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Viper’s Story

By @Theonlytrueintrovert

Chapter 1

She woke up falling. All she saw was black fading into red. Blood red in fact. She closed her eyes again, just to remember what had happened.

“GET OUT NOW” she yelled. “Steph, please, your just intoxicated.” Vio, her boyfriend, said. “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!!!” She forced him to pack his things and leave. A couple hours later, her drug effect wore off. She realized what she had done, and went to over dose. Vio came back, and found her on the floor, unconscious. He checked her pulse, and called an ambulance. Next thing Steph saw was a hospital light. She looked next to her and saw Vio sitting there crying, blaming himself. “Babe?” His head shot up. “Baby I’m sorry. I don’t know what I did, but I’m so, so, so sorry.” he said, clear, cool tears pouring from his eyes, like rain. “It’s my fault, don’t worry about it. I’m ok now, see?” she said, comforting him. They exchanged smiles, and talked a bit.

Within two nights, Steph was recovering. But the night of her first recovery, she was murdered.

*I shouldn’t have killed so many people. Five a night was over kill, and I should’ve known someone would have tracked me down for revenge.* she thought to herself. She rolled over, to see how far she had till she hit the ground. *Will I survive impact?* a voice inside her head whispered. Seconds later, she felt herself hit the floor.

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