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War of Hearts

By @DevoidofColor


This is my first werewolf story, please let me know what you think.

“This is Prince Theodore, Princess Rosella, and Theodore, this is Princess Rosella Hannele Astra of the Kingdom of Asteria.” Queen Morrigan was formally introducing them. Most of Rosella’s face was covered by hair. She was a tad embarrassed to be introduced to the Prince of such a prestigious Kingdom in her clad dress she had worn. She assumed he probably thought she was nothing more than a mere beggar one would pick up off the streets.

“I already know who she is. Our families have been acquainted for quite some time now, 

. I don’t need a formal introduction.” The way he spoke to his mother, made Rose peer out from behind her hair to see his stern brown eyes glaring to the Queen.

“Well the kingdom will need a formal introduction and we need you to be there, by her side, so we can introduce her as your wife.” His mother spoke as her eyes narrowed on Theodore.

“I don’t want to have a formal announcement of our marriage. It’s purely political, I’m tired of everyone fawning all over her. It’s not like I’ll ever love her or choose her to be my mate. Now if you excuse me, I have a day planned with Luciana.” His words cut deep as he walked away, and Prince Theodore was right and Rosella knew that. The young Princess was sentenced here for the savior of her own country, not his. She knew she was probably just a hindrance to him. 

“Theodore!” The Queen yelled, sighing as she had to leave the Princesses side to chase after her son. 

Rose’s hands fell to her sides as she ambled her way over to the balcony, pondering on how her life would be different if her Kingdom wasn’t poor. Would she be able to live more freely and not in fear of war? Her fingers trailed along the golden railing that ornate designs carved into it. The entire thing must have cost a fortune. Rosella’s fingertips sit on the railing as her long brown hair falls out of her face, exposing her wide doed bright blue colored eyes and as she’s minding her own business. A pair of golden brown eyes gazing up to her. It was a young male, he looked similar to Prince Theodore, but younger. Was he his younger brother? He was smiling up to her and waving. Rose couldn’t help but wonder.

“My mother said you’re the new Princess, she also said to forgive her. She had to go deal with my brother. I’ll be showing you to your chambers.” He yelled up to her, surely all the servants far and wide could hear what he just yelled to the Princess. 

Not even seconds later, the boy that had hardly even introduced himself to Rose had managed to run all the way up within minutes and reach to where she was currently standing. He didn’t even seem out of breath. “I’m Prince Matthias, it’s a pleasure to meet you, your Highness.” He grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. Rose’s fingers were pale and dainty in his masculine hands that honestly were kind of rough. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, please, don’t call me your Highness. Call me Rose.” She smiled warmly to Prince Matthias as he raised his head. His shaggy platinum blonde hair was probably the only difference between him and Prince Theodore. He was spitting images of his brother, from his chiseled ****** structure to his almond shaped eyes and even his lips. 

Matthias smiled back to Rose. “Well then, Rose. Follow me.” He extended an arm for Rose to link with as he escorted her to what would be her chambers. After the event of the evening she would be wed to Prince Theodore and they would share this room. 

The room was located in the far back of the castle on the second floor, it was luxuriously decorated in elaborate ways as if to scream Theo’s family’s wealth. Honestly it made Rose rather uncomfortable with the golden embroidery that every item nearly had attributed onto it. From his large bed that had pure silken red sheets, to the wooden frame of the bed that reached to the ceiling lined with gold. Rose couldn’t help but wonder how one family must have so much. The silk on Rose’s fingertips felt lovely, she wondered how’d it’d feel having such devine things wrapping around her body. She was never granted the privilege of such nice things back home. The rest of the room was decorated to match the bed, and Theodore even had a bookshelf and a desk in a corner in the room and a balcony with what looked to be a nice view of the woods and the far away mountains. She assumed the view would be nice at nightfall, when the stars would come out and twinkle as if just for her. 

Being brought out of her reverie as Theodore enters the room with the Queen. “No. She’s not staying here in my chambers. Get her, her own chambers.” Theo demanded as soon as he saw Rose. 

“She will stay in this room tonight, Theodore and that’s final. You two will consummate your marriage as husband and wife, after the ceremony like everyone else.” Queen Morrigan instructed. “I will have a wise woman check Rose in the morning and if she’s still intact, you’ll pay.” 

His mother warned him, which made Theodore groan and rolled his eyes as his gaze lingered over Rosella. “If I’m to wed something that resembles a beast, can we at least make her decent?” He raised his eyebrows inquisitively. 

“Yes, we cannot do the ceremony with her looking the part of a servant.” Queen Morrigan headed out of the room, as well as Prince Matthias without another word. 

Theodore’s eyes moved off of Rosella and over to his wardrobe. He really didn’t want to go through with this marriage, and he was making it apparent and evident on his face. Though, the Prince did care little on how anyone might think of him. “Can you please escort yourself out?” His warm brown eyes suddenly turned ice cold as they slanted as they bore into Rosella. 

The petite brunette nodded, bringing herself to her feet, as she saw herself out. She was met by Queen Morrigan who was lingering outside of Theodore’s chambers. Queen Morrigan caught sight of Rose and quickly whisked her away to where she would be staying until she was wed with Theodore, where she was met with who Morrigan said would be her Chambermaid, who’s name was Estelle. The room Rose had found herself in was decorated the same luxuriously that Theo’s room was decorated in, except this had different touches and designs of flowers that trailed all over the carpets and the burgundy curtains. Much like Theodore’s room, everything was lined with gold. From the bed frame once more, to the wardrobe and even the designs on the chairs that sat in a dimly lit corner of the room.

After Queen Morrigan introduced Estelle to Rose, she fled the room, leaving Rosella in the capable hands of Estelle. Once Estelle was behind Rose, she pulled her hair back and tied it with a ribbon. Her long brown hair was wavy and at a major disarray. She would have to have Rose take a bath before her ceremony, if there was even time for that. The chambermaid led Rose to the bath which was attached to the bedchamber. She fetched some hot water while Rosella sat with another chambermaid that brushed out the girl’s tangled hair. Estelle knew she had her work cut out for her with how grimy Rose looked. It looked as if she came from cinders, her face covered with dirt and her clothing looked like that of a servant. Part of Estelle wondered how this girl could possibly be a Princess. 

Theodore sat in his bedchambers, lounging back on his bed. The silkiness of his sheets had the prince feel relaxed. He was still not ready for his marriage, let alone to consummate the marriage for his parents sake. He thought back to the way Rosella looked in her tattered dress, shaking her unattractive appearance from his eyes. Why did he have such a pull towards her? She was disgusting to him. A knock at his chamber door disrupted his thoughts, with a groan he got up and answered the door. It was Luciana. His arms wrapped around her and hers around him as she entered his room, he closed the door behind her. 

“I don’t want you to marry her.” Her voice was sad as she looked up to him, her thin hazel eyes striking through him. 

“I know, my love.” He kissed her forehead, holding her curvaceous body to his. “I don’t have a choice if I want to be King someday.” 

Luciana pouted, her raven black hair falling to her back as she kept her eyes focused on Theodore. “You could tell your parents that you’ll marry me, make me your Queen, not some washed up hideous princess who’s not even your mate.” 

Theodore’s hand moved from Luciana’s waist and to rub the back of her hair as he held her body to his and groaned. “After they make me consummate the marriage I’m not even going to give her the time of day. You have nothing to worry about.” 

Luciana twitched her nose, hearing the words of him saying he would bed the troll. “You’re not serious, tell me they’re not going to make you actually take her to bed!” 

Theo sighed and looked away, nodding. “I don’t have a choice in that matter, it’s a tradition for us werewolves. We marry and then must bed our mate for children.” He moved his hand to his ash blonde hair and ran his fingers through the rather short length of it.

“…Wait, so you’re supposed to be taking her to bed to get her pregnant? For what? An heir?!?” Luciana seemed completely baffled by these words Theodore had just uttered out. 

“Sadly yes, but I’ll see a witch before our union to ensure that she doesn’t end up with my child. You’ll have no worries, Luciana.” He kissed his lovers forehead, with his thick soft pink lips. 

“She’s disgusting.” Luciana kept herself nuzzled up against the Prince, enjoying the feel of being in her lovers arms. “…I actually know a witch, though. My family uses her for cures for their ailments, she’s quite adept at it. I could take you to her, if you’d like. Her shop is located within Peiria, we’d be back before your ceremony.” Luci tried to coerce Theodore, though he wasn’t exactly objecting to it. 

Nodding Theodore stood up, with Luciana and taking her hand in his. “Well, it looks like we ought to get going.” 

Luciana giggled, enjoying the warmth of his hand in hers. 


Queen Morrigan sat idly besides the King at the head of their table. His demeanor was strong, sitting straight up with the best posture one could see. His brown eyes peered over the table as servants ushered meals in and out. His son, Prince Matthias, sat beside the Queen already dressed in his formal clothes for his brother’s wedding ceremony. Matthias was the practical one out of his family, always was and always would be. While his mother was more political, proper and firm, his father being a slight drunkard but ruling with an iron thumb, his little sister Princess Anneliese being spoiled and most of all his older brother Theodore being a bit of a rebel despite him being crown prince and the one that would inherit the entire Kingdom. Prince Matthias knew that they were all only pawns, to be shipped off and wed to neighboring Kingdom’s for alliances. Much like what Princess Rosella was for her family, a pawn for diplomatic purposes. Princess Anneliese was already wed off, when she turned 16 years of age, she was wed off to Prince Charles of Kingdom Tauriel for money of all things. Matthias knew he wouldn’t be far away from his father doing the same to him, he just had quite a bit of luck that there were more males having been born into royalty of their neighboring kingdom’s than females around his age. 

The large solid wood table sat before them all, carved with little intricate designs along its edges. A red table runner danced along the table, lingering to where the King sat at the head of the table. They were all waiting for Prince Theodore and Princess Rosella to come and join them. Beneath the King and Queen’s table, stood their priest and beyond that was the dance floor of the ballroom and around that, sat an array of others with Nobles filling them out and taking their spots to witness the ceremony. The golden entryway to the formal ballroom was decorated with a variety of flowers that were lavender and red and white roses with baby’s breath and different types of greenery. The sounds of people chit-chatting filled the room, until the room fell silent when Prince Theodore entered. 

All eyes in the room fell over the gorgeous Prince. His chiseled features and creamy dark brown eyes scanned the room. Making many ladies’ hearts skip a beat with just a glance from him. He was on the search to see where Luciana was, and his eyes locked with hers as soon as he found her. She was sitting at the closest table towards his family. His hair was cut short, at least shorter and more kempt than his brother’s hair and not to mention was more of a dirty blonde, with natural brown low-lights than a platinum blonde. Theodore was nicely dressed in a pair of black trousers adorning a leather belt tied to his waist. A silk white tunic was tucked into his trousers and a black sleeveless vest was covering the top of it. Theodore ambled his way to where the priest was and stood, folding his arms over his chest. He was ready to get this over with. 

Just as Theodore turned to look at the entryway, in comes Princess Rosella. Her hair was now styled and out of her face in a half up braid lingering down her back. Catching a glance of her, Theodore nearly had to catch his breath. She was utterly gorgeous in an innocent way. Something within him screamed, “Mate.” He wondered if it was his wolf? He tried to quiet him, pushing the thoughts away. He was mated to Luciana, and she would forever reign in his heart… But there was just something about Rose, he couldn’t quite pin-point. It was like his wolf was screaming she was his mate, he couldn’t have two mates, could he? Just as he thought of her, their eyes locked onto each other, his wolf screamed in his head. Her soft blue eyes fell to the floor once they met his, her teeth chewing on her nether lip. Theo couldn’t peel his eyes away from her, her beauty. She wore a floor-length white gown that was made of silk and danced across her body. Looking quite like a doll. He could see every single curve of her body and wanted to run his fingers along her legs, up to her hips. Was that so bad? 

Gritting his teeth, as Rosella waltzed her way forward, ever so slowly and elegantly. As she reached Theodore, she looked back up to him and their eyes met. Her breathing grew shallow and she tried to catch her breath as she could feel her heart simultaneously flutter in her chest. She didn’t quite understand this feeling. Was this love? She just wanted to know. Taking her eyes off of Theodore she looked to the priest and prepared to pledge herself to Theodore on behalf of her country. Theodore also turned to the priest, keeping his hands folded over each other as the priest began their ceremony. 

As soon as they exchanged their “vows” and they were deemed to be married by the church, it wasn’t required for the two to exchange a kiss but at the end of the night complete the faux mating ritual that their family had. Theodore stood beside Rosella, and they were both complemented and congratulated by their guests as they ushered towards them. Although Rose could barely speak with anyone, seeing as she was quite nervous. 

“Theodore, Lord Bastian wishes to speak with you.” The Queen whisked her son away to go speak with a family friend, making him leave Rosella’s side for the first time that evening. 

The Princess found herself lost in this Castle and quickly averted her gaze from the ballroom. She looked over towards the balcony that was towards the back as people lingered around drinking and enjoying themselves. She was the only one truly by herself, and Rose knew that. With a sigh, and slight scenery overload, she made her way from the crowd of people trying to talk to her and went outside to the balcony. Which was beautiful, the stars above glistened and part of her wondered if there was truly a place for her out in this cold world. Her arms laid over the stone of the balcony, so she could lean over it and admire the sky easier. 

“Fancy seeing you here.” The voice was new to Rose, and she turned her head to catch a glimpse of the raven haired beaut. Luciana, who in return shot a smile to the brunette. “I’m Luciana, Theodore’s mate, I’m sure you heard of me.” 

Rose nodded, and then her eyes moved from the girl and back to the sky. “…Yeah, I heard of you. Not much though. Don’t worry, I don’t expect to take him from you.” The Princess couldn’t help but try to reassure her. 

“I don’t think you could. You see, our bond is pretty tight, we’re true soulmates. You’re just his wife, which won’t last for long.” Luciana leaned, with her back from the balcony’s edge and her long black hair lingering along it. She wore a silk red dress that hugged her curves and left little to imagination. If Rose had to pick a word to associate with her, it would be seductress. 

“I’m only here for my country, I don’t want to get in a way with whatever you two have going on. I don’t plan to.” Rose bit her lower lip, before turning back to Luciana. 

“Good.” Luciana chirped, with a giggle. “It would really suck for you if you did, because when the King dies, Theo will be crowned King and we can abolish your marriage to him. If you don’t stay out of my way, I’ll make it hard for your country and yourself.” 

“Y-you can’t–” Just as the words uttered out of Rosella’s mouth, Theodore ushered over and wrapped his arms around Luciana in front of her. Right in front of her, he planted a kiss on Luciana’s lips and Rose felt a twinge of pain. What was this? 

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