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Its been three years J.J!

By @Ruby_Rosslin

Its been three years J.J!

“I miss him.” Mary said, Tears started to form behind her eyes. It had been three years,but it still hurt. “I know Mary. But you have to stay strong thats what Jace would want.”Mary’s boyfriend,Evan said. Evan and Mary had been dating for slightly over a year now and Evan had helped Mary through the pain of losing her younger brother Jace.

Jace had only been ten years old when he died. He was caught in the crossfire between officers and their father who was a gang leader. Their father had just killed three people and then shot Jace to scare the cops away. It did not work, the cops took him away and Mary hadn’t seen him since.The sound of knocking on the window pulled Mary out of her reverie. ”What is that” Evan asked to no-one in particular. 

Evan walked over to the window and gasped. “What is it Evan?” Mary said, her tears already drying.She walked over to where he was standing . There was a boy who was about thirteen standing on the tree branch near the window. Mary could recognize that boy from anywhere. “Jace?” Mary said nearly breaking out into another sob. She opened the window and once more said”Jace?” Then “J.J is that you?” ‘Hey Big Sis!” was all he said in response.

Mary pulled her little brother into her arms like she had wanted to for the past three years. After their embrace She looked from Evan. Who looked surprised, to Jace. ” Surprise!” Jace said” I’m Back from the dead! Isn’t that exiting?”

Thats when Mary saw the only two people she ever loved die. One of them she had only just gotten back

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