university of heaven

By @pupsqueak1
university of heaven

What would you do if you found out that you had the power to save someone? Would you save them or would you let them die? Madison thought she would be going to college and graduating without any problems. Along the way she gets a boyfriend and her plans are thrown off course. How will she react to everything going on?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chris was suppose to be here any minute. I was pacing back and forth across the dorm room. Chris said he was going to take me to his favorite spot. Which I was kinda nervous about. Who knows what his favorite spot is.

My phone lit up at an incoming text. He’s here. Looking down at my outfit, I double check that I’m wearing what he asked. Long sleeves, long pants, and comfortable shoes. I bet he is taking me somewhere where we have to walk a long time. 

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Crap, no more time to panic. I go over to the door and open. Chris was standing in front of it with a smile on his face. I stared at him. His shirt was tight across his chest, making his muscles stand out. Now that I’m over the nervousness of meeting him stage, Chris was actually pretty handsome.

“If you done checking me out, we can go now,” He said with his eyes holding laughter.

My head jerked up, “I wasn’t staring at you.”

He stared at me with an raised eyebrow. A warmth spread along my cheeks as I avoided his stare.

“Sure you weren’t.” He grabbed my hand and we walked down the hall. “The sooner we get there, the more time we can spend there.”

“Where exactly are we going?” I ask as we leave the dorms.

Chris laughed and shook his head. “You’ll find out when we get there.”

Before I could say another word, we were standing in front of his car. Chris opened the door for me. I smiled at him and sat down.

As he got in, he said, “Don’t worry it doesn’t take too long to get there.”

I nodded and stared out the window. The stars are so much brighter here than they were back in Alabama. If that was the prettiest thing I saw tonight, I’d be find with that.Neither of us spoke on the way to where ever we are going. I glanced over at Chris and stared at him. The moon shinned a glow over his face.

“I can feel you staring at me,” He said without looking away from the road, “I don’t know if I should be taking a creepo with me.”

My cheeks warmed up again, “I’m not a creepo.”

He turned toward me and smiled, “So you admit to staring at me?”

“Maybe,” I smile at him, “but there is no way of knowing if I was.”

Chris frowned at me. “Your lucky we are already here, or I might have to turn around and not show you.”

Chris got out of the car before I could say anything back to him and ran to my side to open the door for me. I smiled at him as I got out. Before we started walking, Chris opened up the back end and pulled out a black backpack. When Chris saw me eyeing the bag, he laughed and grabbed my hand.

“Don’t worry, you do want to see on the way back right?” He asked still smiling.

“Of course, but won’t we need it now?”

Chris shook his head, “I know the way there by heart, just not all the way back.”

I nodded.

“Come on,” Chris said, “You’ll love this place.”

He held out his hand for me to grab. We were standing by the edge of the forest. The trees stood tall and in the darkness of the night seemed to disappear into the distance. Oh, goodness, we’re going to die out there. Hopefully it isn’t as dangerous as it seems. It better be the most beautiful spot in the world to be worth going through at night.

I glanced at Chris, he was smiling, patiently waiting for me. I doubt he would take me somewhere that is dangerous. Closing my eyes I let out a deep breath and grabbed his hand. He let out a laugh as he helped me out of the car.

“The way you’re acting, you’d think I was taking you out here to kill you,” he said as we begin our walk into the forest, “Don’t worry, I won’t let anything hurt you.”

“So your saying something is going to hurt me?” I ask looking up at him with a raised eyebrow.

He looked down at me, shaking his head, “I said that so you wouldn’t worry. The most dangerous thing in here is maybe a deer.”

We walked through the forest in silence. All around us, the forest made small, light noises. Glancing behind us, Chris’s car was just barely noticeable as we kept walking away. I kept thinking I heard someone else walking behind us, but when I had glanced back, there wasn’t anyone there. I’m just being paranoid, I doubt anyone else is walking around here this late.

“Were almost there,” Chris’s voice broke the silence.

“Where are you taking me?” I can’t help but ask. Our voices sound really loud even though we both are speaking softly.

“I can’t talk you, Mady, that would ruin the surprise,” he said rolling his eyes.

I quickly smiled up at him, ” I can act surprised when we get there.”

He shook his head no, laughing lightly. My smile dropped as I poured at him. Chris pulled us to a stop. I lookalike up at him in question. He smiled at me before covering my eyes with his hands.

A warm breathe breathed near my ear, sending shivers down my spine, “Don’t worry I would never let anything happen to you.”

I just hummed in response.

We began walking forward. Chris was walking slowly as he guided me along. We walked in silence again, but this time as we got walked, the sound of running water could faintly be heard. It got louder and louder the closer we got.

 When Chris and I stopped walking, all I could hear was the water. Confusion raked my brain, I didn’t remember hearing about any water sources in the forest. I hope Chris didn’t bring me here to kill me.

Chris removed his hands, “Open your eyes, Mady.”

My eyes opened, and my mouth fell down. In front of us was a huge water fall that lead into a mini lake. We were at the bottom, and I had to crane my neck up to see all the way to the top. I took a few small steps forward, still looking at the waterfall, and quickly jumped back as I got sprayed with a mist of the cold water.

Turning around I ran and hugged Chris, “This is amazing.”

He laughed and hugged me back, “I knew you like to take photos, so I figured my favorite waterfall would be the perfect place to bring you.”

I pulled away from him and frowned, “How did you know I like to take photos?”

Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone before I could tell what it was, “When I dropped you off that day you zoned out, I saw all of your camera equipment. And I knew they weren’t Aubrey’s.”

“Phew, for a second, I was worried I made friends with a stalker,” I said laughing.

“Trust me Mady, if I was a stalker, I don’t think we would be friends,” He said before taking the bag he had on his shoulders off, “Come on. I asked Aubrey for one of your cameras and tripod.”

Chris went over to a tree nearby and sat down. He started playing with some sticks that were laying by the base of the tree. He watched me with a smile on his face, while I sat up the tripod.

Before I started taking pictures I asked, “Are you sure you won’t get bored?”

He stared right into my eyes, “How can I get bored watching a beautiful women do something she loves?”

I blushed and quickly turned away. He thinks I’m beautiful? Giggling slighting, I look down at my camera. Taking a few deep breathes to calm my nerves, I focus back to the waterfall. I started taking photos of the waterfall and surroundings. Every once in a while, I would glance back at Chris, only to find him already watching me. Walking around the edge of the little lake, I found a spot where when I looked at Chris he wasn’t watching.

Pulling my camera up, I quickly snap some photos of him looking off into the distance. Of course, right after he saw the flash go off, he turned toward me. Smiling he got up and slowly walked closer to me.

I gripped my camera tighter, “Thank you for taking me to this place, it’s amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it, I always come here to think when things get hectic at work,” He said coming closer, “You know if you ever need someone to pose for you, I’m free at any time.”

“Thanks for the offer,” I said, as he leaned in, only inches apart. What was he going to do.

He leaned past my face to my ear, whispering, “I can pose however you want me to and just for you, I can even pose naked.”

“Uh,” I blanked, is he being serious?

Laughing he pulled back, “Just kidding about the naked part, but I can pose for you. Now want to go for a swim?”

“A swim where?”

He laughed again and started to take off his jacket, “In the lake silly.”

“Isn’t it a little cold, and dark to be going for a swim?” I ask as I watch him pull of his shirt.

Standing there in just his pants, the moon glowed off of his skin. His hair fell over his eyes as he started taking off his belt. He was like a beautiful picture just waiting to be taken. He stared right into my eyes, so close I could see that his eyes weren’t just brown, they had green flakes scattered across them. I couldn’t stop staring at him, everything about him was beautiful. Reaching for his pants, he got ready to undo them.

I quickly let go of my camera with one hand and cover my eyes, “What are you doing?”

“Mady, I’m only taking my jeans off. I don’t go swimming in jeans, “He said with exasperation in his voice.

I heard his jeans hit the ground, and water splashing as he got in. I hope he only took off his pants.

“Mady, come on in, you’ll love it.”

Uncovering my eyes, I saw that he was already in the middle of the lake. Sighing, I went over to the bag he brought and set my camera down. Glancing back toward Chris, he was facing away from me, toward the waterfall. He better not look back over here. Just to be safe, I went behind a tree and started to take my clothes off. 

I peek my head out from behind the tree. Chris was in the middle of the lake with his back facing me. Slowly I walk out from behind the tree. I wrapped my arms around me as the cold air sent chills down my back. Dipping my toes in the water, it was surprisingly warm. I walked all the way in and sighed as the chills left me. 

When I was in to my chest, Chris turned around. I ducked all the way into the water and swam until I bumped into Chris. When I came up my feet couldn’t touch the ground and Chris was two inches away. 

“You didn’t have to hind from me,” Chris said pouting at me.

I giggled at him and moved back a few feet, “I don’t know, are you sure your not a creepo?”

His face stilled for a moment, before he laughed, “I’m sure-” He swam closer to me. “-Do you want to know how I know?”

He was so close, all I could do was stare at his lips. I followed the trail of water as it dripped off his lips.

“How?” I whispered, glancing up making eye contact with him for a second before looking back down at his lips.

He moved even closer, “Because a creepo would bring you out here to kill you, and I’m not going to do that.”

“Then what are you going to do?” I breathed out.

His eyes flickered down toward my lips before he moved in close enough, that I could feel his warm breathe on my lips. He was doing to do it. He was going to kiss me. His warm lips pressed against mine. Instantly my eyes closed. Wrapping my arms around Chris’s neck, he deepened the kiss as he grabbed my waist. 

This was better than anything I expected.

We were both breathing heavy when we pulled apart. Chris rested his forehead against mine. I stared into his eyes that looked so warm, as I tried to gain my thoughts.

Chris smiled softly at me, “Told you I wasn’t going to kill you.”

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