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Vincosmia Heaven

By @Skinny_Towels

A Dark Night

The sky was dark. The color of shadows, amidst the darkest night. I looked down, seeing myself for the first time. Stretching out my hand, I saw how my muscles slid under my skin, doing as I please with hardly any effort. My mind was blessedly blank, a pleasant ignorance I would wish could return for the rest of my cursed life. I would rise to become the most powerful woman in history, among other things. But at this time, all I cared for was the dark tint of my skin, the way my hands connected to my arms, and the marvelous way everything worked so smoothly. 

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering just how I’m explaining the start of my own existence. To be honest, I really don’t know. The answer I am told, my mortal friend, is magic. I am no ordinary human, a gift to humanity from the gods, supposedly, at the very least. You must remember that, after all, I remember nothing prior to this dark night. For all I know, I could be an orphan tossed aside by parents who didn’t want the responsibility. At the time, this awareness of the unknown rose a tide of foreboding within my tiny chest. 

Is this the end? My fresh mind questioned, my heart beating with the speed of a thousand horses. Am I born, I wondered, a sudden sprung gale whipping tears from my eyes, or simply dead? I mulled and pulled over this thought for many moons, at least, it felt as such. Until, thankfully, I was proven wrong. 

At this point, I remember hearing the breaths of a living creature. Turning around, my eyes alighted upon the first human being I was to see. At the time, it was a revelation. I wasn’t dead? There were others in this dark realm? He muttered some sort of sound from his lips, garbled nonsense to my new ears. I tilted my head, confused. He knelt down beside me, murmuring his sounds once more. This time, they arranged themselves in my head in a most peculiar way. “What are you doing out here, love? What’s your name?” 

“Vincosmia.” My mouth formed the same sounds as his instantaneously, without a consultation with my mind. And yet, I understood. I was Vincosmia. The man took the coat off his shoulders, wrapping it around me. I shivered, leaning against him as he lifted me into his arms. 

“You poor thing.” He murmured. “I’ll take you to my home.” 

And thus, my legend began.

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