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Under New Management

By @RoseOfNoonvale

An open letter to the

Condescending, arrogant,

Loud-mouth, vain

“Human beings”

Who refuse to give us a raise.

You tell us to work harder, faster,

Ask us to buy without giving us money,

Tell us to give you everything you want

Without giving us anything,

Not even reason.

We hear horror stories about you asking for a manager over expired coupons

We call you

Stuck-up, unreasonable, unworkable, unpleasable

You refuse to give us money to buy houses in the economy that you ruined.

You blame us for everything, blame yourselves for nothing,

You make yourselves rich by taking credit for the work of the poor.

You don’t understand us, so we don’t understand you

As you scream in our faces to quit buying avocado toast.

You want us to work harder?

Maybe we can work harder!

We can build a time machine, travel to 1970, and buy a house in a working economy.

You think you are everything, but you are nothing.

“I want to speak to a manager!” Lady, I am the manager. So get your butt out of here, or can you not even get your thick brain around the concept of a door?

“But I’ve shopped here for forty years!” Then you should know when we close!

Your generation is the generation where two teachers could pool their pay and buy a house to raise kids.

Our generation is the generation where two teachers with combined pay couldn’t rent out a house and pay food, much less raise a family.

Your generation is the generation where you could pay for 4 years at an average college for $2600.

Our generation is the one where it costs almost $10,000.

Many people ask,

“Why are so many teens these days depressed?”

Well, there are reasons.

The government is falling apart.

School is stressful.

There are literal Nazi’s running around.

In fact, someone spray-painted a swastika on Donald Trump’s star on the walk of fame,

And it’s impossible to tell if the vandal is for him or against him.

The economy is destroyed.

The earth is literally dying.

And what do the older people say?

“It’s those pesky iPhones.”

Totally. Yes, it’s definitely the cause of a smartphone that

Suicide rates for teens are at a high.

Yes, you heard me right.

Suicide rates for girls ages 15-19 reached their highest point in 40 years in August of 2017.


Why is it that things like this have to happen?

Why to us?

Why is it that we’re the ones stuck with a president

Who can’t even fathom that a loan of a million dollars

Isn’t small?

Why are we the ones who are trapped in an endless cycle of

It costs money to go to college

Get a job to get money

You can’t get a good job without a college education

So you can’t get a college education without a job

But you can’t get a job without a college education.

So what do we do?

We go thousands of dollars into debt!

We’re trapped with a New York Stock Exchange manager

Who said that if you’re poor

All you have to do is

Stop being poor!

Oh, wow! Who knew it was so simple?

And at the same time, President Trump has decided to deduct

Ten point six million dollars from education funding.

Who decided to elect a millionaire for president, anyway!?

Not the majority of the country.

Yes, it was split almost half and half,

But 48.2% of the country voted against him.

It was the electoral votes who got him elected,

So basically it was all the rich old men who got him there.

Not us.

The people?

The teens and young adults who are actually going to be impacted by this?

We don’t get a say in it.

It’s not just presidential elections either.

80% of the country wanted net neutrality to be continued.

Our voices were ignored.

Net neutrality might be cut.

Because 3 out of 5 people in the FCC voted against it.

All of us have the same goal.

Even the government does, or they’re supposed to.

To survive until we’ve done enough.

Make the world a better place.

Make people happy.

Make your family happy.

So why can’t the generations get along?

Why can’t you understand us?

Why can’t we understand you?

Why can’t we help each other?

Why is that we call you

Condescending, arrogant,

Loud-mouth, vain,

Stuck-up, unreasonable, unworkable, unpleasable?

Maybe it’s because you don’t accept us.

It’s hard to understand what you don’t respect, isn’t it?

You may have been shopping here for forty years,

But we’re the new management.

We’re taking over the country,

One step at a time.

So now that we’re stepping up,

There isn’t room on the pedestal of the people

For two clashing generations.

Maybe it’s time for someone to step down.

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