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Unprecedented 2

By @ambiiza

Chapter 1

I was sitting in my at my desk in my room, working on an essay for my history class. My door opened and my mom stepped in. “Freddie, I’m working late again tonight. Could you watch Shawn?”

I opened my mouth to respond but she continued, “Wait, aren’t you going out tonight?” I returned to studying my work. I was supposed to be getting ready for my “Fun Night” as mom called it with Toni but he cancelled. “Oh, he cancelled. He said he had something important to work on, so he’s busy.” I shrugged. “It’s no big deal.”

 “Oh, that’s okay. At least I don’t have to be worried about you tonight.” She sighed humorously. I rolled my eyes with a smirk, turning to face her. But my sharp eye caught something silvery on her neck buried underneath her blazer. Mom rarely wears necklaces or anything fancy.

Does she have a date? If so who is he?

Quickly throwing those thoughts into the trash bin I asked. “So, what’s the occasion?” She waved her hand. “It’s just a office party. It’s one of my co-workers’ birthday.” I nodded. “I’m running late. Dinner is Chinese tonight, and make sure Shawn finishes his homework. I’ll be back soon.” She walked out the door, closing it gently. “Bye, take care of things.”

“Bye, have fun.” I called after her. I returned to my own work with a sigh.

Hi there! Welcome readers of Underlined to my first story! This is my first time using this site also. I have published this story on Booknet, Royal Road, etc. I decided to branch off to other platforms as well, however this is still a work in process, hence why there’ll probably be a good amount of mistakes. I’m not really a professional writer I’m just a writer for the sake and love of creativity.

Either way I hope I get to make some great interactions and read some good stories.

Stay tuned in for more if you like my story! 



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