When Sebastian Allen finds an old VHS tape near the cemetery, it leads him and his friends to an abandoned studio from the 1900s. At first, it seems like a dream come true, until Sebastian learns that what he thought was real cannot be trusted...

Chapter 1


God, what have I done?

That was all went through Parker’s mind as he sat with his head in his hands at his work table. Three years. He had been working on this film for three years, and this was the thanks he got? A letter in the mail and a bill commanding him to give up all that he had worked on, even after paying everything he had owed off? It didn’t make sense.

He struggled to keep his eyes open. It was one in the morning- he hadn’t slept for days. He had done everything right, hadn’t he? All he had wanted was to create a show that brought back his childhood, a show that people could enjoy and laugh at. He leaned over, grabbing his Monster energy drink and pouring it into his coffee as one of his employees walked in. “I’m going to die,” He said without turning his head, downing the extremely caffeinated drink.

“U-uhm… Sir? Mr. Park- I mean Allen, you’ve a visitor here to see you,” They stuttered quickly, folding their hands in their lap and looking nervously at him. He looked at the employee, and then at an imaginary camera like in the Office. People didn’t seem to get that visitor wasn’t specific enough.

“Well, who is it?” He leaned his feet on the table in front of him, pulling out and lighting a cigar. His black hair was greasy and tousled, his white dress shirt’s sleeves pulled up to his elbow and his cheap , wrinkled black dress pants tucked into his worn boots.

“They go by the name Piper, sir.”

Parker’s skin went cold, and it took a moment for him to process it. “Who?” He asked again, unsure whether or not it was the person he thought it was.

“Piper,” The employee said shortly.

“Send them in,” Parker braced himself as he heard them leave to go find Piper. Why was his sister here, of all people? He had lost his hope in her long ago, shortly after she abandoned him with their uncle. He shuddered thinking about what his life had been like.


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