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Unexpected Love

By @Joyous_One

Monday, May 9, 2016 11:04PM

Gathering within a pool of humans,

I feel anxiety and loneliness.

For they rush on through,

Uttering disgrace through their

rotten teeth.

Pleasingly so I keep to myself,

Crossing my paths with ease.

Of course there are sudden

jolts through my my days,

But I look upon the ground.

I mumble “Sorry”,

And scurry away.

But one days was unlike the rest,

A person klutzy as it can be

rammed into my side.

Sending aside my things in scatter.

The person too like me apologized,

For their faults.

However, their eyes crinkled

with happiness and looked sincere,

Giving me a jolt through my beat-less heart.

Casing aside some darkness

that clouded my awareness.

With their sudden appearance

at the given time,

I looked upon his eyes and

hinted a smile.

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