sober as he held the little girls hand tightly. She is a brave little girl. Battling cancer at such a young age must be hard, not that fighting cancer in general isn’t hard. She has been there ever since my brother moved into his hospital room. I’ve never seen the girl’s mother either. I haven’t seen her grandparents either.

I go into my brother’s room while our parents talk outside in the hallway. I always tell him jokes, “I’ve been reading this book about anti-gravity, It’s impossible to put down.” And he would always laugh no matter how bad the jokes were. I liked to see my brother smile. Though, I hate to admit it but, his laugh made me sad. It was getting weaker every day but I’d tell the jokes hoping it made him feel better.

“I have a big game tonight. If the team wins we win champion ships.” I tell him after a few more jokes, and our parents come back in.

“I’ll make sure to watch tonight,” He said with a faint smile, “I promise.” That’s when his doctor walks in, and tells us he doesn’t have much longer to live

Matt’s Point of View

James sighs, and gets up from my bed side. I can tell he is made but determined to win the gold for me. I watched him that night as he scored the winning touchdown. He smiled so wide. The widest, and happiest I’ve seen in a while. He points to the camera, and I know it’s for me. Way to go James. Way to go. I thought as I closed my eyes


Years later James wrote a book about his life, and his brother, and all the profits went to find a cure for cancer. He also became one of the best NFL quarterback, and went into the hall of fame at the age of 39, the second youngest person to enter the football hall of fame. He got married at 34 to a beautiful young lady named Holly Linda Marshall. He had two kids. they were both girls named Luna Taylor Cooper, and Brokenly Grace Cooper. Luna is older by two years.James never forgot about Matt, and spread his story through interviews, and his book

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