Voices in My Head

By @imdaisycabret
Voices in My Head

An insight into my brain. -- A collection of poetry (or... A collection of ramblings) (Poems about the darker moments that we all don't want to talk about) (And poems written to inspire, to help get over the 'Voices in Your Head')

Chapter 3

What I'm Grateful For

Life taught me a lesson recently.

It taught it to me in a pretty mean way. 

I don’t see why I was so stressed before. 

The huge boulders on my back

Are now just small, harmless pebbles.

I thought I’d come back

With something a bit more positive.


Here we go.

What I’m Grateful For.

I’m grateful for my life.

I almost lost it.

I can’t walk like I used to (yet)

The fine motor skills in my left hand are gone (for now)

My vocal range is smaller

I get tired very easily.

But I’ll get to where I want to go.

It’s just going to take some time.

I need to be kind to myself

And eliminate stress

I’m grateful for my family.

I don’t care how loud they are

I don’t care if they stress me out sometimes,

I love them with my entire being.

If you cross one of us, you’ll have the whole family to deal with.

I’m grateful for my education.

I’m happy I’m not in the toxic environment of

“My SAT score is ONLY a 1400/1600! That sucks!”

I would have been happy with that.

Because that score doesn’t suck.

The amount of school stress I had was not worth it.

It just wasn’t.

It was pointless, really.

Some of my teachers just understood.

They didn’t give me 30 hours of homework (even though to stressed-out-me, it seemed like it).

To those teachers:

Thank you for inspiring me, and making me a better person. 

I can’t thank you enough.

I’m grateful for creativity.

Not being able to do theater for a while literally hurts

This is the longest thing I’ve written since December 23, 2018.

Since then, I would ignore the feeling of “I want to write” because I was afraid of what my left hand would do.

I can only hand write about five sentences before my left hand gets tired. 

 I can’t believe I would ignore the gut feeling of needing to write.

Writing this, right now, feels really liberating.

So. Grateful for creativity.

I’m thankful I can have an outlet. 

I’m thankful I can have people listen so what I have to say.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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    that was deepppp

    loved it xx

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