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Us and Them

By @ZoeAmber


Friday / September 20th / 11:13 PM

God, I hate these things.

The minute we entered this stupid party, Hayden Cassidy looked straight at me with his stupid statuesque face and those stupid emerald eyes that I want to plucked out and put on a stupid wedding band or something.

He heard me blatantly say I didn’t want to be anywhere near him for that dumb chemistry class and he’s taking it out on me by going full boy-band-member on me right now.

Whenever I see him my chest hurts and my skin tingles all over. It’s like some kind of annoying airborne STD.

But that’s besides the point. In less than an hour, I’ve managed to lose Mila, had a little too much to drink, and mistaken two closets for bathrooms. I’m 0 for 3 on bathrooms. This is a new low.

I stumble through the crowds that seem to have doubled since I arrived, and get some water from the fridge. I can smell the ambiguous smoke from outside and keep looking around the kitchen. After a few scans, I realize that I don’t know about 80% of the people attending this party and poor Adelaide is over banging on a bedroom door furiously, probably fearing the worst.

I take one last scan around the room before I start another lap. I try to squeeze by a huge group of guys, but they notice me halfway through.

“What’s your name?” Asks one.

“Are you one of Addie’s friends?” Asks another one. Their drunk grins set off a red flag and my stomach does a tiny flip.

These guys aren’t high schoolers, they’re in their second year of college, at least.

“Excuse me,” I say, as flatly as I can, trying to steer past them. Someone grabs my arm and I start to struggle when Addie suddenly screams at them.

“Hey!” She says, a vein pulsating in her neck. “You creeps better get the f**k out before I tell the cops you were hitting on minors.”

While Addie lectures them I feel a soft hand on my shoulders that leads me out of the fray, my attempt at hydrating hasn’t worked and the room spins a little as I feel hands trying to grab at me being swat away. I can’t get a look at the person behind me, but I can tell by their grip that they only mean to help me out of here. When I look ahead, I see Mila who looks absolutely horrified, mouth agape, like half of my skin is missing.

But once I reach her, the hand is gone and I feel the warmth from it, fade.

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  1. Kathleen Fazio

    Feb 2, 2022

    omg I love it so much! you are an amazing writer.

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    0 Replies Feb 2, 2022
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