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By @Kelvintro



           He sat on the sofa, his leg resting on the table. He was sitting in the balcony. The rustling of leaves, sighing of the wind and the solemn chirping of the birds all summed up to a satisfying and relaxing ambience. Yes, the view was a real looker but he was mulling over something else.

           “Our goods were hijacked again boss…… It was Dre”.

           “Again? He asked rather complacently.

           Looking up to the sky and taking a puff of his pipe, he stood up, tossed his pipe to his guy and walked inside. He got dressed, got into his car and zoomed off with three men following him.


           He drove to a mansion and with a gesture from the security guard, he was let in with his guards. Alighting from the vehicle, he walked on inside.

           “You are here! Welcome Jayce, I’ve been expecting you”. Dre said with an unctuous smile across his face.

           “What did you do again, you *******?”

           Dre smiled again. This time spiked with some grimacing.

           “Even brave dogs don’t dare to annoy a tiger, do you have a death wish?”

           “Wow! I love your adages Jayce, I think I’ll write it down.” Signaling to one of his men, “Get me a pen, will you?”

           Jayce was so filled with anger and charged for Dre’s neck. Dre with a derisive laughter commanded his men to stay back.

           “I swear, you will die by my hands someday Dre. I will make you pay….”

           “In what currency Jayce? Dollars or Pounds? ‘cause I have them all and you might need it very soon when I reduce you to a pauper” Dre replied.

           “You crazy *******. I will destroy you!!” Jayce snarled and stormed out in annoyance leaving Dre to catch his breath.


           On reaching home, he had been called up by the boss. Entering the boss’ room, he found him on his rocking chair smoking his pipe.

           “You called for me, father”, Jayce started.

           “Yes, I wanted to talk to you. Have a seat……” the boss replied pouring out whiskey for the both of them. “I heard you had a misunderstanding with Dre…..”

           “Misunderstanding?? He hijacked my goods, he’s been trying to sabotage me…just like always….”

           “I know. But, you should remember you both are still in the same organization. If we are divided amongst ourselves, then it will be easy for our enemies to defeat us. We need to stand together in unity….”

           “But he started it father….”

           “I know but you should know by now that a lot of our people are just being obsequious and will side with the enemy if anything goes wrong. We have to be careful with every move of ours. Jayce, you are my son and I want only the best for you.”

           “Anyway, I’ve already called for dinner with the members of the organization, we need to settle this. Get ready”, He said further.


           Evening came, dinner was set and they were all present. After taking a few spoons,    Sir Midas broke the ice…

           “The main reason I called for this meeting is because of the enmity among the members of this organization. Particularly the recent one between Dre and Jayce my son. We all need to be united to be stronger than our adversaries. Ron, talk to Dre! He has to start acting like a man, he may no longer be a kid in age but he has to grow up his brain!

           Dre was greatly annoyed with this and made to insult Sir Midas but instead received a smack across the face. Jayce snickered. Dre raised his face and saw that it was his uncle Ronald. He stormed out of the house in annoyance.

           The dinner ended shortly, since Sir Midas was furious and dismissed the party. Meanwhile, Jayce was beside himself with happiness over his small victory, he took his mobile phone and hit at the screen display rhythmically whilst humming the famous ‘O Sole Mio’.

           “Hello you son of a gun!” Jayce started.

           “Hey”, a voice replied.

           “Wanna meet?”

           “Ok. Cool. Where would it be? …… Oh! I almost forgot that I have a party to attend. We can go there. There’s going to be a lot of drinks and of course a lot of babes”, he giggled.

           “You’ll never change bro.” Jayce commented.

           “I’ve never been known to.”


           They arrived at the party 30 minutes late on purpose. Exchanging pleasantries with the host and other friends, they found a fine spot for themselves since the party was crowded……. Of course, the ‘fine spot’ was the closest to the drinks.

           “Bro, I need to see some ladies over there.” Pointing over to some group of ladies.

           “You’re free Ricky. You Casanova.”

           “I’m not. I’m just a stud. They like me, bro”, with the same giggle as before, he replied.

           Ricky left to the dancing floor with a girl while Jayce chilled with some whiskey.

           Suddenly, a lady came to sit beside him.

           “Bar man, get me some tequila”, she said.

           On gulping down her seventh shot, Jayce noticed her and with a careful glance subtracting her tipsiness and ugly mien, she was indeed a beauty! With blue eyes and soft pink lips, she was perfect. He couldn’t help but stare at her. She noticed and looked at him, Jayce quickly looked away.

           “You also noticed that I’m pretty right? I know I’m pretty but why then did he leave me?” she sobbed.

           “He left a beauty like me for that wench. I must move on too”, she mumbled.

           “Mr.! You look very handsome. Would you love to go on a loooooonnngg drive? , she said looking at Jayce and at the same time stumbling from her chair. Jayce made to help her but she shoved his hand away, “You want to take advantage of me? I’m not drunk, I can still see that you’re handsome right?”

           All this while, Jayce was so amused by her display and stared with keen interest.

          “Ok. If I would move on, it has to start with a kiss”, she drawled. She dashed towards Jayce, he tilted away from her slightly. She made to kiss him but threw up on his suit and passed out………………

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