By @UnmaskedDreams


By @UnmaskedDreams

When tragedy strikes, the hardest part of moving on is learning to forgive yourself.

Chapter 2


Auroral — of or like the dawn”

Five months before camp

               “Have you registered for camp yet?” Tori asked as their group of friends lazed around in her living room.

               Alyssa rolled her eyes at Tori’s question. She scanned the room, observing her group of friends – a mix of four girl and three boys ranging from late adolescence to young professional.

               All nodded.

               Danny grinned. “My brother said the teams will be released soon.”

               Alyssa groaned.

               “Have you seen the teams yet?” Hans asked excitedly.

               Danny shook his head. “The core team is super secretive about it. But, he told me there will be both a captain and a co-captain.”

               “You have your bets on who’re going to be the captains and co-captains?” Simon asked.

               Hannah gestured to Tori and Alyssa. “I’m pretty sure these two will be co-captains.”

               Yna rolled her eyes. “Stereotypical to let men lead though.”

               Alyssa chuckled. “Only you would say that. But I would rather not take responsibility of a bunch of hormonal teens.”

               Tori nodded. “As long as who they pair me with can actually lead, I have no problem with that.”

               “Based on past experience, that happens a lot,” Hannah said. “Women actually end up leading.”

               Noises of protest came from the guys.

               Alyssa and Tori simply raised their eyebrows at them, daring them to contradict the statement.

               “May I remind you that a lot of the heads of the youth ministry are actually women?” Hannah added.

               The reminder quickly silenced them.

               “As for leading a team,” Alyssa began, “a part me of honestly doesn’t want to, I mean, this is my first and last camp. I really just want to enjoy.”

               Danny smirked. “Are you sure about that, Alyssa?”

               It was Alyssa’s turn to smirk. “Leadership is not limited to titles, remember?”

               Tori snickered. “I wonder if you’ll keep that line of thinking when the team captains are announced.”

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