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A Hybrid Story

By @MaroonTheFoxo

The Alleyway Finding

Shadows POV:

I was walking in the town, when I heard a loud scream. It was coming from…THE ALLEYWAY!?!? I ran as hard and fast as I could to find the source of the sound. When I came to a stop, I was shocked, a little girl…being…beaten…

I subconsiouscsly(cant spell sorry) ran over to them and yelled at them.”LEAVE HER THE FRICK ALONE” One of them walked towards me, he threw a punch at me, but, of course, I doged it. “LEAVE OR YOUR GONNA REGRET IT” As I said that, my eyes flashed a dark blood colored red. That was enough to send them running down the alleyway. 

I walked over to the little girl, who, now, was unconsious. And sat against the wall, waiting for her to wake up.


Maroons POV: 

 I woke up and the people were gone! I looked beside me and there was, A BOY?!? I backed away from him in fear that he was going to beat me, like the others… He looked over at me and smiled. “Hey, are you ok?” He asked. S-STAY AW-AWAY FROM M-ME!” He walked over towards me and tried to grab me, or something… Instinctivley, I turned into my half-wolf form and BIT him…I…bit him… he…he knows Im a, freak… 

Shadows POV:

She bit me… MY GOD, that little girl sure can bite! I stood up and turned into my half-fox form, to try to assure her that its ok. “See, im different too! I promise, Im not gonna hurt you” When I said that, she stopped moving back. I kneeled down beside her,”Hey little girl, whats your name?” “M-Mar-Maroon. M-My names Maroon…” 

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