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Undesirable Sanity

By @LaneMillerWrites


It was a bright and sunny day. It was midday, and the large green forest down below was well lit. The trees were tall and full of leaves, creating hundreds of small sunlight rays that twinkled on the dewy grass below.

In this beautiful forest were sixteen unrelated people. Each person strolled along a small gravel path. The sixteen gravel roads were spread out around a circle. Each one led to a building, all alone and out of place in the forest. None of them ever suspected that there were others in the same forest, moving towards the same location.

It was a vast mansion, five stories tall, with gorgeous, polished granite with quartz pillars for the outer walls. Each person, each on their own path, were heading straight for it. These special people had been specifically chosen to come here, to tour a new house, built by a popular billionaire, known only by his first name: Dimitris. These sixteen people were honored they had been chosen, and were dying to see it.

Each person arrived at the mansion a separate times, as they were all walking at different paces, from different places. When one reached the door, he would knock, and a strong, commanding voice would call “come in,” and he would do just that. Each person didn’t know that they weren’t the only ones entering this house, but soon every person had entered, and they would not come back out for a very long time.

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