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Underlined: My Opinions On The New Site

By @cocophony

Suggestions From The Comments!

@InASenseLost: “I’ve lost a lot of work over the years and eventually started a blog and website to feature my work.. it’s a shame Underlined doesn’t have away to share that unless I had it to my Bio. So that would be my suggestion. Allow us to share our blogs and websites.”

I agree with you, @InASenseLost! I personally used it to link to my tumblr but now they have a tumblr link thing… still, I know multiple others who are upset about this.

@SpeculativeGirls: “I agree with you, definitely. I’m missing more community-oriented features like groups or clubs or chats, too. In the mean time we might be able to use the story feature for a makeshift group, but it’ll be temporary fix haha”

I do miss that. The whole reason I loved Figment and was on there daily was the community.I met one of my now closest friends on there, we’ve been talking for over a year and a half, now we Skype (usually) weekly. I was hoping to make friends and rekindle relationships on here… but it is so hard to do it the way it is set up.

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