Vault 75-A Fallout short story

By @Alex_Hazell
Vault 75-A Fallout short story

"Have you children ever heard of Uptopland?" Sue and Roy blinked, and shook their heads. "What's that, Overseer?" they asked. She told them about the people living there, and how they weren't safe or strong like the children at Vault 75.

Chapter 1

Vault 75

“Have you children ever heard of Uptopland?”

Sue and Roy blinked, and shook their heads.

“What’s that, Overseer?” they asked.

“Oh, it’s a terrible place,” began the Overseer, and she told the children about Uptopland. She told them about the people living there, and how they weren’t safe or strong like the children at Vault 75. Monsters attacked them and evil bandits stole their food, and it was no place for little children to grow up. No, not at all.

It was just a typical school day at Malden Middle School, it was the end of the school day. Every child exited with their parents, strange, most kids caught the bus or walked, but this time all the parents were there. Bobby, aged 14 at the time, was also getting picked up by his parents,

“Oh, hi mum, hi dad” He said, his parents seemed to have a very unsettled look about them,

“Well son….um, so we err, have to go into this ‘vault’, as they’re calling it. It’s right beneath the school, it seems to be an emergency, Bob.” Bobby’s dad uneasily said,

“I told you not to call me that…why can’t we just go home like all the kids-” Bobby looked around, oughting to prove a point to his parents, but every single child wasn’t going out the school grounds, they were all pacing inside it again. 

“Wha- I don’t-” He uttered, until his mother cut him off,

“Bobby, look, this ‘Vault’ has all the things that home has, ok? Trust me, it’ll feel like home in no time. Now, come on.” His mother grabbed Bobby’s wrist, and they were heading inside the school again, but not through the usual entrance. They passed through a cage, then went inside a large door, which was pretty dark and cold, and it seemed to be underground. Bobby saw many kids that he knew, all pacing towards somewhere. They went further and further in, suddenly, he saw a huge opening in the wall, that Bobby noticed looked like a vault door. He couldn’t really see inside because he was so far back in a line. He noticed a girl not too far ahead from where he was standing, he had a crush on this girl for months, he tried to call out to her,

“Miranda! Miranda!” Bobby shouted. The girl looked around, and noticed him, they both waved to each other. Soon Bobby was almost at the front, he could see the inside of this huge door, it looked so clean and blue. He then reached the front, and was approached by a man in a blue uniform,

“Please step forward inside the Vault.” He smiled, guiding the family towards the enormous room. As they entered a huge sign read ‘Vault 75. Welcome home!’, and the room was filled by people with these blue uniforms, and others in lab coats. Bobby approached a woman giving more blue uniforms, he took a blue uniform, and so did his parents. Bobby looked around for Miranda, but he couldn’t spot her over the crowd of people around him. They were then guided further into this Vault, and passed a line of poles, which made an odd buzzing sound when they passed them. Everyone stopped in a big open space, and was greeted by a woman,

“Welcome to Vault 75.” She smiled,

“This will be your new homes for now, and don’t worry, your rooms are just like spacious suits, with all your daily needs; food, water, entertainment, and more. Now, first of all, could we take away the parents for orientation for a few minutes, and the children will be given a tour. I am Overseer Katie, thank you, and welcome home.” The parents were then all guided out of the room, 

“Jacob, we are only going to be gone for a few minutes, ok? I love you.” Bobby overheard a mother talking softly to her child, the kid only looked about 8 years old.

“Bye son” Said Bobby’s dad while rustling his hair, his mom kissed him on the forehead and left. The children were all led into the atrium, being guided by another woman in a blue uniform. Meanwhile, the parents were being led into a large chamber, with an enormous furnace in the back. They were all huddled up into the chamber, with 5 guards standing on platforms above them. One man suddenly got extremely panicky, and went into a fit,

“N-no, I’m not going to die today, no way, I’m finding my kid! Out of my way!” He pushed through the crowd of people, frantically trying to escape. One of the guards unholstered a laser rifle, and shot the man, disintegrating him into red flakes, with the people ducking and screaming. Suddenly, the guards unholstered their rifles, pointing it at the crowd,

“Ready! Aim! Fire!” The guards opened fire on the crowd of people, the sound of deathly screaming, and bodies being incinerated and dropping like flies. Red beams flying everywhere. Finally, the shooting stopped. All that were left were the lifeless and laser riddled corpses, some still intact, while others were completely disintegrated and burned.

“Dispose of them” The Overseer ordered.

“Ok, kids, these are your rooms!” The woman exaggeratedly shouted in a soft tone, the rooms looked very tidy and colourful, having many pretty wall decals, furniture and bunk beds. They passed the gyms, the lavatories, the security offices and even the Overseer’s room. Almost an hour had passed since the kid’s parents left, some of the younger kids were crying and screaming for their parents. While being led around the facility again for classes, Robert, the tough kid at school, furiously stormed over to a guard that was patrolling the entrance of the facility, Robert went over and shoved the man, 

“Hey man, where are our parents?! It’s been a ******* hour *********!” Robert angrily exclaimed to the guard, who then hit the boy in the face with a rifle, with the boy falling to the ground, with blood dripping from his nose, the guard gave a fake smile,

“Your parents will be done shortly boy….aren’t you supposed to being led around?” The guard softly replied. Another guard escorted the boy to his group again. Bobby was also getting quite anxious too, maybe his parents just went for a welcome dinner, or was just being toured around someplace else.

The next day was nothing like the last, the second the children woke up the staff ordered them to gyms and research facilities, working for hours and hours. Bobby was first led to the gyms, with about 15 other children, all from a range of different ages. The only thing that seemed to be in the small gym rooms were these big treadmills, and immediately the children found themselves running for what seemed like hours on these treadmills. There was this one kid, must’ve been around 10 years of age, was running on one of the treadmills, at an extremely high pace, until he stopped running, and fell off the treadmill. The scientists carried the boy out, later it was thought the boy suffered a heart attack. Bobby performed “Excellent” on the treadmill course, suffering minor pulls and clots in his leg muscles, receiving very limited treatment. Next, his group ran the shooting range course, a huge room with prop buildings and targets. They were given a choice out of a limited range of firearms, Bobby chose a long rifle, which he remembered his father teaching him when they went out hunting together. Robert was in Bobbie’s group, and he saw Robert blitz the course, receiving the highest score in the group. Bobby later found out Robert also got an “Excellent” in the running course. The day was finally over, and still, the parents wouldn’t return. Bobby sat on his bed, edging into tears, while another younger child screamed and cried. Bobby just couldn’t sleep, he felt restless, like something was itching at him. He decided to jump up, and crept out of the big bedroom without anyone seeing him. He had to find his parents. He walked through the blue corridor, past a few other bedrooms, then he heard cheering and laughing from one room,

“Congratulations on your graduation, Mr Gibson.” A voice cheerfully said, as Bobby crept closer to the room, 

“Oh, thank you, really, I wasn’t expecting anything, I’m only 18” Another voice confusingly laughed,

“Nonsense, Mr Gibson, please, come with me. There’s…..something to award you” The other voice said, as Bobby heard footsteps around the corner he desperately tried to find another place to hide. He hid in a random bedroom, as he saw two men, one was wearing the usual blue uniform, and the other looked like a normal boy. Bobby sneakily trailed behind them. It only took about 2 minutes for them to enter through a big steel door, it looked more reinforced than the regular sliding doors around the Vault.

“Please, sit in this chair here.” The man instructed the boy. Luckily their was a window that Bobby looked through, and the room looked extremely reinforced, with no decorations, just a medical chair and medical equipment,

“Vaccinations?” Bobby whispered to himself,

“H-hey! What is this?” The boy started to panic, as he was bound to the chair by metal shackles. The man in the blue uniform was fiddling with some medical equipment, including a syringe-type object, and many sharp tools. The man walked over to the boy with this face mask,

“What are you doing?” The boy questioned, as the man in the blue uniform had a long syringe in his hand, and forcefully stuck the syringe into the boy’s neck, as the boy tried to resist,

“Ssssssh, just a little vaccination, you’re gonna face Uptopland soon enough” The boy let out a short but jarring scream of pain, with gurgling noises and struggling to catch any breath. Soon the boy slumped in the chair, motionless. Bobby was shocked,

“They killed him?!” The man suddenly spotted Bobby through the window, as Bobby fell back in shock, and started to run. Bobby was terrified, had his parents been killed like that?

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