By @UnmaskedDreams


By @UnmaskedDreams

When tragedy strikes, the hardest part of moving on is learning to forgive yourself.

Chapter 1


Serendipity — an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”

Six months before camp

               Alyssa Mendes stared wide-eyed at her best friend, Tori Reyes.

               Tori merely smirked at her friend’s disbelieving gaze. “Darling, camp always and I mean always leads to three different types of relationships – the one you eventually and fleetingly fall for, the new best friend, and the person you can’t stand.”

               Alyssa sighed.

               Tori grinned. “We’ll probably be placed in different teams though. It’s time for forced interaction with people we barely know. There’ll probably be a maximum of ten in one group.”

               Alyssa tilted her head, taking note of the bitter inflection in Tori’s voice. “Camp was where you met Trevor.”

               Tori glared at Alyssa for the reminder.

               It was Alyssa’s turn to laugh then.

               “Mark my words, Alyssa Mendes. This camp will change your life and in the end, I’ll be the one laughing.”

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