university of heaven

By @pupsqueak1
university of heaven

What would you do if you found out that you had the power to save someone? Would you save them or would you let them die? Madison thought she would be going to college and graduating without any problems. Along the way she gets a boyfriend and her plans are thrown off course. How will she react to everything going on?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

328. The room I was going to spend the next four years in. The hallway seemed to stretch on forever as I looked down. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. My eyes drifted past each room as I came closer and closer to my room. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking, the hallway was burning as I went past 326. I had no idea who my roommate was, all I knew was that she was in the same class as me. 


I paused in front of the door trying to calm my breathing down. I knew I shouldn’t be this nervous for meeting my roommate, but I can’t help it. I want my new roommate to like me. My hand were shaking as I reached for the doorknob. With my hand holding the doorknob, I took one final breath in before pushing the door open.

White was the first thing I saw. Walls, the beds, the desks. All white. It reminded me of a hospital with its almost perfectly white world, the only thing missing was the disinfectant smell. Once I saw that no one was in here, I calmed down a lot. My eye caught on the empty bed, just waiting for me to make it mine. Looking over to the other side of the room, I could see that my roommate was all settled in. She already had posters all around her bed, her desk organized, and on her bed, she had put some colorful pillows. I walked all the way into the room and heading over to my side of the room to put my stuff down.

As I put my things on the bed, the door reopened. A girl with dyed pale blue and purple hair entered. She was wearing a tank top and shorts that showed quite a few tattoos along her arms and legs. She jumped when she saw me.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Are you Madison?” She asked closing the door and leaning against it. I nodded my head. She slightly nodded her head, “Good, because this would be kind of awkward if one of us was in the wrong room. Oh, I totally forgot. My name is Aubrey.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Madison-wait you already know that,” I moved my hair out of my face and laughed lightly, “Sorry, I’m not used to meeting new people.”

Aubrey started laughing like crazy and walked over to her bed and sat down. “It’s fine. Did you just get in?”

“Yeah, I drove from Alabama to here,” I said as I put all of my things away, and started to set up my half of the room the way I wanted it to be.

“That’s pretty far. I live up here. My parent’s house it just a five-minute drive from here,” she said, swinging her legs against her bed. 

 I stared at her. She rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I know. Why didn’t I just stay and live with my parents? Well I have already lived there for eighteen years, and I wanted to live on my own. Listen I am starving, want a go get food with me and I can show you everything you need to know about the tiny town of Bradheart? We can use my car.”

Aubrey stopped swinging her legs, “Oh, before we go, can I call you Mady?”

I quickly shook my head, “I prefer Madison.”

Aubrey nodded, “Can I ask why?”

“I’ll tell you a different day.” I said looking down at my lap.

“Okay,” Aubrey shrugged, “Lets go get food.” 

I nodded and grabbed my bag. Heading to Aubrey’s car I could see everyone still getting into their rooms. The walk to her car was silent, not in an awkward way, but thankfully in a comfortable, relaxing way. I was glad that Aubrey was not expecting me to speak very much. Aubrey is pretty much my first friend, so I don’t really have any experience when it comes to knowing what to talk about with friends.

After crossing the campus, we made it to the student parking. Aubrey lead us to her car, which is a white, Toyota Camry. We got in and she started to drive. She had music playing softly when she turned the car on. She didn’t really say where we were going, just that we were going to get food. Looking around as we drove, I noticed that there isn’t much to see in Bradheart, mostly fields and country roads.

“Aubrey, where are we going exactly?” I ask while messing around with the strap on my bag.

“Oh, sorry. We are going to this really good local cafe. I go there all the time, there food is to die for. We are almost there.” She said while turning.

“What’s the name of the place?” I asked.

“It doesn’t really have a name,” She said after thinking about it for minute, “Most of folks in town just call it the cafe. I think it used to have a name, but no one uses it or remembers it.”

The cafe was a small building, that was looking a little run down. Walking inside there weren’t too many people, although I could see why Aubrey liked it. It had such a homey feeling to it.

“Why did you did you decide to go to Bradheart for school? I’m sure there are closer schools to Alabama,” She asked after we had ordered our food.

“There are, but I used to live around here and this was school I always wanted to go,” I said messing with the strap to my bag again, “Guess that never changed.”

“Here you go girls. Enjoy,” Our waitress said to us as she placed our food in front of us.

Looking down the food looked amazing, I glanced back up at Aubrey, “I’m glad you made us come here. This looks delicious.”


After we finished eating, we sat there talking. I think I might have a new best friend. I never thought that I would have a friend with blue and purple hair or tattoos.

“Listen, I know we just became friends, but I have this friend that I’m close with and I want you to meet him,” Aubrey said staring right at me.

“Are you sure you want me to meet him?” I ask, “meeting new people isn’t my forte.”

She laughed throwing her head back. Once she calmed down she said “Don’t worry he’ll love you. So do you want to him. I’ll be there the whole time.”

Biting my lip, I thought about it while I looked down at my bag. I already made one friend today. But on the other hand, college is about stepping out of your comfort zone. Looking back up at Aubrey, she sat there with a hopeful look on her face. Sighing, I nodded toward her.

“Great, I’ll text him and tell him to meet with him tomorrow.” She smiled, “This is going to be great.”

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